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A solid performer...


Jul 6, 2005 by Spartan 104

This phone was a solid performer when I still had Sprint service awhile back. I believe it was one of the first built-in camera phones released in the U.S. It possessed a decent array of features with excellent RF performance and call quality (Thanks Sanyo!)

*Excellent RF performance and call quality (tri-mode as well)
*Great main and outer displays
*Great build quality
*VGA camera with flash
*Bundled with 2 batteries, standard and extended

*Early production models were notorious for having low ear piece volume (fixed with a firmware update
*Can't make or receive calls when using camera
*No speaker phone
*Not a fan of the green leds on keypad

Buy it Sep30th - Oct 24th @ RadioShack Only $79


Sep 24, 2003 by www.bpvwebdesigns.com

This phone is great. I wish I could have this phone with my verizon account. We use this as a store demo in all the corporate stores and for a good reason, best voice quality, lowest return ratio/repair ratio, and strongest RF perfomance. I love Sanyo, do yourself a favor and forget about the woo of the Samsung handsets!

A nice phone...If you can afford it.


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

I gave this a pretty high rating based off of its consumer appeal... And the fact that if your a new customer, you can get it decently cheap. However, if your an existing sprint customer... This thing is going to put you out a car payment or two. The camera feature is its best quality, it has the software to send pictures to other vision capable phones, which is a major plus. It stores the pictures much like most phones do phone numbers, which makes navigating a breeze. The phone itself is a little bulky, which isnt too bad of a problem considering what you can do with it. The signal strength is about average, and will do for most users. The lcd is pretty top notch, which makes what you have on your phone look good. The basic features work rather nicely, combining gold with steel, since most of the things are for show, but the rest is dependable and hard to damage. The only downside for this phone is not the phone itself...its the accessories... The leather cases made for the phone have a problem of making the battery burn itself out. There is a small pin at the top right that the case blocks, so when you close your phone, instead of turning the lcd off itself, your phone now is using its backlight and everything which can drain the battery. The battery is another thing, its easy for it to fall out, the encasing for it has a weak release pin which means if you pull it out of your pocket the wrong way, your phone is turning off. Nothing a holster cant fix, but its still a problem. Overall, its a very reliable phone, plenty of glitter and gold, and lots of fun for younger consumers. Worth it if you have the money to spend. If not, go for the 8100.

For the money it's worth it.


Sep 15, 2003 by Aaron Arens

OK my last phone was the Nokia 3360 with Midwest wireless. the technology's are to different worlds between these 2 phones. so when i got hooked up with this phone i was like wow, totally different then i am usto.


the reason i like this phone so much is that's it's colored and loud. You get 7 polyphonic tones and wait till u here them u will be Impressed. and it has so many features that you can't even think of the possibilities that you do with this phone "example" like you need to plan evet go to the calender, there are many diffrent downloads you can do for it like ringtones and screen savers. The thing i really like is picture ID i love that feature, all you have to do is take a picture of someone and then sigh it on to there name and when they call you there picture comes up. Another thing is that the camra/flash you get is really good for being in a phone. i mean when i had my old phone i never dreamed of a phone with a camra. so i am impressed with this phone but it's not cheap.

service provider

when i got this phone i sighed up with Sprint never had them before but i said i would give them a try so i did. I've had this phone now for about 4 months and the sound from the ring-tones and when people talk to you on it is's so clear even if you have 1 bar or no signal strength's at all it's clear no matter what.

the only thing that i can say about this phone is that the phone need's more color too it. but other then that for the 4 months that I've had this phone not 1 thing has bothered me yet but if something comes up i will let you know e-mail me and tell me what u think of this phone
it's the best phone yet



Aug 23, 2003 by Doomgoggles

Until 3 weeks ago, the 5300 was the absolute king of cameraphones. Now, its a toss-up between it and the Samsung A-600. However, the superior signal strength of the Sanyo mandated that I purchase it, so as to be able to use it where I live -- 2 miles outside of mapped Sprint PCS coverage. The fact that it works here is amazing. I've owned an LG4NE1, a Samsung N400, and various phones from AT&T and nothing has had anywhere near the reception.

My only complaints about this phone (and they are minor): earpiece and ringer are not as loud as Samsung or new Sanyo 8100, no universal charging jack, and I can't find a decent case for it. oh well...

So far this phone has not once crashed or locked up (unlike the Samsung) nor have I dropped a call in a well serviced area (unlike all AT&T phones). The screen quality can only be matched by the A600. The A620 is close but its not quite as large.

Staying with this phone until Sanyo or Hitachi releases a tri-mode flip phone with camera that has better volume and more memory.

Great reception and battery life too!


Aug 10, 2003 by E Pickar

Yeah, the features are great, but the best thing about this phone is its battery life and ability to get service. I returned a samsung A500 after a week and got this phone instead.

The 5300 gets service in locations where Sprint service was unavailable and calls couldn't be made. The Sanyo 8100 and 6400 also have better access to Sprint Service than the Samsung or Motorola phones I've used before.

The Samsung A500 battery died after a day and a half of minimal use. After three days of use, the Sanyo 5300 battery icon was at its highest level.

After my experience with this phone, I bought an additional 5300 and an 8100 (sanyo) for my wife and daughter.

SANYO 5300: If you don't own it GET ONE!!


Jan 17, 2003 by A Reynolds

By far the best phone ever released in the United States. It has every imaginable feature possible. Before I own this I owned the Samsung A500, camera and a Timeport P935 pager. Once saw that the Sanyo 5300 was a PDA and phone and pager and camera all in one, I knew that all I needed was the 5300. The only drawback is the receiver volume and size. You have to center the receiver right on your ear drum to hear. If you move it to far left or right, you can't hear anything. Other than that I think I am going to stick with her! After looking for the perfect phone, my search is over. It even makes Sprint's Vision Service look good!!!!!

Sanyo 5300 is the best in the world


Jan 5, 2003 by Rob Dean

The Sanyo is the best in the world today. I think it is the first U.S. phone to have the camera built in. The volume is a bit low but it is still the best and is number one in the U.S.
What I love about it is the camera and that you can take the person picture and when they call. You can see there face without opening the camera. I had the Samsung A500 for a week and i ended up taking it back. The A500 is alright but I didn't like the camera so i switch to the 5300 and this was the best one. I recommend that if you want a color phone with a camera, then get the Sanyo SCP-5300 because it's the best phone in the U.S. today

Good Phone SCP 5300


Dec 18, 2002 by Hamid Agah

I have had my phone for two weeks:

1. Signal reception is really good vs. my LG phone.

2. Earpiece volume too low. I will check with Sprint for software upgrade.

3. Voice dial - It is not very good. I have to say the names 2 or 3 times before it gets it. Anyone else has this problem?

4. Light on the keypad - Not very good. Since the keypad is metalic and the light behind the keys is not strong, the reflection on the keypad makes it difficult to read. Has anyone else noticed this.

5. Camera is OK

6. I think it cost too much !

A testament to modern communication


Dec 13, 2002 by Kacie Taylor

I bought the phone for $249.99 (after amazon.com's mail-in rebate ($100) and SprintPCS' ($50) through amazon.com. Recently upgraded to software version 1.035SP at the SprintPCS Service center, earpiece volume is no longer an issue with this upgrade. Props to Todd Bettenhausen for the post providing the heads up about this upgrade. This phone is the fourth and best cell phone I've ever owned. Rock solid construction, suberb reception and crystal clarity. Beautiful color main screen and the detail provided by the smaller LCD on the front is suprisingly vivid and accurate. This phone is expensive, but considering all of its features, it will remain for quite some time and is an excellent value. Any questions, please feel free to post. I view this talkback often.

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