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Not a texting phone


Jul 4, 2009 by starsen

The camera on this phone is awesome.

The browser is very slow even in 3g.
The virtual keyboard is very small and it does not have spell correction. I make many mistakes when trying to text and accidentally send it when I'm trying to delete and retype.

I use this phone for work and I have to text because it keeps dropping calls or the sound quailty is awful but with the awful text keyboard I have to end up using some else's phone.

The only thing that this phone has going for it is the camera.

LiTo 201 Memoir


Mar 3, 2009 by lito31

Everything about this phone is tuff from what im seein.. its the Behold but just an updated version.. the only cons about this phone is the battery.. it might not last too long but the phone is crazy.. im a texter and the battery surprised me compared to the behold.. but this camera is official and samsung definitely stepped they game up

LiTo 201 union city haha L4L?

This phone is great but.....


Apr 30, 2010 by shalimarlee

I gave this phone a 1.5 only because I love all the features of this phone but am on my 3rd one. I have had more trouble with this than it is worth in the long run. It first started freezing and shuting down on it's own. to the point where I had to take the battery out and put it back in for it to turn back on. That's the first time I sent it back. They sent me a brand new one in the mail. The next set of problems started occuring almost immediatly. This phone started dropping calls like crazy. Now, I am not sure if this was the phone or the service but I had this company for 7 years with no issues before. I couldn't make a call with out having to call the person back 3-4 times in one conversation. Very frustrating. It got so bad that a friend told me not to call her until I got this situation under control. So I called the company they sent me my 3rd phone. just a week ago. Lol, Wow really #3? this is getting ridiculous. Just yesterday the phone shut down on it's own and I could do nothing to turn it back on. Mean while I was in the middle of a phone conversation. what the heck? so annoyed at this point. Just today I dropped 4 times in one conversation and couldn't reach my friend at all after that. I am over it. shuting down dropping calls forget about it! NEVER AGAIN! I will not recieve a 4th one I tell ya that!

The Best


Feb 22, 2010 by mcelestin

I really love my phone. I hope they make a new one before this one is discontinued. I have a 3 in one device, talk, take a picture and video record.

8MP camera and video recorder
touch screen is easy to use
the MP3 player is off the chain
-able to make different files for different playlist.
talk time...great
able to do functions while on the phone

No block list
not able to send videos if too large

This is the best phone that I've had since going wireless. Its perfect for me. I would get another one with an upgrade.

Camera pretending to be phone


Feb 19, 2010 by sammniamii

-Great camera - 8mp, it takes better pictures than my 7.2mp Samsung camera
-Solid feeling - both in hand and touch screen
-Good battery life - typically lasts 2 days w/ moderate use
-Good call reception & INTERNET (3G)
-Customizable features
-Quick access to microSD card - can be used as "USB memory" stick w/ USB cable

-No psychical keyboard - touchscreen only
-Can be hard to hear, built-in music player needs headphones (which are NOT 3.5 jack or even MicroUSB)
-Can not install 3rd party apps - limited to built in widgets
-No direct PC sync - samsung hasn't released workable software (100%)
-Internet browser can be buggy, Facebook & Myspace do not remember password, requiring sign-in each time
-Video recording can be splotchy

I bought this phone about 3 months after it's release. I wanted a high end camera phone that also offered some INTERNET - this fit the bill to a tee. The no keyboard thing took a bit to get used to and I still can't txt while driving (and I shouldn't - its not safe). I LOVE THE CAMERA functions on this phone. It's a Camera pretending to be a phone. It has some built in online uploaders (Flicker, Snapfish), auto re-sizes the pictures for messaging, flash... this phone takes better pictures than my Samsung Camera.

But... you can't download new apps (limited to built in widgets), the music player needs spkrs or headphones to enjoy (which are shaped like the charger port, which it shares - NO 3.5 jack), the web browser works, but barely and you can't sync to the PC. The software suite from Samsung (download from site) doesn't support the phone 100%. The video function works, but it's not up to the basic HD camcorders and can be choppy.

If you want PICTURES, then yes, this is the perfect camera phone for you. It will introduce you to quasi-smartphone (which it is NOT) usage and get you online.

If you want internet, apps, and/or good music, then go for another phone (MyTouch, Behold 2, Nexus).

Almost perfect


May 29, 2009 by goracer

I have had this phone for a month and extremely reluctantly am returning it because of lack of WiFi. I have a HotSpot@Home contract and overages on my bill pushed me over the edge to return. There is a learning curve to the touch screen. At first you will be frustrated opening everything except what you want. A plus is the auto screen lock otherwise being in your pocket (or purse) anything will touch the screen. The camera is amazing and being able to use picture caller id is fun. I still haven't figured out how to send to flickr and photobucket for free though. Once you get the feel for it scrolling through and using the touch screen is easy even the keyboard which you can rotate for texting. You can convert videos to MP4 then transfer to your phone then rotate it for widescreen and play at the gym (my fav thing). My battery just died right now and I literaly have three mini USB cables on my desk and can't use them to charge the phone, uhg. The perfect phone would be HTC Touch Diamond v2 but that is a Euro phone and most likely go to Sprint if it makes it here at all.

1. Video, MP3 and phone (especially with vibe feedback) kills the battery quickly.
2. Does not use universal mini USB plug.
3. No Wifi

I really like it but...


May 26, 2009 by Veni Vici

...I got the phone 3 days ago & yes the camera is really great! Battery life, I'm not sure yet as I've been playing w/it a lot to set everything but I'm not yet excited about it (1.5 day at best).

Here are my CONS:
-Not loud enough, especially w/the in phone ring tones.
-You can't cut & past text (as I've grown to do with Motorollas).
-The phone-book doesn't allow you to store multiple phone numbers of a same category. 1 cell #, 1 home #, 1 work # & 1 other.
-THIS IS THE BIG ONE: You cannot send text messages to an email address. An MMS yes, but not a text. And even with the MMS, you have to manually enter the email address although it's in your phone-book. When you select a RECEPIENT, it selects as default the CELL #. At least if you could CUT & PASTE it would help, but you pretty much have to know the email address by heart of write it down somewhere 1st.

I light of that, I'm not yet sure whether I'll be keeping it or not.

But honestly, aside from the latter CON (which is a BIG one for me), the phone is great. I guess I've had Motorollas for so long that some functions became common sense to me. I would've loved to stay with Motorolla, but T-Mobile has yet to get cool new ones.

Pretty La-Git


May 20, 2009 by Jefrench15

Camera is dope, the touch screen is decent but it freezes up a lot.. and its not just mine cause im on my 3rd one, internet is just ok. i would be more happy with it if it had Wi-Fi calling cause i dont get ANY coverage at my condo... Other than that the 8mp camera pretty much makes up for all the flaws this phone has.

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