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This is a great phone all it needs is color


Sep 4, 2003 by Deandre Dawson

i havent got mine yet but according to these articles i fell as though this may be the phone for me until more comes out.By the features that i have read this appears to be a very equiped cellular phone to have in your access.Almost all of the commments are excellent about this phone.I believe any bad comments are because they may live in a bad area or maybe they have the defected one.Only thing that i would say this phone needs is a larger screen,it could be a bit smaller in size,and a color screen.Not saying that the phone is big and bulky it is very far from that i just would reffer a smaller size a little.i would recommend this phone to anyone that asked about it.

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Listed features looked good, but phone quality was poor


Aug 10, 2004 by lindened

I bought two of these for the features - dual band, tri-mode including GSM. I don't care for the earpiece design... hard to line it up with your ear for best audio. Nokia hands-free didn't work properly... had to constantly wiggle the connection to keep it working. First phone kept dropping calls after a few minutes. Exchanged it at Cingular and got charged $50 -- they said Nokia did this -- for a "damaged phone" (but it was NEVER dropped or damaged). Replacement phone had problems, too. It shuts itself off constantly but intermittently. I wanted it on my desk (untouched) for several minutes, and saw it shut itself off. Battery is tight and contacts are clean. This phone was NEVER dropped either, but if I return it, they say I'll be charged $50 again. Its internal antenna is a huge drawback, lowering the signal strength when compared to other Nokia and Motorola phones with external antennas, side by side (on the same system). This phone needs an external antenna unless you're line-of-sight with a tower.

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Jul 24, 2004 by tinkerb45

Both of my 6340i's broke within 1 year of normal usage. (Of all my previous phones, I've NEVER had a failure, and each of those were used 2+ years!). The microphone stopped working on both of my 6340i's. I thought, "no problem, its under warranty." However, after sending it back to Nokia thru my local retailer, they returned them both without fixing it, claiming there was "liquid damage"...WHAT?! I can guarantee with 100% certainty that neither phone had been damaged whatsoever by liquid. They both simply stopped working during a phone call. Poor customer service if you ask me. Why even have a warranty if you're not going to stand behind it? Because of this I'm dumping Cingular wireless and their POS Nokia phones.

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OK i guess


Apr 29, 2003 by Thad Sherwood

The phone is great if you are in GSM but if you are in extend and running off of service providers that aren't totally compatible with GAIT phones then you will either lose service every five to ten minutes or not get service at all. I like the features it has but it is not very good in my area since I am always roaming on TDMA so I get crap for service unless I go to visit my friends in the Cingular Home Area. But living in Cingular extend, I always get missed calls with the phone never ringing and no voicemail notifications.

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A Nice Tri Mode Phone


Mar 23, 2005 by zerotsm

I bought this phone used because I like the keyboard. Unlike the newer phones, each button is distinct and individual, no problem with hitting two buttons at once.

Good, sensitive receiver.

Rugged, one piece construction.

Good basic set of ring tones.

Works with the FlipJack remote broacast unit (with optional PopPort adapter).


Power switch is hard to operate.

GAIT (TDMA and AMPS) no longer supported by Cingular. Phone itself is discontinued, but there seems to be plenty of used phones available for parts or replacement.

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Avoid this phone get GSM only if you can.


Jun 27, 2004 by beachbum

I emergencies. I'm glad she hasn't used it yet in an emergency. The screen on this phone is OK for a B&W screen, the power button is flaky and the RF performance stinks.gave one of these phones to my mother to use in
I have a 5165 which I put into Field Test Mode and compared to this phone using old style TDMA. The 5165 performs better than the 6340i on old style TDMA networks! From the same location I made calls to 611 and while the 5165 made a stable call the 6340i could not make a stable call. The phone would hold the connection but every few seconds the audio would blank out.

I'm in an area with good GSM coverage so I will replace this phone ASAP.

If you are considering this phone don't waste your time or money on it.

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Sorry, it's horrible


Mar 25, 2004 by lindamaria

As many have mentioned already, this phone is absolutely horrible. I've had this phone for almost a year now thru Cingular and I just hate it to death. Worst phone I've had and I've been a customer w/ Cingular since '99. Within 2 weeks of having the phone, the top button fell off and I never found it again. I have to use my fingernail to turn on the phone. My favorite feature, for no reason at all, my phone decides that it's tired of working and shuts itself down. Nice! I'll set it down and I'll look back and it's off. Then it takes me a good 5 minutes just to turn it back on.

I live/work in the Detroit area and the reception, while sometimes really good, is nothing to write home about. I'm a social worker so I'm always on the phone when I'm in the car and I can barely hear anything when I'm on the freeway. The sound is horrible and I have a terrible time with feedback and noise in the background at all times when I'm on this phone. Needless to say, when my one year is up, I'll be purchasing a new phone and at this point, I could care less about the price. I just hate this phone that much!

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Not for me!


Mar 8, 2004 by harmonofmorton

I have had the 6340i for a little under a year. I actually have two of them under my plan. Both phones have already been replaced once. As someone stated before the on of switch cover falls off, but if you are not extremely gentle when turning it on you can break the on/off switch right off the board. The other phone would just shut off whenever someone called for apparently no reason at all.

They are both due to be replaced again. One will be covered by the warranty and the other will require a deductible for the insurance.

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Sorry but this is one of the Worst


Mar 6, 2004 by suburbanguy

I have had my 6340i for nearly a year now and I am sorry to say that this is one of the worst phone that I have ever owned. Within weeks of perching the phone, the power button went missing and now the only way to turn it on and off is use a pen, a key or some other sharp impalement. My fiancee has the same phone and the same problem but where as with hers, the thing just likes to shut it's self during calls, dialing a number or just putting it on a table. Granted, it's a nice phone when it works but it can just be a little too unreliable at times too.

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Nokia 6340i = crap


Nov 17, 2003 by spf

The only good thing about this phone is it's a Nokia.

First of all the buttons are way to easy to push resulting in wrong numbers being dialed

2nd - The Display is so dull that you can hardly see the screen at night at all

3rd - I find it to be very staticky in sound, I recently upgraded my family talk plan and received the new phones for 3 family members, they all say the same thing.

4th - Too bulky even with a side holster.

So I went to a Nokia 2260 and it is far more superior to the 6340i... it's not GSM but it's reception and clarity is much better...

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