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Jan 21, 2004 by ricfng

Reception is ok. Very slow to boot up. Tried to download suggested software for photo contacts but not all contacts are able to be assigned photos. Verizon Wireless admits Smartphone 2002 has problems and suggests 2003 is being tested on the device now and should be a fix, but at an additional cost!

It support personnel a couple of hours to assist me in activating "Wireless Sync", but they were very nice!

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smartphone-Not so SMART


Dec 2, 2003 by gachehebar


easily syncs with my ms outlook,contacts ect.
reception is good in nyc area,
color screen is great
personalized my home screen backround with the download from microsoft


when someone calls me and i have thier name
alredy in my contacs it doesnt come up on the outer or inner screens until after 5 or 6
rings (have 600 contacts)
phone freezes once in a while
doesn't play mp3's like at&t mpx200
has 2002 software when it should have 2004

i returned the phone because i like to see who is calling me before i answer it
like all the other phones i had in the past 3 years, maybe in 2003 or 2004 software
thay will fix these problems.They should haved already its pretty basic

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Nov 1, 2010 by narn3049

Pros: It calls, and it texts when it isn't freezing, otherwise here is the list of complaints, that I and everybody else I know that has had this phone has had.
1. The phone will freeze in user operation. If in dial pad,and calling somebody, phone will stay on the number entry screen even though your talking to the person right then. Then you are unable to end the call and must pull out the battery to end the call, thus resetting your phone.

2. No reset hole on the back because it is not touchscreen requiring a stylus. So you have to pull out the battery and all of the other things that are in the back, which can become a pain while in the car/ or at work, or in a place that is incredibly hard to reset your phone at, you get the hint, it's hard to reset it.

3. App Shutdowns, I would go into the browser, to be shut out of the browser and put back on the home screen, as well, as when on web (to remind you this is supposed to be a smart phone) draining the battery, and wasting your MB plan if you had one (I had unlimited)

I tried to really love this phone, and I did besides these major annoyances.

I tried the slider-qwerty Samsung Win-Mo phone and it was excellent.

OH, BTW I used this with Verizon, which has excellent coverage.

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Not bad once I got used to the menus


Jan 27, 2006 by p_skiddy

I've had this phone now for a couple weeks and overall its done me well. No real issues that were not user related, once I stopped trying to use the menus like a cellphone and started treating it like a computer it worked out much better for me.

1. Excellent upgradability for programs
2. Good battery life under normal use
3. Good sound quality even with 1 or no bars on the signal meter.
4. Not locked so you can put whatever your heart desires on it for ringtones and wallpapers etc..

1.Signal always reads on the low side but never drops calls.
2.Menu navigation hard to get used to.
3.Can get choppy when watching a movie on it but it is a phone and not a media center.
4.Speaker phone sound quality could be much better.
All said I don't regret buying this phone one bit I love the outlook sync and 3rd party software is great if you don't mind paying for some of it.

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great phone


Dec 4, 2005 by Drakebwoy

people just need to wait for certain programs to come out for the phone like this

i have the beta player which allows me to fast forward and rewind anytime i feel like it

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Don't even think about it


Oct 5, 2005 by Zappato69

I have the i600 for over a year now and finally decided to get rid off it. It is just the worst piece ever. I upgraded to Smartphone 2003, which resolved some problems, but it still sucks.

- Phone & PDA in one tool, thats why I bought it and thats why I kept it for so long, its just so much more convenient to carry only one device, charger etc. I will now go with the SMT5600 and hopefully I'll have better luck.
- I never had a problem hot syncing the phone with Outlook - That's it about the Pros.

- Reception of the phone is terrible, I have it through Verizon and wherever friends of mine have good reception with other Verizon phones, this phone does not, I constantly loose calls
- Smartphone my ass - the phone is to dumb to get time and date from the air, you are changing time zones and you have to reset the time zone manually
- The Smartphone Windows freezes regularly and you have to restart it (which only takes about 2 minutes)
- Call waiting function does not work, you take one call and loose the other, great when you have customers on the phone
- No Blue tooth
- Phone does not work internationally, but Verizon doesn't in general
- Battery life is a joke, phone dies after a 30 minute call and I tried several batteries; the expanded battery is better, but makes the phone bulky and heavy
- Ring tone is very low, if you have it in your pocket you miss every call
- Now finally the phone does not charge anymore, which is good, so I have to throw it in the trash, where it belongs.

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Jul 15, 2005 by ripdog

This phone sucks.

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Not worth the price


Jun 13, 2005 by susanc

I've had this phone for a year now, can't wait to get rid of it for the Audiovox 6600.

I can wirelessly sync Outlook email & contacts

Caller Id feature doesn't work until 5-6 rings (I just found out about the workaround)
MSN doesn't work
Screen is too small to use the calendar
Very limited data input-cell phone keypad is annoying and time consuming for more than two words.
Battery life is terrible-I use the extended battery and only lasts about 24 hours
Heavy, clunky phone
Crashes on a semi-regular basis, have to reboot the phone and sometimes have to soft reset it.
Hard to quickly find an entry in Contacts, have to stroll through hundreds of entries
Very expensive--especially considering all the cons

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Strives very hard but falls a little short SP-i600


May 16, 2005 by jkoshy18

This phone has pretty much everything a business person might need in their phone, just only one problem: Reception- I have sprint in the Philadelphia market- Where I used to get 2 bars inside and 5 outside with Sanyo or even the Treo i now have 0 bars inside and 2 outside!!
Really nice size for a smartphone
Nice display
Speakerphone is ok
Easily access pretty much everything in one click.
Windows Media Player: Amazing how much media is run through Microsoft on the net.

What an ugly phone, I keep mines in my pocket.
Reception is horrible: I don't know what samsung puts into their phones but if they could only put the same thing as sanyo.
Software lags a little: Especially when multitasking.
Internet is very slow on Sprint: Takes forever for something good to show up, might as well head over to a real PC in that time.
Activesync Stinks: I've used the treo sync and it's night and day.
No bluetooth,Camera extra bells and whistles(should be included on a $600 phone)
Biggest dissapointment:This is a microsoft phone, But where is the Office applications??? How do you expect a person to take their word document or excel sheet somewhere without a office program. Ridiculous especially since it's a MS phone!

Finally: This phone is great if you just want a phone like pda. You can keep great track of your tasks, appointments and organize your life: Since it has the SD Slot you can take your work anywhere and listen to music and watch movies during your free time. Great Phone for a business person who is all work and no play, Sucks for the rest of us that wants to play.

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Good phone, a few annoyances that can't be ignored


Feb 12, 2005 by jino74

I've had this phone for about five months. This phone meets some of my requirements for a smartphone but none of the extras. There are also some annoyances that I can't seem to ignore or get used to, and hopefully, the next generation of smartphones will address them.

1. Solid phone - it feels sturdy in my hand and build quality excellent.
2. Complete sync with Outlook - I will never have to manually enter contact info or buy a 3rd party data sync hardware/software.
3. Bright, large screen
4. Good voice recognition

1. Keypad - the close proximity of the keys make it difficult to manually input numbers at times.
2. Laggy keypad response - I often find myself hitting a key twice because my first press isn't recognized on the first try.
3. Caller ID - despite what others have stated, the 2003 version of my phone still takes 2-3 rings before it recognizes the identify of the incoming caller. It will show the incoming number at first, and after 2-3 rings, it will display the name associated with the contact info in my address book.
3. Text recognition - doesn't work too well - I find it to be more of an annoyance and use multi-tap to type out my sms text messages. I think Moto's sms text recognition software is light-years ahead of Samsung's.
4. Occasional crashing - I guess this is to be expected since it's running a Microsux OS...
5. Windows Media Player is bare-bone. You have to purchase and install 3rd party warez for improved multimedia playback.
6. Custom ringtone selections - The phone refuses to play custom ringtones for selected contacts about 2/3 of the time. Again, this can be fixed by buying and installing a 3rd party app.

Features I wish the phone had:
1. Camera
2. Bluetooth and wifi
3. Better support from Microsux in terms of updating software and features

Given how expensive this phone is, I am very disappointed with it and will replace it as soon as a better generation of smartphones are released.

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