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Not prime time


Nov 29, 2003 by reb

Pros: sound quality great, speaker phone great, sync with Outlook at work excellent, screen clarity nice.

Cons: cost, not easy to enter data, can beam appointments to the i600 but not vice versa - can only beam contacts from the i600, MSN messenger - unable to download latest version so I can use it, not sure whether this phone would ever replace my PDA, don't understand why software is 2002 when we are just 30+ days from 2004!!

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Capable Smartphone


Dec 16, 2003 by maxnix

What do Smartphones do? Replace PDA functionality? No. They are only a smarter phone that can synchronize information with your primary information management devices, desktops and laptops. Their ability to package this information for transportation with the phone is their main advantage. If you have over 500 contacts, wish to copy or download your email, calendar, tasks, view (in a limited fashion due to screen resolution) websites (including traffic maps), documents and presentations, then an enhanced phone may be for you. But once again, it is a phone, and not a PDA.

*It provides a rich environment for data and mobile telephony.
*Build quality and display are superior.
*Phone is complete with extra batteries, chargers, and headset.
*It is programmable, so it can be updated, upgraded and enhanced through software.
*Battery can be changed for a higher capacity one (included) without removing a cover first.
*Voice Signal dialing is a great safety feature while driving.

*It is expensive unless you find a deal or are patient.
*It is version 1 of the Smartphone OS, so it is not perfect.
*It is not for people who can't set the flashing 12:00 on their VCRs or have difficulty operating their toasters.

Photo Contacts fixes the Caller ID issue MS, Samsung and Verizon couldn't. Many more enhanced add-ins are available and will become available.

For those who buy for the Gee Whiz factor, this is not a good choice. For the technologically sophisticated user, there are productivity gains to be enjoyed with the device without carrying a PDAphone (or both) around with you. As a converged device, it is a good first step.

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I like, but...


Nov 29, 2003 by jlm

I have been using this phone for about a week and I like it a lot. I have a couple of issues though. The biggest issue is the long time it takes for a contact name to appear on the external or internal display. It takes about five rings and that is very bad. I have about 500 contacts, but I am seeing that almost everyone is having this same issue. I hope that they come out with some type of patch/fix for this because it is a problem. The other issue is that I can't sync my "Notes" with my computer nor can I edit a simple text file. I suppose I will be able to download some software eventually that will let me edit a text file, but I don't understand why Smartphone 2002 doesn't let me sync my Notes...it allows me to sync other MS Outlook information...so why did they leave this one out. I am hoping that there is a Smartphone 2003 that I can upgrade too and that it fixes these issues.

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Nov 14, 2003 by toyotadude

I was really looking forward to this phone. After one day, it's going back.
-The reception was very bad compared to all of my other Verizon phones
-The software was buggy.Many problems.
-Voice dialing was a slow two step process that was alost unusable
-I've used Palm products and PPC products for many years. The Smartphone software was the least intuitive in real world use.
-The sound quality was inferior to the other Verizon handsets that I've used.
-etc., etc.
This is the first poor review I've ever felt compelled to write. The i600 is a very expensive phone that just does not come close to a "normal" phone in usebility and is awkward and unstable as PDA phone. Sorry folks, this is way wide of the mark.

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The i600 "GodPhone"


May 22, 2004 by Malkie

I've owned this phone since the last week of Dec 2003 and while it was a tenuous start I've got nothing but good things to say about this marvelous geek thing. My first phone locked up (w/ virus) but my replacement has worked flawlessly. I have a 256Mb SD card and a couple dozen helpful apps. and MPEG1 videos as well as several MMC's of varying sizes w/ MP3's. Any sound file that can be converted to .wav is now a ringtone...SICK! The coverage (VA) is always at 4 bars except when I'm at work in a firewall insulated warehouse then it's only two bars (that is 2 bars more than my last Sprint phone got). I am waiting patiently for the 2003 OS w/ integrated Bluetooth support so that I can use the $120 Sandisk BT SD card for streaming live and other data to the phone from my computer. Also waiting for other SD I/O peripherals i.e. GPS, FM/TV receivers, 1.3Mp(^) digital cameras, etc. I'd like to see some sort of virus protection software from Symantec or other vendor. I have the optional keyboard and it is so much easier to use than even the T9 function (for email, SMS, and Orneta Notes). One thing I have yet to do is wirelessly sync my phone as I still have that archaic thing called "dial-up". But active sync is cool though cause I still have to charge the batteries from time to time.

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A GREAT phone with some useful pda features


Mar 21, 2004 by stevenbaker

I travel extensively for work and manage a web retail shop so I rely heavily on a cell phone and a PDA. The problem is that it is getting too difficult, lugging around the different items and chargers with me everywhere I go.

I bought this phone hoping I could drop the 2-way pager and seperate cell phone.

The email functionaility of this phone is top notch. I can check my email several times a day with nothing more than a quick glance at my phone.

I bought the attachable keyboard with the cool phone holder and this completes my setup. The minute I get an order in I am able to forward it on to the drop shipper for shipment.

I've started using the voice note feature extensively, including recording long winded nextel-push to talk transmissions. Incredibly useful at meetings when someone doesnt believe that someone said something (nextel is provided by my employer).

I downloaded a 5 megabyte MP3 file from my webserver and was amazed at the speed of the download.

Calls connect smooth and I've not had any dropped signals.


* eMail - full service web and email in the palm of my hand I don't need no stinking stylus!

* Voice - Notes and dialing, this phone is both smart and useful. Helps me organize my work day and contacts. Actually WORKS!

* Data - Fast downloads over Verizon's 1X network.

* Style - This phone looks great closed and really wows when it is open

Good and Bad:

* My phone's data port at the bottom went bad on day #2. Verizon promptly shipped a replacement phone so I have no complaints

* Battery life is low but they give you an extra extended battery that does pretty goood.


* Come on Verizon, come on up off the 2003 upgrade
* No printed manual for a $500 uber-phone?
* Not for those who have VCR's blinking 12:00

In conclusion, if you need a great phone and could use a few PDA style features this is a great phone. If email is important this phone becomes must have.

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Great Phone!!


Nov 18, 2003 by joeystang

My phone came in the mail about 4 days ago.
The people that are bashing this phone are quite wrong!! Very happy and satisfied!
MP-3's are great. Speaker phone is good. Reception is excellent! Caller ID and contact info works great. Interface is very easy to use with one hand! I would recommend this phone to anyone!

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poor phone with poor wireless provider


Dec 30, 2003 by dperrone

i must say verizon service isnt what i thought it to be. verizon wireless,, the biggest, richest wireless cell phone company in corporate america, cant even provide a customer in BOSTON with decent service. besides the service this phone is very large, the phone locks up, i need to reboot my phone every so often. who ever heard of rebooting their cell phone?? this is rediculous. i have had cingular, sprint, nextel and verizon, congratulations verizon, you come out on top as the worst provider out there. as a reward for your so called great service i am going to send back my i600 to you, take it as my way of saying thank you for nothing, time to go back to more reliable services,,

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Great Phone


Feb 24, 2004 by Ranger7

I've been using the phone for 2 months now. I absolutely love the phone. The reception is great, the call clarity is great (WA) and having all your information with you rocks. I have set up the wireless sync functionality - and it is working without any problems.

To anyone looking for a solid phone- you will not be disappointed.

I recommend this phone.

ps. Caller ID is now fixed with the new patch available on SamsungUSA website.

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Great Phone!


Jul 30, 2004 by manofdestiny

Like many of you, I have spent hours researching phones. I have also been a Palm users since they came out in the mid 90's. I wasn't sure I could do without PDA functions and graffiti, but boy have I been surprised.

I've been with Verina since 1992, so I would probably get the customer loyalty prize. That has limited me in choices of phones, which means I was very anxious to get this phone.

My previous phone was the Kyocera 7135, which was a great phone/pda with Palm op sys. However, size matters and it was still too big and heavy to comfortably carry around in my pants pocket when I was wearing pants without a belt.

I have read the other reviews on this phone and do not understand the negatives expressed. But then, I've not had any crashes, viruses, volume problems or short battery life.

The thinner battery only lasts 1.75 days, but then I charge it every night while I'm sleeping, so it never runs down during the day. I do carry the thicker battery in my car, just in case.

Verizon upgraded my phone last week to Windows Mobile 2003 and did not charge me. Since then, I sync wirelessly. If I change an appointment while having lunch, it is snyc'd to my desktop pc in a manner of minutes.

I was out of town on business last week and used the phone to retreive my voice mail, email from two pop3 accounts, received SMS messages, sent text messages and IMS.

Now tell me, how cool is that?

Often, I carry the phone in my front pants pocket and forget it is even there until it rings or vibrates. That is proof that it is light and small enough.

The MP3 player is plenty loud and with a 256mb SD card, holds several hours of music.

Did I mention the cool blue, green and red fluorescent looking lights behind the keyboard and keys?

I've heard rumors of the upgrade to this phone coming out in 2005, which will include a camera. Why bother since the quality of the pictures is terrible and it usually costs to send pictures. Marketing ploy!

Sign me a very happy user.

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