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Simply The Best Phone I've Ever Owned


May 22, 2009 by emmadebr

Coming from the Palm Treo 755P, the Palm Treo Pro is like a Mercedes Benz S Class of phones and is by far the best upgrade I have ever decided on. The phone works flawlessly and has an array of features: WiFi, stereo bluetooth, two-mega pixel camera w/ video recording capability, mobile IE6, mobile MS office suite and much, much more. I just love the phone and think Palm has done a great job with it.

The only drawback I have with the phone so far is the keyboard; I think it's too closely knitted together unlike the the Palm Treo 755P. Other than that, the phone works great. I'd definitely recommend this phone to a friend.

More over I think it is an attractive looking phone too. The rear is iPhone-like with the company name on it. It's thin and feels good in my hand. The calls are crystal clear and the mic works great.

Great phone...

...nice, just nice...


May 21, 2009 by sdgmcdon

There's no perfect device so my 5 rating is abnormal, but I felt I should make up for the twit that scored it a 3 then proceeded to complain about Sprint.

I've had every treo from the 650 - Pro, all in between and on all major national networks so every different flavor too including Palm OS in addition to trying almost every other WM smartphone out there in the last 4-5 years on those major networks; this Pro is hands down the best one yet - period.

We had to go back to big red and return the Treo 800's to sprint when we tried those a while back, those problems do not exist on the Pro (dropped calls, crappy sound etc).

Any and every phone has glitches, this one is no different, but we're heavy business users, about 4,000 minutes a month per user not too mention at least 50+ text and emails a day from the phone, lots of web browsing and specific applicantion usage every day and I generally only reset it about once every 2-3 days; glitches occur at about the same frequency so I figure for an average "prosumer" user this would go a solid week without needing to be reset due to a glitch.

Why do I put up with this on WM when so many feel Palm OS or the iPhone is better? Well, because A) I cannot use the iPhone for my industry (and not real impressed with those I have played with), plus no need for the music focused idea behind it (too much of a toy) and B) Palm OS stinks for heavy business users (those of us that USE our smart phones for email, web, everything all the time). On Palm OS you can't move messages within your email inbox to name just one major problem with them...

Anyway, so I went into this knowing it would have glitches, but it actually has far less than I thought it would. It's easy to use especially one handed, sounds good, looks good, battery usually makes it through the entire day (unless you use navigation and/or TV), and reception/coverage though not as good as big red is good enough but that's a sprint problem, not a treo problem.

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Treo pro, a pro to the treo's


May 9, 2009 by ashleyramirez623

I purchased the Treo pro after returning the blackberry curve. Before the curve I had the HTC touch pro. The touch pro was a great phone. But I was wanting something smaller with the same qualities. So I switched to the curve. The curve is a cool phone. But the reception lacked and was slow in the applications. The sprint representative suggest I try the treo pro. So I did..

I have honestly not a had a single problem with it. The reception has been better than for sure the curve and even better than the HTC touch pro. The treo pro has been fast and easy to use. I like the sleekness and style it brings. Honestly this phone in my book is ranked with the HTC Pro and better than the curve. But in the end it all boils down to what feels, and looks good for you!

reactivity to apps
Sleek and smaller
Looks great

a little pricey

Oh Baby


Jun 12, 2009 by Americom Rep.

I've never had a phone with a keyboard before, so the proximity of the keys doesn't mean much to me. I still text with a vengeance.

Thank you Palm for switching to USB charging ports. I thought I'd have to get a bunch of OEM accessories (like with the Pre).
The full-body design really appeals to me. especially with all the slider phones out these days. That got old with a quickness.

Using multiple apps is easy w/ the Pro. Getting back into them? Not so much. I can use the Windows Media Player while using Word Mobile or Excel, but if I wanna change a song, I gotta go back through the menu to pull up the media player. Don't have to exit Word, but I lose my train of thought.

Palm supports music appreciation with this one. The media player can easily be controlled through the nav. buttons, without trying to use the touchscreen. Sound quality rocks, especially with the earphones plugged in (3.5 mm headphone jack). More bass that way. Even just the speaker is great. I can leave it in my room, close the door, walk 15 yards and still jam out to a clear sound. I love how you can also set full songs as ringtones. Just upload from your storage card (or main memory, if you want) and go.

I had Sanyo's first Katana, and I think the signal/battery life is better with Sanyo phones in general, so I was expecting a change. The signal strength was surprisingly similar, though the battery life isn't amazing. I chalk that up to using a lot of apps simultaneously, especially the music player and Sprint TV/Radio/Navigation. Even texting constantly, I can make it through the day without having to run to the charger when I get home.
The phone is easy to lock/unlock and really helps cut down on battery usage. You can also fine-tune the brightness easily by pressing function + P.

Camera. Pretty sweet all around. Takes forever to zoom in/out, but video is especially clear.

This phone will be with me for years. Easily a 4 year investment...if I don't blow the speaker first.

Love it!


Jun 9, 2009 by hapamama

I had originally upgraded through sprint to a HTC touch pro, I did not like the phone at all. Since this is a Palm Pro review I will not go into detail on why! Back to the Palm Pro! I am extremely happy all around! Call quality is like my old Sanyo which I've always had Sanyo's and loved them. Needing a Samrt phone for my business this phone is perfect! I still havent figured out everything it does!

Call Quality/reception
Battery life
form factor
3.5mm headphone jack!
Screen size

sumdges easily
keyboard buttons small(but not horrible)

Thats it I am so glad I swapped my Touch Pro for the Palm Pro! Palm was great out of the box, where the Touch Pro needed too much adjusting to make it the way I wanted it!

AWESUM SMARTPHONE!! Kicks Azz over that JUNK PalmTreo800w


Mar 21, 2009 by prince_azzhole

I have only had this phone for over 2 days and I haven't had one problem not have I even had todo a soft reset, unlike the PalmTreo800w seemed like hourly I was doing the reset when ever I used the phone.
PICTURE MAIL IS AWESUM, just like on a regular cell phone, no app needed to download or install.
200% better than the PalmTreo800w
I think the battery is fine I mean with everything you do one the phone you can't expect a battery to last you as long as a plain cellphone.
Sprint FINALLY got something right this time with there Simply Everything Plan.
I got the phone and didn't even hafta install on app. Everything is already built into it.
FLASH PLAYER on a phone I mean come on no need to install and app to get it.
Only thing about the phone, is Sprint doesn't have much tech support for the phone since it just released it, but then I don't have a problem cause I like the challenge to figure things out on my own.
MAJOR SPEAKER UPGRADE from the PalmTreo800w. Ringer and sound in the ear piece sound great and can be clearly heard.

great smartphone


Jul 8, 2009 by dilligaf2

I upgraded from my Centro... I was literally keeping an eye on my upgrade date to finally get rid of that cheap and unreliable Centro. At first I was a bit unwilling to consider another Palm. However, I took a good amount of time to research all phones, was impressed with the reviews this phone had and based on the feedback provided by the Sprint representative, it sounded like this phone was one of their best ones they had to offer. The Pre was nice but I have the SERO plan and you can't have that phone under the SERO plan. So I decided to go with this phone and am very pleased.

Overall, my family and friends tell me the sound quality on their end is better, especially when it is connected to the bluetooth on my Volvo. Addiitonally, I notice better reception and sound on my end. The phone itself works very well and is easy to understand and use.

If you like a smartphone that works well, definitely consider this, especially if you are also on the SERO plan and do not want to go to a regular plan for a Pre or Instinct.

Finally a Windows phone that actually works


Jul 9, 2009 by benwah9779

I was about to join the others with blackberries and even thought about getting a pre but I find myself finally satisfied with a windows based phone. I have used the HTC touch, treo 800, and this phone is a nice surprise. In my opinion doesn't get enough respect probably because it's a palm running windows but it works. I rarely have to pull the battery once in 3 weeks. It's fast and reception is awesome, even the battery life is good. The screen is amazing especially for surfing the internet. The screen saver with the time and date displayed is very handy. After downloading a registry editor I have phone as modem working perfectly. My only complaint is the smooth finish which looks cool but slips out of your hands easily and the buttons take some getting use to but overall this phone is a sleeper and if you are a windows mobile fan get this phone. Still waiting for software from Pandora and My-cast since this phone is not supported yet, I like those apps but oh well. Overall it's the best phone I've had with Sprint which I have been a apart of for 7 years. The iphone is cool and I would like to see a CDMA version because I would buy it in a heartbeat. Until then I can't justify spending an extra $480 a year for one. Sprint's everything plan smashes the competition!

Best WM phone yet!


Jul 3, 2009 by drake

I've have had several windows mobile phones, and have come to a general understanding on what to expect on them, low signal, short battery life, freezing, and overall cool OS and great customizing options. When I learned that it was actually HTC to manufacture the phone, I cringed a little bit. I actually really enjoyed my time with it!

Much less than normal crashes for WM
Sleek housing, phone looks really cool
Good battery
Nice camera
Fast Internet

Weak signal (as of most HTC manufactured phones)
No TouchFlo

Not too shabby.


May 28, 2009 by kt1712

I had previously owned the Treo 700wx and loved it before switching to the Pro.


Allows online banking
Picture and video messaging
Chat style texting
Good camera
QWERTY keyboard


Glitches: I would send a picture then the phone would repeatedly reconnect to the internet and try to send a picture file to no recipients. (had to get a whole new phone for this one) Has recently began to shut itself off.
Battery life.

Overall, I love my new phone. A bit rough transitioning from the 700wx to the Pro but got everything figured out easily. Despite various software glitches, I would recommend this phone.

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