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Good Phone, easy to use


May 4, 2010 by ezra1964

Good phone, easy to use.


Good texting phone
Long battery life
Easy on the pocket book

Can't think of any

This seems to be a reliable phone. Planning on getting it for the in-laws.

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Alright phone, i guess.


Mar 24, 2010 by dev_1luv

I have had this phone a year. I liked the slider part of it, till it broke the other day. The spring just popped out while sliding the keyboard out. Reception is bad, I have 2 put it on speakerphone just 2 hear good. Web is not the best b/c its not full HTML. No video. It powers off by itself. Great for txters, if u don't mind having just a basic txting phone. I'm waiting 2 get a Motorola Devour. Ready 2 get rid of the LG Banter.

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OK phone, Some Call Quailty Complaints


Mar 6, 2010 by whiskey7

I have this phone on the Sprint network. I am an adult user who mostly uses my phones for voice calls, including many work-related calls. I have been using mostly Sanyos in the past for their dependability and great voice quality, but decided to give the LG Rumor 2 a try.

Overall, this phone is decent and works as it should. It feels pretty well made and has a nice overall look and feel. The keyboard is very nice; text messaging on it is fantastic. I have not experienced any bugs/glitches/malfunctions after a month of use.

For 1.3mp, the camera is good, but not great. As others stated, picture quality gets poor in low light, although there is a "night mode" that does help considerably in low light conditions.

I care about a phone for its calling abilities more than anything. The Rumor2 is very good for incoming voice and reception is solid, however outgoing voice quality is flawed. I have done several tests and compared to a good Sanyo or compared to talking into my Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth, the outbound voice of the Rumor2 has a low fidelity. It sounds digitized with reduced voice clarity and poor voice definition, kindof like a CB radio (but not so severe). Many people won’t notice or care about this, but I am picky in this area.

Another complaint is that 2.5mm wired headsets work horribly with the Rumor2. I have tried a few different brands all with the same result: incoming voice has a very low volume and outgoing voice sounds way overdriven and distorted. So, the only option for great sounding calls on this phone is with a good Bluetooth headset. That said, speaking into the handset itself is not horrible and the phone has some other redeeming attributes making it a decent phone overall. I'm sure it is great for heavy texters.

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Jan 10, 2010 by googoogaagaa

this phone is awesome!!!!!! it doesn't have video, but its awesome!!!!!!!!! especially for sprint

look for an lg rumor touch!!!!! i saw it on youtube.

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consider another phone


Oct 6, 2009 by jon_hates_script

I have the script 265 and loath it. I have used it for well over a month. Most of the positive reviews sound like people who work for the wireless. The script is the exact opposite of a smart phone - a stupid phone.
the only PROs
the keyboard
the chat feature

1. what good is a clear screen if it doesn't support video? No video.
2. Small things like you can't cut-n-paste text messages or calendar events
3. you can't edit a sent text and resend it.
4. you can't copy/move an event to another day so for recurring events that don't fall on the same day of the week you have to manully add them ... one by one
5. no support for apps
6. no support for games
7. no support for j2me .... no midlets.. no java...
8. the phone is just as thick(or thicker) as a blackberry and almost just as wide.
9. can't browse file structure and it doesn't support sub directories so if you have songs on you card in folders, not only will you not be able to see or play them, it deleted mine.
10. battery life is mediocre at best. My nokia 6085 would last twice as long.
11. haven't found a way to interface with the phone except as a usb storage.
12. it has notepad with no integration. No to-do list, no way send the notes to anybody else or to the calendar. And you can't create an even from a text.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Sound quality is ok and if all you expect to do is make a simple call and make a simple text, i guess it'll do. If you expect anything beyond that, this is the worst phone you could pick. It's the worst phone I've had since 2000 and a severe downgrade from my old nokia.

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I Liked It Until It Got Horrible


Jul 10, 2009 by kamibi26

So i bought the banter from us cellular in march and all it did was maybe turn off every once in a while and it would stop texting and some glitches...but just last night my phone would type random numbers when i tried to call my mom and my down button wouldnt work...i couldnt even text it is so hard to get through the phone i would not recoment getting it the texting keyboard is nice but the phone sucks overall! i am getting a new phone asap!

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The LG Banter,


Jul 3, 2009 by texting.addict

Though I have not owned this phone (or want to for that matter) I have used this phone multiple times, so I definitely know what I'm talking about.
It has it's pros;
Several changeable face-plates,
Nice, clear screen,
& a smooth feel..
It definitely has it's cons;
No video,
Music player is not that great,
Freezes when texting,
Powers down by itself,
Only one theme,
1.3 megapixel camera - takes OK pictures,
& the keypad sticks - rarely.
Overall I believe the "Banter", is a copycat of the LG Scoop. But called it the Banter so people would not be driven away. Besides the several changeable face-plates and the video option has been taken away.. They are just alike (personally I think the MP3 on the scoop is a little better and the screen is clearer on the Banter) Save your money if you have the option and buy something better, not this piece of junk!

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this review is for the banter by alltel/verizon


Jun 13, 2009 by batman2k62

I am currently using this device and I must say that LG has really outdone themselves with this device. The apps are really fast and when you text there is no delay. With the face-plates and battery covers being totally customizable, you will always have a unique design.The device has a nice weight to it and the keyboard is outstanding. The battery for the device is definitely the best attribute for me due to the fact that I'm not always home and I'm on the go around town, i talk all day and text and check my emails for college and the device still ends up having 2 bars remaining for battery life when I return home around 2 AM. Overall, this is one of the must have devices for Alltel/Verizon to date.

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banter does have some defaults


May 25, 2009 by jmsfans15

i just got my phone within two weeks ago overall the phone is good however last night the lcd screen decided to stop working. the lcd screen froze then it stoped working completly. idk what the problem is but i brought it back to us cellular and had to replace it. and the phone froze up a couple times but i payed no attention to it cuz alot of phones do that. so if u dont mind the defaults then i would reccomend this phone for anyone who likes the keybord phones

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Nice phone, annoying quirks


May 21, 2009 by Redbonecowgirl

Great Camera
Clear (especially the announce feature)
Nice feel
Numbers have their own row on the keyboard
Like the mobile e-mail already loaded
Changeable face plates

They took away video option
Powers down on it's own
Freezes up in the middle of texting
Haven't found a source for the
face plates (Alltel doesn't have them yet)

This phone replaced my LG Scoop on an insurance claim. The Scoop survived hell and high water with me for nearly a year before the display went whacky. And I do mean the phone went through HELL because I live on a horse farm. It was pretty darn durable after 2 separate submersion incidents in a water troughs and being dropped countless times. I amazingly resuscitated it after the submersions to full function. The Scoop never froze up on me or shut down. Well they quit making the Scoop so they replaced it with my insurance claim with a Banter. I was happy...considering it a free updgrade from the Scoop.

I love the phone (Banter)…but had it replaced under warranty already within the first week. It turns off in the middle of menu surfing or texting and froze up twice in the middle of texting and I had to take the battery out to get it back to life. I took it back for those reasons and they replaced it…and couldn’t get the contacts to transfer off of it because it wouldn’t read. I figured it was just a faulty phone, but the new (replacement) one cut ooff on me twice the very next day it was replaced.

I really like the phone. But those quirks are annoying as crap so I hope they figure out how to fix it and replace it for those of us who already own the first string.

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