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went through three rumor 2!


Oct 26, 2010 by brittanyalyssea

At first i absolutely LOVED this phone. But after a couple weeks it wouldnt hold a charge. Come to find out the charge port was broken, also my texts would go under the wrong names, and the words would be scrabbled. So i thought maybe i need a new phone. So i order one and the first day the 9 on the keypad wouldnt work, so i had 2 phones in one went through 2 phones within a week. Then the final had a little water damage.

very good for texting
good on service
good memory

turned on and off frequently
scrambled texts
bad charge ports
messed up buttons
battery drains quickly
on recall

Dont get me wrong was a good phone
but still not that great

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It's So So


Oct 14, 2010 by DURMAR

My wife and I changed carriers and looked for a while and compared phones to try an make sure we could get the most for our dollar. We ended up buying an LG Cosmos for her and right of the bat it was not impressive. Yes, its the most economical way to message on the go and fills a need, but these are some things that could have been better.


1. Slider is definitely too loose. It would slide open too easily and you could feel it when talking on the phone.

2. The phone cycled on its' own so many times.

3. It would get stuck on menus or would not move quickly thru menus

4. Sound quality for the earpiece could have been better.

5. Placement of keys is not intuitive and neither are then menus.

6. Camera is an embarrassment!

7. Keys felt cheap


1. Good screen quality

2. That's about it......

We had the phone swapped out and most of the issues persisted. So we ed up leaving our carrier. LG really did not perform well on this one. They have much better phones and we felt as if they just put something out to cover a gap or an order. Not much thought went into this phone. Sorry LG, we're disappointed.

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Good Phone


Oct 6, 2010 by steves0118

I've had this phone for a year and a half and it has been good to me. There are a few things I don't like. It has been losing reception lately and I think it is just wearing out. My call timer is 532:53:59. I am considering getting a used phone on ebay to replace it since this one is able to connect my laptop to the internet over bluetooth (112kbps) at no charge. Originally my provider said it would not work, but it does!

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Worst Cell I have EVER owned - alltel BANTER )


Oct 3, 2010 by SHEBANDIT

I have been an alltel customer for over 10 years and owned a new phone every 1 to 2 years. My daughter and I saw the BANTER and thought it was a really cool phone at a very good price and they kept selling out ( this was over 2 years ago ) we finally got ours at the Alltel store, it had nice new features and at first we loved it and were impressed - THEN we started to use it and it is the worst phone anyone in my household has ever owned! If your on a call and get a text, the calls immediatly drop ( we have never had any other phone do this ) it is not very durable and the camera is lackluster and takes horrible photos! I used mine untill 2 days ago ( after getting it replaced 5 times under the original warranty ) and my daughter is still using hers for the time being,but will be switching to a different phone soon. LG used to be decent but recently the quality has gone downhill hard and fast and We are going back to using Motorola and samsung. The battery life is even attrocious! The only good thing I can say about the banter is it is a cool looking phone and the memory is decent with the use of a card. In my honest tried and true oppinion,I am glad alltel discontinued the BANTER - if you are ever offered one or buy one as a replacement PLEASE DONT, you will thank me for the heads up later- yes,it was under a 100 bucks but a complete waste of money and a nightmare!

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Loved the Rumor 2 until it died an early death.


Sep 3, 2010 by shelbyca

My Rumor 2 was the perfect phone for me for a few months. It had good sound quality, no glitches, better reception than my AT&T Pan tech and the blue tooth worked with the Sync in my car. The "r" key started giving me fits toward the end but other than that, the keypad worked well and I played games constantly on the phone giving the keys a real workout. But as I said, the phone died early for no reason. I didn't drop it or get it wet. The screen just went blue and the buttons wouldn't beep. It still came on but you can't see or hear what you're dialing, so it's usless. Had to get a new phone so I just upgraded to the Rumor Touch. We'll see if that lasts longer.

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Cosmo is a good none data package phone


Sep 2, 2010 by opieatc40

This is a good none data package phone. The battery life is good and the phone reception is great, just like all LG phones. Very rarely the phone shuts down and restart. I have not determined if it is a software issue or a loose battery which a thin business card seemed to have fix.

Pros: Large front screen
no mandatory data package
good loud speaker

Cons: front screen can scratch

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Good for a while..


Aug 27, 2010 by dance94

I got the phone a year ago when I got my upgrade. I did a lot of research about the phone. I liked the phone for a while, but then it stopped working right.

-loved the chat layout
-good picture affects
-liked how there was an alarm only option
-good menu layout
-loved the full key pad
-the time in the top right corner

-shuts down all the time
-beeping during calls (no new text, incoming call, or minute beep)
-soft keys don't always work
-pictures don't turn out (needs a lot of lighting)
-doesn't show the whole conversation
-bad battery life
-doesn't always charge
-no headphone jack

In the year that i have had the phone I have sent it in 3 times to get fixed. The soft keys still don't work even though the whole key pad and the soft keys were replaced.

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LG Phones Getting Worse


Aug 13, 2010 by Don424

I research phones on this website when myself or another family member on my plan needs a new phone. I rarely make a comment about a phone I get from Verizon, but I feel compelled to comment about the VN250 Cosmos because it's disappointing.

I went to a nearby Verizon store to test the phones available to me for FREE online at Verizon because I won't pay for the cheaply built crap that's in the market, and this phone is no exception. Most of the phones out over the past several years from Verizon are lousy.

I bought a Samsung Sway back in March on Ebay(because I gave my Motorola V385 to my wife) and I really liked the Sway because it was a slider but the texting became an annoyance with the lag etc. I refuse to get a phone that REQUIRES me to have a data plan. So I tested out the Cosmos, Intensity and the LG 8360. I wanted to get the Intensity(they've since improved the resolution on the screen & made the screen bigger on their new one.....my loss) because Samsung makes solid product but the screen resolution was grainy and the 8360 screen was too small. So I went with the Cosmos.

Now for the Cosmos. The battery life totally sucks. 5-6 short calls and 5-6 text messages and I'm down to one or two bars. I have to charge it every night based on that load on the phone. The text messaging is wierd because when you type a message, after typing one line and it returns, you then can't see the line you just typed. This is really annoying. Though workable, I'd fire the guy who designed this phone.

In defense of the phone, the screens are sharp/clear, the text font size is great, the qwerty keyboard is excellent, the speaker phone is excellent, just keep the speaker phone one level below highest on the volume and there is zero distortion.

Overall, the phone is just ok. Again, the battery life is horrible. I've had LG, Motorola and Samsung phone's in the past and I have to say that LG continues be be last on my choice of phones and is continuing to get worse from 5 years ago.

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See Info on Cosmos


Jul 22, 2010 by Zorin

Here is the info on VZW's Cosmos. The stats they have down and VZW are completely different. I hoped Phonescoop would have changed this but they didn't. See link for info.


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Jun 10, 2010 by narn3049


I had the chance to use this phone a tiny bit because of a friend giving it to me to do a review and then i gave it back. The phone has a solid look to it and a good upgrade from the scoop/rumor. The keyboard and sound quality as well as some other bugs with a better camera and little other tiny differences were fixed. It seems like LG read the negative reviews of the first rumor/scoop and made a good phone out of it.

Now there is small cons with this phone that werent on the first phone, even if the settings are correct as you want them the camera seems to take pictures of everything grainy. I don't know why but it does. Other phones don't of this model. One thing that was hard to get used to was the select keys on the qwerty keyboard being further away from the options that you want to select. Also I find the text message showing all conversations a little tiny bit confusing. Over all if want a good messaging phone for the usc or alltel network,, choose this. it is a good choice

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