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Is The Sanyo-5300 Really Worth It??


Dec 17, 2002 by WhoGotGme

I currently have the Sanyo 5150 and I love it. I am thinking about upgrading to the 5300, but I have been hearing some conflicting information on the new phone. I heard that there is a problem with ringers & more. Apparently you have to pay per ringer now if you want to upload it. Is that true?

How do I get the $250 credit for the upgrade?


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A very pleased fan.


Nov 15, 2002 by Will Montgomery

I have been waiting for this phone to come out since the day I heard about it. I love this phone, yes the price is a bit on the ouch side, but I have to admit that the TFT screen is better and seems to be even sharper then the Samsung a500. Working for Sprint I compare the screens everyday. I love the built in camera, it takes very good pictures and the built in flash is wonderful. Another good feature I like is that it has built in filters for the camera so you can adjust the lighting for the pictures, and you can't forget about the zoom features.

Another plus of the phone besides a very sharp images is the browswer for the Vision. It seems to run smoother then the Samsung browsers, well definitly better then N400 browser. I also like that the phone comes with both batteries a standard and an extended. I haven't even used the standard and I haven't had one problem with the life draining out of the extended battery.

Now on to other things the speaker, I wish it was a 40 chord ringer since I love to download different ringers, as I see noted in another post the www.t1mmy.net/visionTool.html site is wonderful and saves money. Now as seeing the ear piece volume could be a bit better, I haven't had really any problems hearing even when driving with windows down, but wish it was still a bit louder like the N400 or a500. Guess you have to give a little on somethings sometimes. Over all I have been pleased, have owned the phone for a week now and have no complaints over all. If any body has any questions feel free to email me. ---

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Best phone EVER!


Mar 13, 2003 by Dan Arel

This phone does it all. everything. the camera is incredible quality, the zoom feature is awesome. sound is perfect. very loud. screen quality is perfect. this phone lacks nothing. sanyo did an A+ job. i cant wait to see what the next version of this phone holds for us. strongly recomended.

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Setting the Record Straight!


Dec 6, 2002 by Todd Bettenhausen

I've had a 5300 since the day it became available locally in Indianapolis. I, like most others, found the lack of earpiece volume to be a serious problem with this otherwise outstanding phone.

Sanyo and Sprint have released software version 1.035SP for this phone in the past couple of days. It completely cures this issue (in fact, I have to use the lowest volume setting in quiet environments to avoid discomfort!).

You must have this upgrade installed at a Sprint PCS service center; not all SPCS stores can do this. Call ahead to cinfirm yours can. That having been said and my phone now upgraded, I can attest that the 5300 is by far the finest of the many wireless phones I have owned and used.

I would hate for any potential buyer to pass up this excellent phone based upon negative user reviews here, without current information to set the record straight. Despite its $400 price tag, this phone's a real winner! Kudos to Sanyo and Sprint for being responsive to customer needs--I'd give six stars if I could.

Todd Bettenhausen
Indianapolis, IN

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Sanyo 5300 WOW!


Nov 19, 2002 by James Scott

Ok, I bought the camera this past Saturday (16). Here is my take:

I upgraded from the 5150 (which I loved) to the 5300. If you want to take a picture and send it to someone’s e-mail...YOU CAN! Entire process takes on average just 78 seconds!

The quality without making any adjustments is good (I mean compared to my standard, I use a Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital so I am used to some awesome quality pictures, but this is a phone and not a 1500 dollar camera)

I have taken pictures in restaurants, bright sunlight, nightclubs, dawn and dusk. In each case to get the optimum picture you must make some adjustments (as with most cameras). And this is what great, the little phone camera has a surprisingly decent set of picture preferences)

You and the subject must be still; this is not an action camera the focus is pretty much set there is focus adjustment in the lower res setting but the quality is not worth the time.

The one main complaint I have regarding the camera is that any settings you adjust are lost each time you take a picture.

I am sure with ringers, games, apps, e-mail, pictures, animation, memory is at a premium. It would be nice if Sanyo integrated a memory manager in the phone (IPAQ) then you could turn off features you don’t need to enable more advanced features you want.

Now about the ear volume level being low. It took me some time when I bought the 5150 I said the same thing "I can't hear" because of the large display and the position of the grain size ear piece you tend to put the phone higher up on the ear lobe which partially blocks the speaker. It's a catch 22. When I lower the phone so that the ear speaker is centered to my ear I can hear fine but it is ergonomically awkward. I see Sanyo’s dilemma large screen, buttons arrangement features galore, if they would route some power from the back ringer speaker (it rocks!) then it would not matter if the speaker rested on your ear lobe, Issue resolved

Out of Room...

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Sanyo 5300 - Dealer's Perspective


Dec 14, 2002 by jrcunningham

I work for a Radio Shack ranked in the Top 20 in the country, and as a result, I've seen nearly every Sprint phone made.

This phone destroys the rest of them.

So far this year, I've been through an N200, A400, A500, N400, LG 5350, Sanyo 4900, and I bought my Sanyo 5300 today.

All I can say is WOW. The reception blew away my A500. The two batteries are exceptional (except there's no way to charge them simultaneously). The camera destroys the camera released by Samsung. I don't care how new (or old) your current phone is -- if you don't have a Sanyo 5300, you don't deserve to have your Sprint PCS service.

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what the heck?


Mar 10, 2003 by sales gurl

love my new 5300- held out until i was the only one left at my sprint store who didnt have it, but we have so many problems with it! the first day mine power cycled 8 (yes8) times! i have xchanged 2 for co workers due to signal fading. i will xchange mine and go from there. anyone else having power cycle problems?

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Got the Phone


Feb 4, 2003 by Stanto

Great phone. However Sprint service always has dropped calls. The problem with the phone is that the older version you could download pictures and ringers from your computer without having to pay for internet services or the cost of the ringers.

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Dec 19, 2002 by msrandall

I had the 5150 for awhile and because the Samsung a500 was hyped so much I bought into it. I was happy for 3 months. Then I began to have problems with reception. I waited the storm out until the Sanyo 5300 was released. I have to say this phone is hard (as teenagers say). I love this phone. The screen is bright and the graphics just jump out at you. The reception is great...but with Sanyo thats what you get. I have used 808 minutes since I have gotten the phone...not 1 dropped call yet...I wont review the camera options...you know them. The upgrade does cure the low receiver volume. The only con is the midi ringers are a little low but for that I use my vibrate option too. If you have the money go for it ...you wont be disappointed....As a sprint sales rep I am proud to have such a great phone in our line up.

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Sanyo 5300 Yahoo! Group


Nov 14, 2002 by Todd Bettenhausen

Just got a 5300 last night. Luckily, I had the $250 equipment credit from the Wireless Web Digital Link (sold as 3G upgradeable, then Sprint and AirPrime decided not to do the firmware upgrade). That plus the $50 promo discount got me the 5300 for about $120, so it's hard to complain...
I agree, the ear piece volume is annoyingly quiet. I thought it had a speaker-phone--not! Besides those nags, I'm very impressed. The camera does well considering the lens is the size of a grain of rice. Sprint's pictures site is a breeze to use.
The web browser does rip. This must be a hotter processor than the 4900's. The color displays are superb. The overall quality of fit and finish is impeccable.
Owners of the 4900 or 5300, please come join the sanyo4900 Yahoo! group so we can share tips and tricks. I just uploaded my first-ever photo there for those curious about seeing a sample.

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