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Mikey likes it!


Jan 27, 2005 by wifiguy

I love my Samsung i600!

Signal strength always appears to be low, but I've never dropped a call. I have only seen all 4 bars once. I have Sprint PCS as my carrier.

I read the other reviews here and elsewhere carefully before investing this much, but I'm really pleased.

I've had PPCs for years, so the interface was intuitive for me. Perhaps not as easy for others without any WinMobile experience, maybe.

Great form factor... one hand operation with no stylus works well for me.

Synced the first time with my laptop, no issues there.

Thin battery works fine, unless I spend a ton of time web-surfing. I'm glad I have the big battery as a backup.

Came with a clunky leather-velcro case... not a big fan.

You'll enjoy this phone if you're looking for a convergence device, as I was.

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Jan 19, 2005 by ilikephones

Anyone writing a review on this model that had issues with MSN Messenegr or the Caller ID , it has been fixed. Anyone interested in this phone needs to go with the model that has the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. This info came directly from a Samsung Represenative. The 2003 operating system fixed all errors with the Caller ID and MSN Messeneger. But remember, with the Java limitations, this may may not be the phone for anyone that desires to do heavy web browsing.

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Dec 20, 2004 by cbr1rr

I just got the phone from verizon as a replacement for my 7135. Phone worked fine after I install the caller ID fix. It came with the extended battey so usage/standby time is not a problem.

Nice color screen
came w/ window2003 OS

NO FREE fix for caller ID problem. Had to buy fix off internet.

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Wow, very nice phone


Dec 14, 2004 by kurt1117

I love this phone. I just switched to Sprint from Cingular so I have the SP-i600. At first I was impressed with everything it came with. It came with two batteries, a USB cradle, software CD, and charger. The charger can be plugged into the phone or into the cradle.

I have not used the second battery, which is larger than the standard one. The standard battery is fine for me, probably because I am always putting it in the cradle to sink it with my PC. Oh by the way, the phone and the second battery can charge at once. I bought a car charger separate. One think I like about the phone is that when it is plugged into the car charger it powers the phone and charges it.

The phone looks and feels like it’s built solid. Engineering and craftsmen’s ship that went into it seems outstanding. The buttons work really well. The design is very good, it makes the phone very easy to use. For example, the home button goes home, there is a back button that doubles as a delete button, the soft menu buttons, ok button, and arrow buttons work great. The phone takes only minutes to get used to. Its very easy to get around through the menus and contacts.

The software installed effortlessly. I chose not to install the included outlook 2002 as I already have outlook 2003. I love outlook 2003, it works great with the phone. ActiveSync syncs my contacts, appointments, tasks, and my inbox.

As for the reception, it seems much better than any phone I have had. This is the first time I use Sprint, so I am not sure, if it is the phone or Sprint but every call is clearer. As for the number of bars, on my old phones if I had 2 bars I could not talk. On this phone, if there is one bar the call is perfect.

I would buy this phone again in a heartbeat. I plan to get Pocket Streets, which is available at http://sprint.handango.com/ .


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A unique phone


Nov 29, 2004 by carioca

I read great reivews and have found that a lot of people have pretty much the same complaints about this phone.

My general opinion about this phone is that it is a bit slow and because of the poorly design OS, it requires reboots regularly. We have a corporate plan with about 15 of these models and have found that the reliability factor for the users our IT department supports is actually pretty good. Out of the 15 users, we two failures.

Here are my ratings:

+ Size. Contrary to the opinion of others I read, this is a two in one piece of equipment so until nano technology improves dramatically, we won't see this phone become any smaller. It actually does a lot for what it is and how small it actually is.

+ Screen and resolution: It has a very bright and clear display. It does suck up a lot of juice from the battery though and its power saving features do not seem to work as advertised.

+ Voice dialing: This is a very good feature and it works remarkably well. You don't have to "train" the phone(or pre-record the contact's name) in order for this feature to work. I haven't been able to create a short cut for when using the ear-piece yet.

+ Reception: For not having a retractable or extended antenna, the reception is very good in my area and pretty much, a lot of cities in my state. My real test was driving from northern CA to the south on a conference call that lasted a couple of hours and I never lost signal. - even after my ears were burning -

+ Data Services: The data services are not bad. Slow like any other cell/modem equipment but reliable. I got the test it under the EVDO network in San Diego and it worked a lot faster, almost DSL like speeds.

+ SD Memory: This is an awesome feature. I carry product presentations and other animated presentations and this saves me from having to use a laptop at times. - if only the screen was a bit bigger -

** I just noticed that I am limited to 2000 characters on this review. more to follow...

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Lives up to the hype


Oct 10, 2004 by caimeg

Great phone!

Has everything you want, Coverage you want.

Only missing 3 things:

Pocket Excel
Pocket Word

Add those and you will never need another phone

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Excellent phone and PDA


Oct 2, 2004 by ilovewestins

I have been looking for a combo phone/PDA that maps to Outlook (company standard). The Samsung i600 was the smallest Verizon phone that met my needs. It was a snap to set up. I had synced my contacts and calendar in seconds. As I played with the phone, battery life did suffer. The longer I had the phone open and lit, the faster my power went down. Now that I am over my Xmas morning syndrome. Battery time is much better. Could it be better yes, but this is just not a phone, so I am not disappointed.

Pros: Set up, screen, voice dialer
Cons: Price, battery life

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Awesome Phone, Poor PDA


Mar 29, 2004 by maddymaddy

I thought that as a phone the design and construction is superb. However, MS Smartphone 2002 leave much to be desired. I returne dmine after 3 days, particularly after MS issued 2003 and there is no concrete upgrade path announced yet.

I love my Palm, and wanted the i500 however it is not carrier by Verizon. The Kycera Palm Powered Smartphone is too bulky.

Palm continues to rule in the PDA space for me. Lets see what the future brings. Maybe Motorola will provide VZn with such a device.

Bottom line. Not worth the $500.

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buggy software and horrible reception


Nov 16, 2003 by mch

The software is so buggy as to make the phone almost unusable. I have to reset it too many times due to mysterious lock ups. Much of the functionality does not work as advertised, and I missed some calls because it was in some weird state (needed a reset) just sitting in my pocket. I ended up having to say, "sorry I didn't get your call. I needed to reboot my phone"

The RF performance is also horrible. Compared to my Nokia 3589i, I can't make or receive calls in many areas where the Nokia worked flawlessly.

I returned the phone today. Stay away from it. I've owned many mobile phones, and this was the worst of all.

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Overall, pretty cool


Nov 19, 2003 by axisdev

Here's the real deal:

I have been using the phone for over a week now (in the SF area) and the reception is fine.

I have NOT experienced any 'bugs' with the smartphone OS, it has never once frozen, or required me to reset (other than installing the MSN Messenger ROM update)

I have my phone configured to wirelessly sync all my outlook email, contacts, and calendar directly to my phone. I no longer need the sync cradle, and that is really cool.

The web browser is useable, once you have an arsenal of sites which work well on that screen format. [ ... ]

The browser could certainly use some additions to make navigating large pages easiser. (hopefully we'll see them in the 2003 version of the OS)


- The phone is crazy expensive.

- There is almost NO available software which for the phone, due to two factors:
few smartphone apps even exist, and those that DO need to be digitally signed by Verizon before you can install them.

- short battery life (that's probably why they included 2 (two) batteries with the phone!)

I would recommend this phone to those who already work in MS Outlook, and see a lot of value in having their email/contacts/calendar being up-to-date at all times, automatically, as well as for those tech geeks who want a phone which will let them stream mp3's while simultaneously browsing the web and answering emails. (never a necessity, of course)

Once we see a manufacturer release an SDIO bluetooth card compatible with this phone, its value will be greatly increased, as we would have the ability to have our other devices (e.g. laptop) share the internet connection provided by verizon.

Ed. note: removed link

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