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Very Impressed


Nov 12, 2009 by whatupitsdani

I bought an Impression about 2 months ago after a month and a half of staring at it at the AT&T store that I work in. I am completely obsessed with it...

quick touchscreen
slider keyboard
easy-to-navigate menu
color definition is outstanding

3.0 mega pixel camera has NO flash
battery runs down quicker than I expected
no free games included

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great phone


Nov 5, 2009 by knuckleballer34

Minus At&t's bloatware, the Samsung Impression is an excellent phone. It offers good reception and call quality, and has a rather good web/multimedia experience.

1. Gets good 2/3G reception, and has top notch call quality.
2. Keyboard is a breeze to use. You can type up large messages in a short amount of time
3. Web browser is pretty nice, one of the best i've used.
4. I haven't experienced any lag or hang-ups with the Impression.
5. Gets great battery life on 2G.
6. Easy to use menu.

1. At&t's bloatware...you essentially have three real options when you access the menu
2. Battery life on 3G is somewhat poor.
3. Back cover gets scratched easily.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a large keyboard or good call quality.

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The impression... Not so Impressive :(


Oct 29, 2009 by Blah.Blah.Blah

Pro: Big screen
Very good color
Keyboard slides out from back
Great battery life
Holds my full songs

Cons: Lock key is in a weird place
I had to restart the phone

Hey guys! I read a lot of reviews before I purchased this phone, I only seen like 3 out of like all of them that mentioned restarting phone because a text would not send but did send once they restarted the device, I have had at&t for about 5 or 6 yrs and never had a problem I have had everything from lg, Motorola, samsung devices. So I risked it, but now that I had to restart my phone to send a text I am returning it in my buyers remorse for something different. I paid way to much for this phone for it to be messed up. I would advise to go with another option if your a big texter if not and you can handle restarting every now and then, then it otherwise is a good phone!

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I am digging the Impression!


Aug 23, 2009 by susiereview

I have had the impression about a week. So far i really like it. it has lots of features that i have been able to figure out relatively easy (I'm not a real phone savy person).
Pros: I like a lot of things about it, the widgets are customizable, the "top 5" or "favorites" are neat, just tap the person and it calls them.... coming from the Sony Walkman 580i, i was afraid i would get a crappy music player, but it sounds great and is on the widget list too, so just a tap away. the keypad and touchscreen work well together. there is a birthday widget that scrolls the next month's worth of birthdays, i like that! it has a browser, but i did not know how to work it before this phone and i am still figuring out. I also like that you can hit the "end" button and close out all the screens instead of hitting the back button over and over. the touch screen is sensitive and responsive! the phone is weighty, but it fits in your palm good.

Cons: that unlock button IS awkward, and i still cant figure out how to get my "signature" at the end of my texts, i hate to have to type it every time! i had a hard time figuring out the software, so i just hot sync'd it from my PC, easier and faster. This is a phone you need to be looking at when you are making a call or texting, so would not recommend it if you are a drive and dialer!

these cons are superficial, and have not kept me from enjoying the phone, I love it and am glad i got it. I gave it 4.5 because I really hate having to type my name at the end of every text... really.

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Samsung Impression Mini Iphone


Aug 7, 2009 by bergs

This phone is amazing its techniqully a mini iphone!!!! I only thing is that it gets scratched easily.... and after 30 texts it starts erasing unread texts(NEWTEXTS)

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Eh .. not THAT impressed


Aug 6, 2009 by ladiijay146

originally, i was torn between the impression, the eternity and the xenon. i bought the Xenon because overall i heard it was a much better phone. however 2 weeks later i returned it and purchased the impression.

so far, i will admit the battery life is pretty good, compared to my stone-age samsung prior to this. the touch screen is extremely on point. i rarely hit the wrong thing. the music player is great and volume is the best i've had so far. the 3.0mp camera is real good, considering its only a phone.

there are a few glitches though ...
for starters, when using the keyboard it takes a good hard push on the letter. on top of that, the response is slower than slow. i'm starting another sentence and its only on the 3rd or 4th word of my first. i always have full service 3G everywhere i am, but for some reason i drop every single one of my calls. either that or the person i'm talking to is unable to hear me. when the phone rings its always ascending and u cant turn that function off. after so long the phone stops sending text messages. the first night i had the phone, i was tryna kill the battery so i was doing everything. after texting the same person all night it wouldn't let me send anymore. i thought maybe it was cuz the phone was dying, not true. its happened everyday i've had it. sometimes i get no notifications of any messages i've received. u have to turn the phone off and on and start the process all over again. overall the phone is great multimedia-wise but i wouldn't recommend it if ur a chronic texter or enjoy long conversations.

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Aug 4, 2009 by egknight1970

This phone is absolutely incredible. I work in a retail store that sells wireless and I have never used or owned a phone that is so complete. Ok, some pros...The touch screen is very responsive. The full qwerty keyboard has large enough buttons that my big, clumsy thumbs have no problems with texting. The menus work very well and quickly. The virtual keyboard is also very nice. The music player has a great sound to it, and the earpiece is not too bad. The pictures from the 3MP camera look fantastic even in full zoom. The many different settings and editing functions make the camera one of the best features in this phone. The potential size of the phone book is wonderful, as well as the amount of built-in memory. The ability to use a 16GB micro SD card...yeah, it will take me a long time to fill that up. I live 35 miles ENE of Pittsburgh, PA. AT&T has always had the best signal here, but with the Impression, my coverage is even better. Within a 16 mile radius of my home, I was always dropping back to the EDGE network. With the Impression, I am in full 3G almost everywhere. The few places I drop back to EDGE used to be dead spots for me. Now the pros start to tie in with the cons. There is a scrolling function while looking at the pictures in the phone and on the memory card. The scrolling is great because it scans through your pictures much quicker than flicking through the touch screen, but once I start the scrolling, it is sometimes hard to control. The reactive screen is also nice, but sometimes it turns my pictures when I don't want it to and I end up holding the phone upside down to look at the picture correctly.
The only true con I can find with this phone, no phone can be perfect, is that the phone does not lock up when the slider closes. You must press the lock button or run the risk of pocket/carrying case dialing. The menu and contacts can also be accidentally activated.
With a huge list of pros and a very short list of cons, it's definitely worth buying.

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Jul 25, 2009 by xxbriibriixx

ive had the bbry curve, two of them, one for me and one for my fiance. a year into this phone they both crashed for no particular reason! never again! so i have decided to go with the impression, and may i say i am impressed! the color display is amazing! touch screen is easy to use and the texting is awsome! the key bad buttons are evenly laid out. for tiny or big fingers. the lock button i do have to admit could have been put in a better place, its a hassle to unlock the device. i keep thinking im going to dropp it! the camera is awsome and the enternet is fast! depending where you are located of course! but i love this phone and im glad i chose it. if you are looking for a touch screen and easy texting the impression is ur phone!


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I love Both Eternity and Impression


Jul 8, 2009 by MrLeoKoopa

I have both phones and I think its a great phone! Don't compare to the Phone Because its totally 2 different kinds of phones! no its not the phone killer but its a great phone for multi usages. and its for the people who doesn't want to have the $30 plan but pretty happy with he $10-$15 it just as good as looking it up and yes you can display both full web or xtml. keyboard is great the camera is just as good as its mini version. and plus The GPS and both phone are Fantastic! you cant go wrong! Try if you want but I can say I love the phone. and if you don't like well take it back and get another. the only thing you can say is.. I don't like I want another or I love it I will keep it! Remember people its mainly preference. as in your liking.

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Apr 20, 2009 by sub0

The phone speaks for itself, you can't ask for more its like having a third hand on you. helpful,fast, reliable, GREAT looking, simply the phone for my needs "its actually the only phone in the US with OLED (Full-Color) newest screen display that allows you to use the phone to the fullest with out consuming your battery life, and give you the best screen resolution there is 240 x 400 pixels 3.2" screen camera 3.0 mega pixel as well as video-cam. I can go on and on,, just a simple, review that gave me a great IMPRESSION,

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