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One of the better touchscreens


Jul 29, 2009 by arspear

The samsung eternity is one of the better touchscreens on the market right now. It has a sturdy feel to the body and the screen, very nice 3.0 mp camera, very good sound, and won't freeze up if your a multi tasker. The only con in my opinion is the contact search method. Even though it's different it's not too difficult to get used to, but it's just not to right hand friendly.

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not recommended


Jul 17, 2009 by drizzt545

I have had a samsung eternity since feb 28th. I am not saying I have had the same model. I am on my third replacement, and this one is doing the same thing as the first two. During the first three weeks I owed this phone I had issues with the phone not saving contacts, numbers that were in my sim list were deleted, and even items from my sd card were deleted. I had similar problems with my second and now my third.

I have had issues with freezing up of the os and the bluetooth not being very receptive. The touch screen has a lack of touch reception during basic things and the fact that unless you call a missed call you constantly get the missed call notification. The other problem is the lack of speed dial and finding contacts in the phonebook.

I must say the signal strength seems to be good as well as battery life. I have spent the day using the phone and then listened to music for 6-7 hours. it still had 3 bars.

speaker volume is decent
battery life is good( I dont need to recharge it to get through one day)
opera mini works incredibly well on this phone
plays youtube video well


touch screen receptive ness is spotty
contact search is lacking
accelerometer not always responsive need to tap phone to get it to switch views
bluetooth connection goes in and out
randomly deletes contacts and items from memory card like music and photos

I have also dealt with a friend who had similar on the eternity as well

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One of the Best Phones In An... Eternity


Jul 9, 2009 by behemoth85

AT&T has rolled out another winner in the touchscreen category with this one.


-VERY crisp, bright hi res screen display.

-Numbers VERY large and makes for easy dialing.

-UI is LIGHTNING fast and among the easiest to navigate through that's come out in years.

-FULL browser & GPS at a reasonable price.

-Easy texting. T9 recommended while driving. And hands down the BEST QWERTY keyboard available on any touchscreen I've ever seen.

-Battery pretty respectable; I pulled nearly 3 days between charges.

-Great reception.

CONS: ONLY minor...

-Screen can be susceptible to fingerprints and scratching. Easily fixed with a screen protector which I highly recommend purchasing with the phone.

This by far has been one of the absolute best AT&T has released in years. VERY highly recommended.

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Overall good phone


Jul 4, 2009 by me12345

The touchscreen is very easy to use. When you are creating a text message the landscape keyboard allows you to type very easily.

My only problem i have encountered with the Samsung Eternity was that it freezes up when you do not have a signal. This becomes very aggravating because when you don't have a signal and the phone freezes, once you go into an area that does have reception you have to shut the phone off and then turn it back on, in order for it to un- freeze.

Looking past this issue the phone is very well worth the money and anyone will enjoy it and find it easy to use.

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Jun 17, 2009 by Happy Hour

This phone is awesome! I have carried it for about 6months now and have not had a single problem with it!

-great camera
-good battery life
-love the tumbling dice app! cute
-texting is sooo easy
-good sound quality

errr.... can't think of any! :)

samsung 1

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All in All, a decent phone


May 28, 2009 by rushlmp

I've had this phone for two days now. This is my take so far. It is a nice phone, but it's just that...a phone. If you are looking for a PDA or a phone that offers lots of mods and hacks, this is NOT the phone for you. I just recently added a bunch of mods and hacks to my blackjack2 and was hoping I would be able to find some cool ones for this phone as well...After much searching, I am coming up with just about zilch. But this phone has some pretty nifty features all on it's own.

Pros: Qwerty keyboard is easy to use. An occasional wrong key will be touched, but for being a touch screen, I was quite impressed. Sound quality is great for music, talking and tv. Large screen, ease of use(I got a refurb and they didn't include the user guide and I was able to figure out everything on my own in a matter of minutes), the light bar on the bottom of the phone, quality of pictures taken, Signal (I use AT&T), Internet speed, headphone jack, transitioning of the screen from multi-tap to Qwerty, and the choice of three different fonts. This isn't considered a smartphone, so AT&T customers get the internet cheaper than on smartphones.

Cons: The navigation of the contact list is terrible. You have to hold down the magnifying glass and drag it down. It's a hassle and I am constantly clicking a contact and having to back out of it. 300kb ringtone limit sucks. (there are ways to trick this, or so I've read, but it seems like a lot of work), in hand the phone is rather slippery without a case, the picture quality when saving pics from the internet makes saving pointless,the send/end buttons don't light up.

For the most part I am happy with my Eternity. My biggest gripes are that I can't modify it much and navigating through the contact list is a struggle.

I recommend this phone to anyone who enjoys a phone for texting, sending pics and videos, web browsing, tv watching and talking.

Hope you find this review helpful. =0)

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May 19, 2009 by krw26

i love this phone its the first phone ive had that i use to do other stuff with than just talk. of course it has some problems but i was one of the less expensive phones. i wish there was a shortcut to messaging and more apps like the iphone. i just used the video recorder for the first time and it works great.

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Decent phone, but has many issues.


Apr 28, 2009 by DrPants PhD

I'm gonna start off by saying how I just sold my Eternity two days ago, and I've never been happier. The phone has a bunch of features you can play around with, but in the end it's just another touch screen phone.

First of all, let me say this: If you like phones with lots of applications and different mods, hacks, etc. then you will not be happy with this phone. You won't find many apps or games specifically catered to this phone, so don't bother.

The touch screen is a mess. After 2 months of use touch would not be precise, and i'd have to spend a while trying to calibrate the screen (which for some reason, IS REALLY HARD!). Texting gets really annoying (turning T9 on will really help though) and trying to click on small icons or links on the internet was a hassle as well.

Call quality was pretty good. I got pretty good signal wherever I went and calls sounded very clear. For some reason, when you go into speakerphone mode, the phone goes into a lock. I didn't like that.

Web browsing is decent. It's not hard navigating from page to page, and speeds were decent. What I REALLY didn't like was how pictures looked all low quality and stretched out. You can download a 3rd party browsing software (Opera, you can find that on the samsung eternity forums somewhere) but functionality problems would arise.

The accelerometer is really cool and very responsive. Never had any sort of problem with it.

Camera and video is where this phone would really shine. Videos are decent, (what you would expect from a cellphone) but the phone takes great pictures. I compared the camera to my sister's iPhone and my pictures produced less noise and just looked better overall.

Overall, it's a decent phone with many, many problems and bugs that Samsung, unfortunately, doesn't seem like is going to fix.

-Good call quality
-Good camera

-Touch screen
-Images during web browsing
-Lack of apps
-Screen scratches too easily

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Great Phone


Apr 20, 2009 by feelinfroggy

Overall this is a great phone. Like others I am disapointed there is no speed dial. But its not worth giving up the phone. The touch screen is very responsive and quick. I did have one issue...When you are either checking voice mail or on the phone with an automated system (when you have to choose a number to get somewhere) there was no numeric key pad to choose a number. I was on the phone with Samsung for over 10 minutes trying to explain this problem and was told that every time I wanted to delete a message I had to call AT&T and have them delete it!! WHAT? Anyway I finally figured it out. WHEN YOU ARE ON ANY TYPE OF CALL, ON THE BOTTOM OF THE TOUCH SCREEN THERE IS A BUTTON THAT SAYS "DIAL", WHEN YOU PUSH THIS BUTTON DURING A CALL A KEY PAD COMES UP. YEAY!! I feel the mp3 function is great but I am not that happy with reception. Overall I really like this phone.

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Very Good Overall


Apr 11, 2009 by 1Misha

I've had the Eternity for about 6 weeks now and I'm very happy with it overall.

-Touch screen- very responsive
-QWERTY keyboard- large keys and responsive. I have big hands but the keyboard works fine for me. It makes mistakes but less than iPhone.
-3G data- mobile sites open very fast and the browser is simple and intuitive.
-UI- overall, its very intuitive and easy to use, no learning curve here. Very stable also, it hasn't frozen up on me once.
-Build- it's a solid phone, plastic-feel but solid.
-Call quality and reception is excellent. (I'm in NYC)
-Speaker is loud as earpiece and loud for speaker phone and ringtones.
-Battery- lasts one full day (about 12 hours) when using web, texting, calling, watching TV, etc.

-Software- it's OK. but has small bugs which need to be fixed. These aren't serious, just annoying.
-Camera- low sensitivity to light and relatively slow shutter speed. Pictures in well-lit places are ok- those taken in dimmer places are usually just dark. Video is also ok, nothing spectacular.
-Scratch magnet!- I put the invisible shield on, but the rest of the phone scratches easily (keep in mind, I keep it in my pocket). The screen definitely needs the shield, It got a couple of scratches within a few days of use and I don't think it was my fault.

Again, overall very happy with the phone. With a software update and development of widgets I would rate it a 5.

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