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Samsung Memoir SGH-T929


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Best camera/phone ever!


Jun 7, 2009 by suerte85

As a Blackberry user for three years, it took me a while to fall head over heels for this phone. I had to get used to not being notified as soon as I get an email, but I think that's a good thing, not being "connected" 24/7. Overall, this is the best phone I've ever had, and I've had a lot of phones in the past. I love how my purse has extra room now that I don't have to bring an extra camera whenever I go out.

Minor Cons
-No copy and paste. But that's okay, it just keeps your mind sharp ;)
-Lack of cool applications/widgets like for the iPhone. But then again, this phone is fairly new, so it's understandable. Patience is a virtue lol

-Everything else.

Love The Phone.. Great


Apr 27, 2009 by niffer58

This phone is great. had it for i think about a month or more now and wouldn't part with it. i had a sidekick and had nothing but problems for months. this phone beats it by a million miles. easy to get around. Touch screen, Great pics. when i go into tmobile store to make a payement they aske everytime how it is going with the new phone and my words are Phone is great (they know me from the problems with my previous phone) i am picky and want things to work. if it is a text phone it should text if it is supposed to send and recieve pics it needs to send and recieve pics. and this one does it all. only one little glitch i have ever had. that is if it is at 8.1 and i take a pic and try to send it. sometimes it does send the picture distorted (like puzzle that was put together wrong). sure it is just a tiny glitch compaired to the awsome work they have done with it. when i lower it to 5.1 it sends it fine. but it has a memory card so you can pull it out of your phone and place the pics on your computer and send them that way too. very sturdy. like the feel of it in hand. is easy to get attached and used to this phone..
Highly recommended... Oh ya also battery for me lasts several days on standby. if i am on it it can use it up but still lasts longer than most phones i have owned. only thing that really uses up the battery i have noticed is the telenav. but that is expected.

hope this helps those who are thinking about this phone.
Great phone.

Great job samsung!


Mar 3, 2009 by skumkitty

I have had this phone since release date. Still not many people know about it. I bought it mainly for the camera. In the past 3 months I have had the Behold, the g1, the wing, and the shadow. None of them impressed me. Only thing cool about the G1 is the open source network. Which I am sure there is a way to get cool programs on the memoir. The camera is the best on the market. You wouldn't pay more then 250 or less for a camera like this supplies, and to have the added phone and internet is simply genius. The behold was a pos. To my understanding they updated it a little and are shipping them out to customers that complain about the battery life.


8.1 MP camera with 16x zoom. smile detection and blink detection.

3G which you don't really need because t mobiles edge network is still really fast.

Loud speaker, great for if your just cleaning the house with no other radio and need some noise or walking home from work and you want to be the annoying guy that makes everyone listen to music lol.

Battery life has last longer then the behold and g1, which is great if your filmier with those 2 and the memoir's gps and 3g are continuously on

This is a great one that most people don't know.... It can hold up to a 16 gb memory card which is technically needed if you take a lot of pics because the quality of the pics makes them wallpaper size.

on screen keyboard is great not only its great touch response but its ability to return to a old school number pad which some people including myself can type better on. Also you can turn your vibration touch response up fully in settings ;-)


Non custom browser uses t zones. YUK lol
Its really t mobiles way of saying Nope we haven't created a browser yet and your going to have to use the same technology as when edge just came out.

Lack of downloading programs like myspace mobile, facebook mobile and a email service.

Really though the phone is pretty amazing and there are no problems.

basically a really good phone


Dec 7, 2009 by mdaniels4

I just wanted a really solid phone when I switched from V'zon to Tmo as my wife and I went with a family plan. I had the LG Chocolate flip before and really liked it for call quality etc. Finally found this one and have had it 3 months now.

Pro's: the batt life has been fine-usually get about 2 days of standby-I'm not a heavy user, so would suspect it would be alot shorter than I experience, but it's fine

The phone has a nice heft to it and feels good in my hands.

Ringer volume is fine, although the vibrate is not strong enough for me

Touchscreen is nice and smooth, and I've had no issues at all.

Cons: the only thing I'm not crazy about is the speaker tone-sounds a bit 'tinny' to me, but I've experienced that with every Samsung I've tried. LG and others are much better. The sound is loud enough, the call quality overall is fine

I don't want a web phone, this one can, but i don't care, I don't want to access email or anything else, and I don't do alot of texting, but it's been ok for that too. Basically, just a good all around touch screen phone and I've been very pleased with it for what I want it to do

Excellent cameraphone!!!


Jul 11, 2009 by awashi

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and sadly, I am returning it. The camera takes outstanding pictures for a phone.

Easy menu system
Loud speaker
Weather widget
Music player
8mp camera

Messaging- no threaded text messaging
Pic messaging takes a long time to get to the recipient
Predictive text is horrible
Email is not sufficient
Web browsing is slow
3g is slow
Ringtones are soft
No updates

The phone is a nice feature phone. I was looking for a decent camera phone and ran across this for tmo. Unfortunately, it's proprietary OSis horrible and so 2002, that it takes a lot away from the handset. I could have used this phone as a daily talker, but there were too many small things that bothered me. I'm using my unlocked iPhone to write this review, and although I could have possibly done the same thing on the memior, it would have been a nightmare.
If you aren't used to smartphones this phone may be a worthy upgrade for you. I loved the camera, but it's not enough for me to keep it. In fact the video recording ony iPhone 3g beat the samsung memoir in terms of playback sound and clarity of video.

I do recommend this phone for the user who has not used capacitive touch screens.

lovin it


Mar 1, 2009 by jenz1484

I have had the phone only a couple of days, I love the touch screen, and the camera is wonderful. I took lkie 100 pics with it yesterday and it does so much better than my 8megapix polaroid. Some things are a little more complicated than my black berry pearl but it is definately an upgrade. It is way better than the g-1. The only thing I dont like is battery power, if you talk or use the internet a lot definately buy a carcharger and take a charger to work with you.

WOW, what a great phone!


Feb 28, 2009 by marktitley

I have had this phone for 2 days now and really can't say much negative about it.


on screen key board
sound quality
signal strength
Haptic feedback
operating system
Battery life


Vibration not strong enough
ring volume not loud enough
cannot customize some programs
no FM Radio

Overall, i love this phone. It has features galore and I am enjoying getting use to it. I was never a big fan of Samsung but am impressed. If the music player was better I would be even happier. I waited a long time for this phone and I'm not dissappointed. The negatives are all minor things I could live with.



Apr 11, 2009 by criss

This phone is all around an excellent tool to have. At first, I was very disappointed that it did not have wi-fi. However, 3G and edge are extremely fast infact, I found that the phone loads faster than my previous phone... the G1 with wi-fi. It's well made, classy and attractive, James Bond would definately own this phone! I've loaded full length movies on it (via SD card), mp3s, and taken quality pictures with it. I am very picky in regards to phone ability and quality...this phone I highly recommend.

Finally Its about time T-Mobile 8MP Camera And D1 Videos Recording


Feb 28, 2009 by dboss52

Pros:Sick camera Videos are capable to capture near High Def. videos heptic feedback touch wiz memory card up to 16gigs so far cool overall the only cons for me no wifi and the screen does not rotate in all menus except for text and internet but overall well done samsung bringing these phone to T-Mobile USA Beats the G1 overall.

Not so great...


Oct 26, 2009 by aeb_16


The picture quality is great on this phone. The camera is awesome and has many nice features. The phone also looks good.


I bought this phone and had to return it twice because of glitches. On the display of all the pictures something weird happened with the phone and half of the thumbnails either didn't show up or turned into a colorful static. Once you clicked on one the picture would come up just fine though. The ringtone volume is not loud enough. With the rubber protective sleeve on it the phone is quite large, but without it the camera can be easily damaged. Lastly, like most samsung phones, the plastic piece you have to pull up to plug the phone charger in is quite flimsy and could easily be broken.

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