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Samsung Eternity SGH-A867


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Great alternative to the iPhone


Dec 14, 2008 by jonnyj

I switched to this phone from a Motorola z9 a week ago and so far I love it. The screen is bright and vibrant and the phone feels good in your hand. The touch screen is responsive and pretty accurate. As far as texting goes I was a little worried about switching from iTap to T9 combined with a full key board but I've had no problems adjusting.

Pro's: screen is bright and touch is responsive and accurate. Battery life is excelent, especially for a touch screen phone. The widgets are really convenient. Phone feels really natural in your hand. Texting is very easy and pretty accurate.

Cons: Doesn't hold 3g signal as well as my Z9 did but voice reception is on par. Limited number of widgets and you can't add any that aren't already on the phone. It's a pain to constantly unlock the phone but a necessary evil due to the touch screen.

Conclusion: this is a awesome alternative to the iphone for people like me who don't want to pay $30 a month for Internet access. It's only $15 on the Eternity and for another $5 you can add GPS. Hopefully they'll have a software update that'll let you add more and custom widgets

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samsung eternity


Aug 18, 2009 by baykid415

this phone is the bomb. i got this phone when i renewed my plan and its really good. even though its touch screen is not as good as the iphone, it has other qualities that makes it better than the iphone.

3.2 camera with led flash
touch screen with okay sensitivity
loud speakers so you can hear them clearly when far away or listening to music.
it has a good feeling when you put your hands on the phone and it doesn't feel cheap like other phone uses

the bad thing about this phone is that they should change its screen and make it more sensitive like the iphone because its just a screen and not just a clear plastic over the screen. and when you put a protective screen on it. it gets harder to type on it

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so far perfect


Jan 24, 2009 by cj6543

I got this phone yesterday and so far it has everything i wanted. the internet is near desktop quality, speaker volume is loud, display is crisp and clear, takes great pictures, contacts very customizable. you can assign specific mp3's for messages and calls for each contact. qwerty keyboard is very responsive-no messup's or typos yet. also includes the usual t9 input when it's held upright. great for texting and driving (which i don't recommend).


great display
internet quality

a little light-dont know how durable it is
no picture id for text messages-just calls

other than that very satisifed

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Jan 14, 2009 by kcroyals10

Hey ppl im izzy and i just wanna say thx for the good reviews but i cant decide on vu or samsung so i thing im gonna get this phone cuz it sounds better + my contract is up in april so yea i thinkk im gonna get this phone! :)

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Hi Everyone.


Jan 2, 2009 by German77

Hello everyone, I've just got this phone for the last 30 days., Also I really enjoyed the A867 Samsung Eternity. I've Evolved over the years, Wow eight years with Cingular, Now AT&T ?..I'v owned the Samsung Sync A707.The Sony Z500, My first 3G phone I ever owned.Ok. The Moto v60 Color,& v60i And Finaly the Nokia 5165 The Origanal Analog phone back in 2001.
I decided to go with this phone over the I-Phone because I don't care too much for Apple it stinks its all about the Chedder, Right. I own a very rare Cingular/AT&T calling plan called the North America Price Plan, that has been discountiuned.long ago now Grand Fathered. Were Canada, the lower 50 States, and Old Mexico, love Pureto Vallarta,is my calling area..Hee haw..Never an internatioanal roam rate.Ja,Ja.
The latest,The Samsung Eternity A867.O.K.

-Large Screen is Super Cool.
-Responsive Touch Screen is like Super Fast.
-It's fast. To me..
-Super Clear that is the Display of course.
-The 3.5mm Headphone Jack NEEDS FM AM RADIO
-Touchscreen is Super cool..Stupid I-Phone..
-Reception is Super for the 3G Cingular/AT&T
network! Samsung Rules.
-Camera is cool for a 3 Mega Pix needs Flash!

-No FM AM Radio My Old Moto v60i had FM
Radio some 6 years ago. come on Samsung.

-No Lead Flash for the 3 mega
pixel Camera. Come on Samsung. What's up.

-Needs better custom ring tones, to
personalized who's calling me.
right. Stupid Girlfriend.

-And way cooler widgets than Stupid Apple.
Icons. Get Original Samsung You can do

Overall, love this phone and I will keep it for the next 18 months,stupid contract. It's cool to have a phone out, that's lets me to use a rare calling PP to use other than the I-Phone, "Quad Band", The A867 is Slick, Fast, and Super Cool. It's so simple. LOve you Samsung! PLEASE ADD LEAD FLASH FOR THE CAMERA, AND A FM/AM RADIO TRANSISTER AND THE NEXT GENGERATION-13 TOUCH PHONES OK...

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eternity to be returned


Dec 26, 2008 by stkos79

as my iphone turned one year

i thought its time to try something new again

but the iphone is too rocksolid

ill give my review for the eternity


camera and its features, video capture

3g speeds

touch screen feedback



no wifi

unable to set up email from my isp

no apps

hard to navigate on the web (blurred images)

threaded messaging

its a good phone but it just cant pull me
away from the iphone and its long list of

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Not All Its Cracked Up To Be.


Dec 25, 2008 by carl3572


Great Setup
Sound Quality
Battery Life is pretty decent for a multimedia phone.
Overall functions good
Texting is very quick which I thought would be harder with a touchscreen.


Reception far worse with phone than the usual flip phones Ive been using. Ive had cheapo $30 flip/bar phones that had better reception.

Video quality/ Camera Quality is very poor: For 3 mega pixels these pictures should look alot better than they do.

Very disappointed in this phone. Definitely liked the LG Vue alot better. If you want an Iphone... pay the ATT $30 a month required data plan because its worth it. Luckily this phone only ended up costing me $50 after upgrading my service. I'll use it till I cant take anymore then I'll buy a basic flip phone on ebay.

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Met expectations, but have concerns


Dec 8, 2008 by dpwilgreen

I have had the Eternity about 5 days not, and have been using it quite a bit. I'm pretty happy with the phone. The touch screen is amazing and very responsive. Typing is a breeze and I have big thumbs. LOL. The overall interface is pretty good. I wish the widget bar could be customized, but hopefully that will come with an update. The web browser is decent, getting used to it. wish the picture quality on some sites was better. I know ESPN is terrible. others are better. If available, it displays the mobile version. I don't mind that, but others might want a full HTML browser. I'd consider this a Partial HTML browser. Opera Mini is available and is pretty good on this phone. I will probably use both in the future. Overall, I like this phone.

Some Pros:

Touch Screen
Music Player
Size and screen.
Calendar and Contacts is great.


Camera is slow
Need more widgets
Web browser is okay. Getting better with use.
3 hard buttons seem cheap.

Overall, a good iPhone alternative with a cheaper data plan. Some future updates will make this phone better.

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The Answer to the Samsung Instinct and iPhone - With AT&T Mobile TV


Nov 21, 2008 by sunilsonia

I am in midst of deciding whether to port from T-Mobile to AT&T AND Whether to keep my Samsung Eternity a867 or not?
The answer to both questions is yes for sure.

1. Great Touchscreen. Widget options should be customizable but are still a nice touch
2. Love the AT&T Mobile TV option. This alone places the Eternity over the Samsung Behold for the T-Mobile users still curious.
3.Better reception than my previous EDGE device on T-Mobile. I have been getting feedback during the trial and have been told this phone is far clearer.
4. Internet Browser is Full HTML in comparison to that on the Behold.
5. Works on a better 3G Network than T-Mobile's (DFW Market for my case)
6. Video Sharing is a sweet touch on this. Samsung Behold users on T-Mobile, DREAM ON!

1. Camera - only 3 MP with No Flash and it's kinda slow to take pictures. However, picture Quality is still good.
2. Accelerometer occasionally a little slow to react but a reboot of the phone should be able to fix these problems
3. Required a little bit of a learning curve but then you could say this for any phone really.
With respect to the iPhone, they don't even offer a Mobile TV option. You'd have to load the Apple Remote TV app onto the phone in order to watch videos but that too, only movies. You also lack any ability to send Multimedia messages on the iPhone. Lastly, you get to view but not edit Word and PDF Files on this phone. The best thing was that I was able to find this phone on a 2 year Contract New Activation for $49.99/phone at Fry's Electronics in Dallas (AT&T Corp Stores were not budging from their $149.99 price). In the future, I hope to see firmware updates to help mitigate some of the cons I listed here. Also I have yet to find if any 3rd party applications would be available out there for this phone or not. Overall, a very decent phone for the price. It more closely answers the Samsung Instinct argument as far as being better than the iPhone goes.

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Best Samsung Ever


Nov 15, 2008 by roboy02

This is by far the best samsung I've ever used and mainly because of the combination great UI that they've created for the device and excellent hardware capabilities.

UI - super intuitive and not overly jacked up by all the ATT junk.
Screen - great quality screen and it's HUGE!!!
Touch - the best touch interface I've ever used and yes that includes the iphone. And it's primarily because this phone has the best touch screen texting I've ever used. It is amazing. I could text on it just as fast as I could on my Curve or Bold.
Camera - worked like a charm, no complain.
GPS - worked very well.
Mobile Browser - though not as robust as the iphone's, it is still an excellent browsing experience for a non-smart phone.
Mobile TV - not avaiable in my area.
Cellular Video - excellent
Acceleromator - worked absolutely flawlessly

Cons - I wish I could load the Blackberry 4.6 OS onto it. I would definitely buy it if I did not need a pda.

So obviously I'm a big fan, but you really just have to check it out for yourself. And when you do definitely check out the new ATT Touch Pro and the Bold.

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