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Palm Treo Pro (CDMA)


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Like 800W only better


Mar 19, 2009 by Debo2450

Previous models owned include 700P, Centro, 700WX, & 800W. I loved my 800W but decided to use my upgrade with Sprint for the Pro.


Feels great to the touch.
Appropriately thin & lightweight.
Great looking, more modern design.
Battery time somewhat better than 800W.
No more recessed LCD. Better touch function, works great with spb mobile shell 2.15 BTW.
3.5 mm headphone jack - Woo Hoo!!!


Smudges up very easily (good excuse to wipe down regularly)

UH, that's all I can pick on.

Come June (hopefully) Pre here I come!!!

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Finally a THIN treo


Mar 13, 2009 by chapelhill

I am lucky enough to have walked out of a Sprint store on the 11th with the new Treo Pro. While I was excited about and waiting for the Pre, I am cautiously excited about moving past my Motorola Q9c, which has been a SOLID and amazingly dependable work-horse with never a glitch or failure.

First day has been great. Keys are a little small and difficult to press. I never considered trying the tiny Centro almost exclusively due to this fact, but I've mainly stayed away from Treos lately because I got tired of waiting for them to realize they are outdated in terms of thickness.

The look is great, shiny and almost "i" like from the glossy rear, but that slickness has already caused me to drop my phone - mostly because I was trying to gently handle it, instead of grabbing it firmly like my Q. I probably would have appreciated a rubber finish for something so beautiful (and expensive) $350 before rebate w/2yr upgrade.

Battery down to about 1/2 after limited use, that could be a problem.

Screen is bright and very useful. I'm happy not to give up Windows, so everything is familiar. The ability to toggle around without the stylus is great, but after being away from a stylus for many years, I have already begun grabbing it for convenience, even for typing.

PICTURE text messaging. YAY! So I'm a 40+ adult, but I've still caught on to this fun aspect of my "professional" phone.

Finally HUGE plus... Someone finally remembered to put the charging port back on the bottom of the phone. It's about time. I think this is because (I think) this phone is manufactured by HTC. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Charging port on the bottom. HUGE pro.
Picture messaging
Comes with USB-based charging adapter
Microphone delivers great quality to listener
Ear piece is the 1st I've ever had to turn down.
Easy to lock & unlock, unlike other Treos
Loaded with programs

Potential battery life
Vibe is very light

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Palm Treo Pro


Aug 14, 2009 by billeng

I finally received this as a replacement for my palm Centro. Sprint Folks gave me some bad info regarding what phone will work on my 3rd party Plan. I ordered the Blackberry Curve and found it will not work. Then I ordered the Samsung ACE (Piece of Garbage). Sent both back to Sprint and got the Palm Treo Pro. I love this phone in every way however the Signal Strength is next to ZERO. I have a Katrina and it has 4 bars whereas the Treo Pro has ZERO bars. I talk with Sprint and they sent me the Sprint AIRAVE (Repeater) Free and also wavered monthly charges. It brings my signal to 5 bars but takes a lot of Internet bandwidth to work correctly.

My other problem is the Speaker phone. I can never get it on. Press Speaker Phone while in call and nothing. Anyone know who to get this turned on? Over all i still love this Phone.

Again Pros: Great phone
Cons: Speaker Phone and signal Strength

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Best Windows Mobile Phone!


Apr 13, 2009 by Carbon

I have had my sprint version for approx. 2 weeks and so far I am loving it. I am coming from an HTC touch and the Treo Pro is 150% improvement. Even though this phone is made by HTC for Palm it doesn't seem to have the HTC flakiness. The built in wifi is awesome, no problems connecting to ANY access point. Very fast, 528mhz. In my opinion this is the best palm phone out today, until the pre ofcouse. Even though it is windows mobile it seems very stable, had to a couple soft resets while installing apps but nothing like other win mo phones I have had.

Sprint EVDO
fast proc
Very good call quality
Good battery life

None that I can think of.
It was strange going to a smaller screen than what I was used to on the touch but that not a fault in the phone just how I perceived it.

Excellent choice!

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Palm Treo Pro (SPRINT)


Mar 29, 2009 by tirvin100

Had two Blackberries, Mogul and an assortment of other phones and devices, to include the Palm 650, 700 and 750. This is the best by far. Fast Internet, wifi capability connects fast and effortlessly. Had to reset only once, typical of Palm devices, but getting better. Good phone, had about a week. can't wait til the Pre comes out.

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Sorry, Phone does not neet my needs


Mar 22, 2009 by Bruiins1990

I have had my Pro for four days now. Seem to have gotten thru the major part of the learning curve. Style, and ease of use was not my problem.

The sensitivity of the phone is poor. At my home my Samsung phone used to get 5 bars at my home from sprint. The Treo is lucky to get 3. Maybe the measure is different.

I was at dinner in Fashion Valley in San Diego with friends showing off my new Pro.
One of my friends sent me a text message. I did not get it. I had no signal bars from Sprint. The roaming at Settings/Phone/Services/roaming was set on automatic. The device did not switch to roam
(Verizon in this case) The whole automatic switch is a technical mystery to me. I just know it doesn't switch. I need a feature that allows me to manually cause the phone to go into roaming.

My Friends on ATT and Verizon networks all had great signal strength. I was embarrassed for Palm and Sprint.

Sprint is notorious for poor signal areas in San Diego compared to ATT and Verizon.

If Sprint cannot proved me a PDA that allows me to select roaming I will move to Verizon or ATT. If no PDA can do it at least the other networks have better signal coverage for my needs

I know roaming only works for the phone. I couldn't even get phone calls. at least in roaming I could have gotten 2G calls

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This is better than SEX!!!!!


Jul 6, 2009 by tito1980

I can not say too much...this phone is off the hook "4-real".

PROs: You can use this as a wireless router(for a modem! with fast internet!).

CONs: Be in a 3G area.

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Best Windows Mobile Device


Apr 3, 2009 by erikclarke

1) Form factor is high quality and sleek
2) Speaker phone is loud and undistorted
3) Ringtones are loud and undistorted
4) Earpiece & headphones are loud and clear
5) Fonts are classy and legible
6) Keyboard is well constructed
7) Battery life is not totally inadequate
8) Windows Mobile is very stable (no errors)
9) Fast OS implementation
10)Nice clock screensaver
11)FAST internet access
12)FAR more stable and consistently reliable signal strength than AT&T and Verizon

1) Headphone jack is on bottom
2) Cannot natively play iTunes tones/tunes
3) Should have included an additional battery

Outstanding phone and smartphone functionality in a sleek, fashionable, functional form makes the Treo Pro an outstanding business device.

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