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Mar 18, 2004 by broccoli

For your information all, place a call and once you are connected press and hold the "SEND" button down until you see the speaker phone enabled message. Once enabled you can now use the side keys to turn the volume up or down. Hope this helps

Nice, but what speakerphone?


Jan 9, 2004 by EtherMonkey

Don't get me wrong, it's a NICE phone. A little on the large/heavy side, but considering it replaces a separate PDA, it's a worth the bulk.

The phone includes two batteries: slim and extended, plus a desktop charger that can charge both the phone and the second battery.

The screen is bright and clear inside, but difficult to see outside in sunlight.

Digital signal strength seems fine. Verizon disables analog entirely. I guess that's ok, because I don't think that Verizon provides analog coverage as part of current contract plan you can get for this phone. Unfortunately, that means I can't use the phone in my home area of Northeastern PA.

Having a Pocket PC is a new experience for me. I was a Palm user. It's nice to be able to synchronize to Outlook, and also access several POP3 accounts. I've not yet experienced anything like the 40-144kbps transfer rates advertised, but I'll keep trying.

A previous review talked about speakerphone capabilities. I've spent an hour trying to find such a capability, and don't think it exists. As far as I can tell, both from playing with the phone and reading, even searching the documentation, there is NO SPEAKERPHONE.

Also, it does a good job as an MP3 player, but make sure to buy a big SD memory stick.

The block character recognition works ok, once you get used to the PocketPC style. I'm most impressed with the handwriting recognition, which is outstanding, though limited by the small size of the screen.

The voice note recorder is also a very handy tool.

The included stereo headset/mic is good, but the wire is too short to use comfortably while driving.

Pros: Good integration of phone and PDA. Particularly useful if you are a Microsoft Exchange user and can setup access for Wireless Sync. Just about every feature you could want, except...

Cons: Needs a good case, no speakerphone, large compared to non-PocketPC phones, and of course, limited battery life.

Great PDA/Phone combination


Jun 17, 2003 by marathonfl

I've been researching, studying, and waiting for this device. For me the camera was just a neat bonus. Anyone looking for a PDA sized phone with Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 (Phone edition) then this is it.

Functionality: I haven't had a single dropped call yet and almost all issues were a direct result of my tinkering.

Pros (the ones that got me):
* 64mB RAM and RAM
* 1X data capabilities
* Voice dialing and contact dialing by tapping contacts.
* Contacts are directly imported from Outlook when you sync.
* Terminal Services built in for connecting to a terminal server.
* Can be used as a modem for connecting to your laptop.
* Can record phone conversations, take notes during a call, add the caller to the contacts list quickly.
* Removable battery with a spare.

* GPS is advertised but not explained well enough. You cannot currently run any mapping or driving-direction software and get the phones Lat/Long location via the phone. I know of at least one Motorola phone where this is possible. The cell towers will eventually calculate the location and then you could run their apps; probably for a charge.
* Bluetooth is not built-in.
* SDIO Bluetooth add-ons currently don't support the "headset-profile" so they can't access the audio signal. However, you can use an adapter via the 2.5mm jack.
* Dialing via the supplied headset (of add-on) would be great if you could tap the headset button and start VoiceSignal and tell it the number to call.

* Get the VoiceSignal updated software from their web site and install that version http://www.voicesignal.com
* Keep a charged battery with you.
* Get the America's Choice plans (after 6/2/03) because you can use Verizon's high speed network at the cost of minutes.

Samsung I-700


Jun 11, 2003 by Marc Wolfson

Almost perfect.

Great Reception-Verizon San Francisco
Audio quality is very good.
Extra extended battery included
Great Screen
Voice Signal Voice Response
Data speed Rocks almost 92Kb
Great integration between apps and phone.
Built In camera

Lack of signal for more than a couple minutes causes phone to shut off radio with no audible notification nor a message box. Consequently if you don't notice you can miss some calls when roaming the fringe areas as the radio must be manually turned on to enable the phone to receive calls.

Form factor is slightly too wide to fit comfortably in smaller hands.

Advice-If you buy this phone make sure to install the Voice Response application from Voice Signal. Go to voicesignal.com to get the update.

Assign the app to the record button and you can hit the button to activate the voice response app and dial by name or digits. You can even open applications with this software.

Additionally the jabra blue tooth handset can send a signal to activate the voice response software.

I have an on-star system with voice response and believe me this system blows it away. No training of voice commands. You can just say "Name Dial Fred Flintstone" and the phone will search your contacts, ask for confirmation and dial. It even allows you to specify location (home, mobile, office) if a contact has multiple phones. What a god send.

Make sure you check the Lock Key option from the Settings-->Power--->Etc tab. Other wise any button on your phone that gets hit will turn it on and waste batteries. Don't worry, by default any button will still answer a call. Sweet.

Be careful when adding applications. Remember a badly written app can kill the performance of the phone. If you find your phone performing sluggishly: Use the Reset on the back of the phone (little tiny pin hole) and remove the app.

Get an SD card and load music, apps, videos.

What a treat!

Samsung i700 Thumbs Up!


Jul 21, 2003 by Chris Close

All in all this is a great convergent phone. It could use some refinements and the 1X network can be frustratingly slow if you're used to surfing at light speed. But overall the advantages far out weigh the prospect of carrying 2 or more devices to do the same thing.

All this functionality comes with a pretty hefty price tag and Verizon hasn't made it's airtime plans user friendly yet.
Most of the airtime plans you have to use 1X minutes for both calls and internet access. Or they have an unlimited internet access plan for ~$80 but your calls are .25 per minute.
If you read the fine print and ask your salesrep about it, they will tell you that if you are an existing cell customer with a digital calling plan, you can add the unlimited 1X network access on to your phone as an option.

+Very bright display
+Handwritting recognition is excellent
+I have yet to drop a call with this phone.
+Speaker phone works very well.
+Configure outlook use multiple POP or IMAP accounts
+SMS messaging is a breeze
+1X Network capability is excellent, better than dialup but it's definitely not broadband

-Small telescoping stylus can be difficult to use
-The polarization on the display runs up and down which can make the display difficult to see if you have polarized sunglasses.
-Car charger plug is only 1/4 the width of the connection on the phone. You have to look at the bottom of the phone to make the connection.
-Headset Jack is non-standard.
-Built-in camera doesn't take great pictures, but what did you expect from a phone.
-No bluetooth capability

If You've Been Waiting For A Phone Like This, Your Time Has Come!


May 29, 2003 by DMZ

I've had one now for a week and it is awesome! Some of this new functionality takes a little getting used to if you never owned a Pocket PC or PDA phone though.

Also, this phone is NOT Tri-Band Analog and Digital, the Verizon version is Dual Band Digital only. A year or 2 ago that would have made a difference, however Verizon has built up its digital network to the point where that no longer matters for most.

Ed. note: removed link

Nothing compares - Here is why...


Jun 15, 2003 by Doctor V

If you are going to carry a wireless Pocket PC device, you are accessing data. So you want the best wireless network: Verizon Wireless.

With that in mind, as fas as Pocket PC devices, you have two options:

Audiovox Thera vs Samsung I700

Software identical.
Signal strength on both units is going to be less than that of a traditional wireless phone, but pretty good none the less.
Samsung comes with extra battery.
Samsung has built in camera.
Samsung is much easier to carry due to its size.

What else is there? The I700 is the way to go.

Wait for the refined technology


Jul 30, 2005 by kensmall

I've had this phone for over a year.

It was expensive. It crashes. Activesync and intellisync both choke from time to time. voice dialing requires ms software that does not come with the phone. documentaion is laking. when it crashes everything on it is lost so you better stop everything if a syncronization fails. everything after that last sync will be lost & when it fails to sync there is zero feedback as to why. these things are like the old 8088 pc. some software doesn't like each other & theres no way to get them to co exist. This all comes back to samsung who gives zero support and no driver updates. once you get it home you are on your own.

if you only need a light duty PPC with no syncronization through your carrier NOR with exchange and do not need to add much other software then this is for you. all your friends will be impressed and having a ppc, camera and phone in one big pocket rock. its better than 3 smaller ones.

I do not find the battery life to be a big problem because most of the day it sits on my desk cradle. i do have a car & home charger and spare battery for it. the signal reception is average not the best but not to complain about. many of the things that are hyped for these type of devices are non-existant. like there is map software to give you driving directions but there is no known way to access the gps location of where you are. so its useless unless your dialing 911. the ms voice command software is sweet but costs $50 & it operates the whole unit not just the dialer. I use the squawk box feature all of the time but it has a lower max volume than i want. vol control sucks as one control operates a few functions that should be controled seperately. It has no blue tooth to work with those headsets and although there are cards i cannot find any instructions to get the card to speak with a headset or anything.
i traded in the prior model which is a palm hoping for fixes but no luck.

all software problems

Samsung.. Sigh.. Disappointed


Apr 12, 2005 by relic2279

So I bought this phone expecting a great palm phone. It's made by samsung! I didn't get what I paid for..

I've tried giving it the benifit out doubt but alas, I cannot stand aside anymore. I'm voicing my opinion in hopes someone will head my warnings.

The phone is actually not that bad, neither is the OS. If this is your first palm, that is.

The OS is slow, laggy and is not easy to navigate. The video playback is choppy at best and voice quality is sub par. You can't send email attachments and the phone is quite bulky. Thats expected I guess from a palm, but if it's going to be bulky, at least fill the phone up with features!

My final gripe is the battery life... it's horrific. Nuff said.

Yep! It's a winner BUT!


Mar 29, 2005 by LikeITontop

It's the best thing since sliced bread but needs a little peanut butter.

Contrary to the above it DOES have a speaker phone (the reason I bought it) and it works VERY well.

I can take my documents with me, edit them, beam them to another device or to a printer with IR (very cool)

I'm old... and I can see the buttons (saves on minutes)

Stores all my outlook stuff.

With an optional wireless card I can cruise through Starbucks and download my email or visit my favorite porn site while I'm waiting in line for my Latte.

Does everything my laptop does except crash on me.

I can get and view faxes with it.

Stores call logs for 6 months (but has a memory limit)

Easily used as a weapon to ward off muggers when I go to DC or NY (its heavy). Then I can use it to call 911 - they can figure out where you are if you've enabled the GPS feature (Not that help will actually come in those places)


Carrying case just sucks. Somebody needs to make a comfortable case with a opening in the front so you can actually use it.

Car power cord needs to be redesigned - breaks easily.

Nobody including Verizon and/or Samsung can get your information off of it if you should have to. Get a pencil sharpener!

Only works with Verizon Service.

Can't send videomail.

It doesn't float or bounce well and it costs $200 to put in a new screen when you drop it on a rock, not to mention you'll be without it for a "while" while you get it fixed (GET THE INSURANCE!!).

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