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Jan 11, 2005 by CLIFFJ

I have had this phone for 3 months and I can not get the activesync to work at all. I have called Samsung, Telus mobility,(my service provider), Microsoft, the company I bought the unit from and the company who installed Windows XP on my desk top and no one can seem to help me. They all pass the buck. Is there anyone out there who may be able to help me or direct me to a place where I can find help?

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Best All Around Device


Dec 23, 2004 by bazoorabum

After setting it up with 2003, it's been working like a charm, esp with Goodlink service. Runs mpegs, mp3s, games, take pictures, open Word, Excel files, Adobe etc along with the phone service and internet/data service, it pretty much beats what I see out there, dealt with the new Treos, Blackberries and Siemens already but this is the most flexible when it comes to apps. Wish it had a faster processor. Waiting for the new i7300 to come out so I can check it out.

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Think before you buy...


Nov 8, 2004 by bigheavyphone

If you are going to buy a PDA/Smart phone the i700 is really sweet (but expensive). But if you are trying to think of whether or not to make the switch from a cell phone and palm pilot to a smart phone here's some tips.

1) This is big and akward phone: Compared to toting around a tiny flip phone in your pocket, this is a pretty sizable piece of hardware. And an expensive one. So, if you are like me and heading to a bar, a ballgame, or to the gym, you probably won't carry it around with you all the time. Plus it comes with a horrible carrying case. There's a pretty good but cheap one at Circut City by CaseLogic or something that sells for $11 that is much better, but this isn't the type of accessory that goes with the latest fashion styes. For a phone that costs around $500 you want to protect that screen, considering this isn't a flip model.

2 This is a very powerful PDA. I was a Palm user before, but as a PDA this kicks butt. Great features for text entry and synchs with your outlook or lotus notes (you'd need to buy some additional synch software from lotus though). The pocket streets feature is great for those business trips where you aren't sure what street you're on. Plus nothing beats the long lines at a waiting room like the internet access to catch up on your headline news, listen to MP3s

3 Battery life: In the showroom they have the little battery attached. The extended life battery adds some serious weight, but improved talk time, but they never display that version.

Under no circumstances purchase a non-samsung car charger to go with this product. I ordered one through Verizon and it fried my phone. Luckily it was insured and still under warranty so my new one is coming tomorrow. But Samsung won't help you if you don't use their car-charger, and verizon will point the finger at you for dropping it or something.

Carry your palm pilot with you for a full week like you would a cell phone to see if you are ready for this.

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Aug 7, 2004 by vvante

I have had this pocket pc for about 6 months. this is my fourth pocket pc purchased. it has a great design and the features are excellent. is truly is an all in one pda/phone/web browser. i use verizon as my cellular provider. i frequently travel from virginia to san diego and i have had excellent reception both via phone and web browser. i would have given a higher grade but the cons that i have listed below have been ongoing with all pocket pc devices.
this is my fourth pokect pc; i figured someone would have gotten the cons that i have listed below right by now; especially considering the cost of this device.

great design (can take a hard hit)
great screen resolution
speakerphone works well
multi-tasking capabilities are outstanding

video playback is choppy
can't send attachments with email
voice recognition software needs refinement
oem accesories are hard to find


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Great phone - still a new user


Aug 6, 2004 by mjfloresafmil

Well, besides what you CAN do with it, which is quite a bit, I only have three complaints so far. I wish I could download backgrounds to use on my today screen and files to use with the media player. The other complaint is the voice recognition software, why isn't that installed? 600.00 phone?? Hmmmm....?? The last one is I wish you could just pull in appointments on pop instead of syncing it.
Other than those three things, I'm pleased. If anyone has any sites for software or upgrades, please e-mail me @ mjfloresafmil@yahoo.com Thanks!

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Great PDA/Phone; Highly Recommend!


Jul 16, 2004 by odie7

I have had this pda/phone for almost 6 months now and I am very impressed. Previously, I've had an HP pda and a separate cel phone. It's been great to just carry all in one.
Pros: Speaker phone works great. I have pop mail; can access the Internet; have an account program (purchased separately) for my checking, credit cards, etc.; can listen to mp3's (and with a car adapter can connect the pda to listen on my car speakers); have even found programs that condense dvd's into approx. 200mb - ex., I have Lord of the Rings ext. version, Pirates of the Caribbean, Last of the Mohicans, (which I've purchased the dvd's and compressed myself) and many more that I watch on my pda/phone - perfect for traveling! It comes with a program for voice recognition (without having to pre-record your voice) which allows you to access almost everything hands-free. It has 64mb installed memory; 1x capable; comes with ext. battery and standard; sync with Outlook and much more.
Basically, it literally is a full pda and phone in one.

Cons: It has a camera which isn't the best quality (but what can you expect with a phone camera?).

Overall, I would highly recommend the I700.

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Jul 1, 2004 by tre_d3

Great Reception-Verizon San Francisco
Audio quality is very good.
Extra extended battery included
Great Screen
Voice Signal Voice Response
Data speed Rocks almost 92Kb
Great integration between apps and phone.
Built In camera
Very bright display
Handwritting recognition is excellent
I have yet to drop a call with this phone.
Speaker phone works very well.
Configure outlook use multiple POP or IMAP accounts
SMS messaging is a breeze
1X Network capability is excellent, better than dialup



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Good Concept... OK PDA... Bad Phone


May 10, 2004 by shibu

This phone is a great concept, with the exception of no bluetooth.

PROS 1) The big size, believe it or not. This originally turned me off to the phone. I preferred the form factor of the Samsung SCH-i600. I didn't go with that phone because it could not run am industry application I needed. To my surprise, the i700 actually could browse the internet & it's large screen was just big enough to make the device usefull to browse the web.

2) Software voice dialing. The app didn't work as well for me as others as it would often confuse names like david for davis but I like the idea of being able to replace it with another app & also the digit dialling worked pretty well(unless you try to diall 911 or 311).

CONS: 1) The biggest con (& the main reason I gave it such a low rating) is that it crashed after using it for 1 week. Not only loosing all my info since my last sync but loosing my phone as well. Nothing would restore it... not even a hard reset! The screen just went white & the text faded away never to be seen again. This is exactly why I didn't go with the Kyocera7135. It makes the phone useless for me & is unacceptable for most professionals.

2) No Bluetooth. What is a ~$700 uberphone with no bluetooth. The navigation system in my car is bluetooth... most palms & PPCs have it... my ($1500) laptop has it... a $700 phone/PPC should. Besides the wireless headset, I might want to use the 1X connection with my laptop.

3) My first hotsync took the better part of a day to work correctly. This included 1 call to verizon & 4 to Samsung support. It also is the first app to ever cause my Dell laptop (WinXP Pro) to crash! (blue screem & all). Future syncs went OK with the exception of one other blue screen & the tendency for the device to pop out of its cradle during hotsync.

If you are willing to deal with the flaws, go to ebay & buy the Audiovox Thera for $200.

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Huston....we have a problem......


Apr 29, 2004 by canuck

I did give this Sumsung SPH i700 phone/pda a 4 because it does almost everything well. But sadly to say..... there is a problem. I decided to run a video on my pda. I downloaded it into the sd memory chip and switched on turbo mode then started up the windows media player 8.5 that comes with the unit. It runs very choppie. like every second frame is missing.... I thought it was my sd memory chip so i installed it into a hp ipac 1940 and tada.... it works there but not in my samsung SPH i700. Am I just being picky? or did i forget to do something? or......heaven forbid.... is this unit slower than one of those affordable hp pdas? has anybody else run a video???? aparrently you can pack 2 feature films onto a single 256meg sd card.

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True Road Warrior


Feb 14, 2004 by rustic

I used to use a LG phone and connect to my laptop via tehther cable for internet access. phone ran down fast, cumbersome cable connection. Using phone keys for sms sucks!

Everthing has changed now!!! this phone/pda is the ONLY one you should consider.

On Telus (BC, Canada) all the features are good to go with the exception of the elusive GPS!?!

I won't list the pros as it does everything as promised, read the features and go. I know that some US Verison customers have POP access problems but that is not the case here (Do not know my software version sorry) I seamlessly switch betwen SMS, ActiveSync and POP.

CONS, Documentation sucks, I mean it is really bad! Speakerphone is not loud enough, proprietary audio jack and the case has no belt clip or card pockets (simple little features that could have been added)
I should also say thAt it is difficult to get accesory's for it up here.

There is not a single other PDA/Phone combination out there that comes close. finally Pocket PC comes out ahead of, who are they again foot?, finger?

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