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Samsung Eternity


Nov 15, 2008 by spidersnake

After having the Samsung Eternity for a little over 24hrs now here is what I think.


UI-Fast and smooth

BT-OK a little muffled at times

Touchscreen-All I can say is WOW, Fast and smooth. Haptic feed back is nice but I have turned mine off.

Texting-Excellent holding the phone upright you get a standard key pad, turn it to the left and you get the qwerty key pad. Both are quick and well spaced out.

Web browser-is ok for a phone

Camera-Quick to load and snap a picture.

Volume-Ringtones are loud enough, message tones not so much. Call volume is excellent, little to no echo.

Reception-By far one of the better ones for this. Inside my house in south florida 3 to 4 bars,(iphone 3g 1 bar at best unless standing by a window)

Music player-quick and snappy.

Battery life-after 24 hrs of use, a little phone, texting, some web and music player still showing full.

Cons- I really cant find any

Overall- An excellent device so far, touchscreen is really easy to use and the home screen can be customized to your liking. Status light at the very bottom of the phone can be set to different colors and lights when messages come in. Would have been nice for them to include a data cable in the box.

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one word... Awesome!!!


Feb 1, 2009 by Americo24

Well I just got my phone today, Ive been doing reviews on it (for about a month and a half I know almostevery feture on this phone) anyways to the point:

Pros: Light weight

nice screen
Nice music player
standard browser is preety good for standard
touch screen is responsive
Browsing is ver smooth
call quality, and vido, and music quality awesome

Cons: Not alot of signed apps for this device but its still awesome

Also if your looking for a music player this is the phone to get it awesome it organizes your albums and its just awesome.. I listen to it on the bus and if feels nice not to have a phone anda music player I now have more pocket room. any ways 5/5 Im just waiting for more signed apps...

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Samsung's (lack of) software reputation shines through Eternity


Mar 16, 2009 by xyn19

(Due to 2000 character restriction on Phone Scoop reviews (too short IMHO, 4000 is better), this review only summarized additional CONS to other reviews. I like this site, so I still decided to post here. )

Overall Samsung software design is absolutely no Apple iPhone, no Sony Ericsson phones, and no Nokia phones. Most of the issues below are due to poor software design.

- There are TONS of inconsistencies in GUI design (Graphical User Interface), I'll name a few:
1) Sound does not always come out of ear phones when plugged in. For example, GPS voice guidance always comes out of the speaker, so you can’t make it louder this way.
2) You can only speed dial on the number "1" key.
3) T9 setting sticks only very occasionally.
4) When you show/hide widgets from the widget bar, you lose your custom widget placements on the main screen.
5) You can't copy and paste from most places, you can only do that with URL's.
- Internal GPS is locked down to only serve pre-installed applications. No GPS for Google map.
- It uses the New Samsung PC Studio to sync Outlook etc with your phone. The new app is as slow and unreliable as the original PC Studio, with issues of Windows display and sync'ing Contacts with Outlook.
- Samsung uses a different plug for USB connections. All previously purchased wall chargers, car chargers, headsets, USB cables, for SGH-A707(the Sync) for example, are now useless.
- Accelerometer misses orientation change too often (maybe 10-30% during normal use).
- Precision movement of items, such as placing widgets on main screen, can be very challenging.
- Volume control lacks granularity, not enough steps between quietest and loudest settings.
- Samsung's software updates are almost non-existence, vs. Apple or SE.
- No known/easy way to de-brand.

NEUTRAL (out of space, sorry)

PROS (out of space, sorry)

If you want a PDA phone, cough up the extra $ and get an iPhone. I have no desire to touch another Eternity in eternity.

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Something even Samsung didn't know!!!


Feb 15, 2009 by Chris1001

Hello guys and gals. I work for AT&T and just thought I'd share some info on this phone. I've carried it for 4 months now. Love the phone. The other night I had my bluetooth headset on(not headphones) and went into navigator only to hit with a huge surprise. The navigator was communicating through blue tooth. Weird since no other phone known to man can do this. So I went into my music player thinkin no way. I was wrong. MP3 playback through just a headset. This normally requires stereo bluetooth. So I went into TV thinkin no way. I was wrong. South Park through the headset. I called my Samsung rep and he didn't believe me. He said BS. So he tried it on his then called me back dumbfounded. They had no idea this worked. I love this feature. As for wallpaper, google iphone wallpaper and you'll see a ton of sites with all categories. You do need a data cable for transfer or an SD card and writing capability in your computer though. I have all kinds of wallpaper in my eternity for the lock screen from a screen shot of Mario Bros. to a 3D pic of a cracked iphone which my customers lookin for the iphone love. They are all high res. and full screen. Hope you guys saw this as informative. Thanks!!

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Great phone...though it's a work in progress


Dec 11, 2008 by mandrake

I researched and compared this phone with the iPhone, Storm, Behold and it came out way on top...feature for feature and definitely on cost (I actually was able to get it for $49.99 by going through the Costco website, with headset, car charger and carrying case included.)

I'm not a high tech phone dude, but this one does everything I need it to, plus a lot of added cool features that even if I use them just sporadically, makes it a really fun, functional all-around good phone.

That said, it's a new phone and it has some "growing pains" like any new tech device. Like the fact that you can't access the keypad to enter, say, a telephone extension, while you're in the call mode (really puts a damper on trying to respond to those automated answering systems - if you know you're party's extension, please enter it now, followed by the pound sign.")

But the folks at Samsung are really easy to deal with and are now hard at work on a fix for this little bug. They get 5-stars in my book for being professional and competent in the way they responded and their quickness to get the issue resolved. Even ATT was a real gem to work with, giving me an extra 300 rollover minutes just for keeping me on the line as they tried to find the answer to my questions, before calling Samsung's techs and getting them on the line with us.

Good phone, lots of functionality and great customer care

It's new and there are bugs

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SUCKY very very SUCKY


May 29, 2014 by loniwaters13

This phone is the worst phone I have ever had if you get this phone trust me run it over put it in the garbage disposel oh but you better be lucky it breaks easily unlike the stupid nokia but do whatever you can to get rid of this phone I wouldn't get this phone for my worst enemy

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Great Phone!


Jul 28, 2011 by Teeheehee321

This phone was the first NICE phone that I've ever gotten. I always used to get the standard upgrade phones that were decent but annoying.

Can I just first of all say this phone is indestructible? I've had it for two years, and this thing has fallen out of my pocket while I sprinted across asphalt and it is still alive. The screen is not even cracked!

I live in a large suburban area in Southern CA and the signal was great for me.

The only thing I can't stand is the non-threaded messaging (but this is relatively new) and after a while the calibration SUCKS balls. I press the P on the QWERTY and the I comes up 3 times.

-easy to use touch screen
(it's hard to use if you don't have fingernail, but I keep my nails at a nice length so this is a pro for me, but if bit your nails to the base then you're going to have difficulty using this phone)

it's just a great phone, I wasn't expecting much and didn't need any thing fancy.

-crappy calibration
-slow and poor quality camera
-non-threaded messaging.

I wouldn't get this phone again because by the time I need a new phone it's out of date. But I liked it lots. :)

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Great.... at first.


Jun 14, 2011 by harrowstorm

When I first got this phone, I loved it. By the time I could get an upgrade, I was ready to throw it out a window from the 5th story. I traded it out once under warranty because it wouldn't call out and the alarm stopped working (depended on it at the time to wake up for class). This is just a short list, as I upgraded a couple of months ago and don't remember all the specifics.

The customizable alert colors for a call or text.. probably my favorite feature.

The camera took nice pictures when outside in the sun.

I prefer this touch keyboard over any other I've used.

Ringtone and vibrate have customizable strengths.. got very loud and strong so you wouldn't miss it.

Worst reception I've ever had with a phone. Constantly dropped calls when I did had full signal, had to have the listening volume turned all the way up, speakerphone had to be at my face to be heard.

Slow camera.

The keys were flimsy, always felt like they were going to fall off, even though they weren't used that often.

Extremely glitchy onscreen keyboard.

Had to jab at screen to select items after a while.

Slide out side menu was difficult to grab after a while. Screen would then read all the previous attempts at grabbing it and select the items on the menu and either open them or move them to a different location.

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Aug 4, 2010 by ii.LOvE.AnDRoiDz

I really liked this phone. It was my first all touch phone. Only thing I didn't like about this phone is the fact that I had to delete messages...other than that! It was great.

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satisfied enough to buy it twice


Feb 24, 2010 by demmyxo

when i first purchased the eternity i was head over heels. and still am. i purchased it when it first came out and it really put a whole in my pocket. i didn't qualify for an upgrade or anything so i paid full price. out the door it came out to a whopping 480 $. but well worth it in my opinion. 3 days later i dropped it in a toilet. it was completely fried.and i had no insurance. i was devastated. i missed it so much i went back to the at&t store the very next morning and purchased another one. brand new. another 480 $ out of my wallet. again, like i said, well worth it.
being my first touch screen phone i was just amazed with all the features and the capabilities. i realllly reallllly love that it can be tuched with my nails. unlike the iphone and the new my-touch. dont get me wrong both of those phones are really awesome as well, but they cannot be touched with a stylis or a nail, it must be a finger tip. the eternity can be done with both. so when i text wayyy more then i really should (for health reasons of course :] ) and i break my nail i am stil able to touch the screen.
other than that all the mp3 music, the alarm tones, and the ringtones are very loud and alerting whch i like because i tend be be in very loud places, or drive with my music turned all he way up. also it vibrates veryyy hard and you can set it to ring and vibrate. great for driving and alarms to wake me up in the morning. i love the litte flashing light at the bottom that can be changed to almost all the colors in the rainbow. it lights a certain color when its on low battery, when charging and when its fully charged. kind of like my bluetooth headset. which links with my phone very easily as well. overall my rating is a 4.5 out of 5.

in other words im very satisfied.
my last 3 phones were samsung and i'll never go with another brand again. GO SAMSUNG!!!

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