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Feature Rich


Apr 25, 2003 by Shaun Burke

I purchased this phone being that TDMA is eventually going to be GSM, it has the best of both worlds and superior coverage. The audio equalizer helps get the best sound tailored for the hard of hearing and personal taste. The phone book is fantastic. Multiple numbers,notes,descriptions and ringing type per name. With 500 phone and 250 SIM entries you can store a school in there. The timed profile feature is great. You can set the phone in silent mode profile knowing the duration of time you want and set it to go back to normal at a set time. Fabulous if youre in a movie theather or work. It even has an analog clock screen saver rather than reading the normal drab display. Templates for text messaging, voice memo recording, infared port, voice-dialing you name it, it's in this phone and the battery lasts. 1000mah Li-Ion does the job. If Nokia could put such a great phone in clam-shell fold-up it would be the bomb.

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Two Roads diverged in a wood, and I


Aug 4, 2003 by Jason Palkovics

-/I took the one more traveled by,/And that has made all the difference.

When you have only 2 GAIT phones to choose from with a Company such as Cingular Wireless, its not really a competition when it comes down to Ericsson vs. Nokia. And although both companies have a habit of making less than durable phone models in this case the Nokia win's by a landslide.

The 6340i Recieves better reception, is better looking, and is made by a better company than the Ericsson T62u. That coupled with the cool little Anywhere Charger that nokia includes make this model the definite winner.

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GREAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 24, 2006 by My78NovaTa

This phone other than the top botton is gone on all the ones we have (each family member four of us use to have one plus my parents)are missing. This phone gets a signal when no ohters get signals here. My neighbors dont get one. My parents have a hard time keeping one and so do I. I have several visitors and no matter what phone they have it wont keep a signal. This one you drop and it keeps on working. All the others one or two drops and its repair time. In fact my oldest daughter went back to using this phone if only because she can get her calls and not miss them. I take this one camping to make sure I get m y calls also

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Good hybrid phone


Mar 28, 2006 by Retropia

I've had my 6340i since May of 03, and it's been a great phone. Cingular only sold a couple of different GAIT phones during their conversation to GSM network, and this is one of them. The advantage to this phone is that it will work on GSM, TDMA and AMPS (analog) networks. Analog and TDMA are still available in places off the beaten path where GSM will likely never be available.

Cingular's answer to the lack of GSM network in rural areas? "Better get yourself a CB radio!" Instead, I think I'll hang onto my 6340i as long as Analog and TDMA are still available where GSM isn't.

This phone has typical Nokia qualities: good reception and easy interface. It also has the handy PC Sync software that allows you to download your contacts and calendar from your computer's Outlook software. To connect, you can purchase an inexpensive data cable on eBay, or use the built-in IR connector with your laptop or PDA.

A couple of months ago I began experiencing random on-off cycling, which went away when the phone was removed from it's super-tight vinyl cover (made by Body Glove). I purchased a looser-fitting cover and it continues to work fine.

The phone is large by today's standards; I find it's too large for my pocket so I wear it with a belt clip. The power button on top is small; I use the edge of a fingernail to activate it. Because the button is flush, I'm not sure how it's possible to break it off, as a few other reviewers have claimed to have happened.

If you are ever in areas not covered by GSM, this is a phone worth considering.

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Good quality sound, not many features


Sep 4, 2003 by matt haney

I am currently on Cingular's network in WI, and have really decent coverage.
This phone is good if all you want is basic cell coverage, and the ability to have service anywhere in the country due to the GAIT technology. I got this phone when it first came out for cingular. I was really upset with it. It kept switching to "cingular extend" which you are charged roaming minuets, even though I would have a full signal bar when I was in regular mode. Other than that, this phone has treated me decently, there have been quite a few times where I was unable to make or receive calls, maybe that was nokia, or maybe it was the network. If you're looking for a decent phone, without alot of features, then this if for you. It is definitely better then the cheap ass audiovox, or kyrocera, but not as good as the samsung, or higher end LGs.

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MY 6340i


May 26, 2003 by sw

With the coverage area i have on cingular preferred nation in nyc i am very happy

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Nov 22, 2002 by Soverign

Excellent Phone!!
Love the Multi SendTo option in SMS, but you have to erase manually the message or it is still there next time you SMS.

Only other gripe is the automatic addition of a + in front of a number that is recieved SMS.

Example you SMS me and I want to call you back, I cant. The system doesn't understand the + in the phone number. So to call you I have to store the number and edit or wright it down. :(

I still like it lots!!

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Pretty tough


Feb 21, 2010 by narn3049

i had this phone for maybe 5 years???????????

I dropped it and even submerged it, but it didn't stop working

Now it was upgrading time and my phone was acting up, like some keys didnt press that well but it despite that worked.

So i did a stress test by throwing the phone, twice, the first time it cracked the front facing, the next time it was utter distruction. the phone itself looked in shape, minus the heavy the scratching but the battery was cracked, screen messed up, and it was just a hard toss to the road.

The phone was REAALLLLLLLLLLLLLY all i needed at the time. I mean the games were great. The ringtones were polyphonic kind but were still loud and served me not many missed calls.

This phone is really impressive, I know this is going to be hard to believe, but i had the phone when I was biking it fell out into the sidewalk, so i got it. But i didn't realize until i used it that the top onswitch antennae panel was missing. it turned out to be on the sidewalk, was found later that night, still in great shape. Placed back on and still worked like a charm.

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Just bought one off Ebay.


Nov 10, 2009 by ATnT Cellular

For 20 bucks! This phone is in great shape and it only had 35 hours of life time, which is great for an older phone.

I bought this phone for three reasons:

-reception/great call quality
-battery life
-durable easy to use handset.

In this day and age, all phones are feature-focused, even the low end ones. As a trade off, phones are cheaply made and break more easily. Plus, the keypads are all scrunched up any more because people want them smaller and smaller.

Well, I am proud to sport this phone because it is my way of saying "no" to the modern cellular trends. Honestly, phones were at their best when they were used as just phones. Talking and texting, no more, no less.

I reccomend that if you want to revive the golden days of cellular phons, go to Ebay and get one. You won't regret it.

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The Honda Accord of Cell Phones


Oct 24, 2007 by cellularantenna

If you are looking for a GSM phone that works great as a PHONE this would be the one.

I'm in the cellular business so I get to try out lots of phones. For my own personal phone I keep coming back to this one on the AT&T network. The phone is practically indestructible. I have dropped in on cement at least 10 times and it has never skipped a beat. Signal strength is quite good. Others have complained about the top power button coming off. I am not easy on phones and I have never lost this button. Maybe the software was corrected in later versions because I have never had a freeze up. Software is perfect. Sound quality is fine. Battery life is excellent.
Now here's a big bonus: this is one of the only GSM phones I know of that will work with a full install car kit. The car kit (Nokia p/n CARK91 or CARK91H) is awesome. Has a cradle, speaker, microphone for your visor and connects automatically to an external antenna (purchased separately) when you put in in the cradle.
For Cons, you need to activate the key lock before you put it in your pocket or you'll be dialing Moscow. The screen is black and white (doesn't bother me).

For a back up or for your primary cell phone you can't go wrong with the 6340i.

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