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better than expected


Aug 12, 2009 by knuckleballer34

In spite of the many negative reviews on this phone, I purchased one for myself two weeks ago and decided to give it a try. So far, I have been pleased with the performance of the Gravity.

The phones reception is average. It's signal is usually pretty good, but even with 1-2 bars of service, I haven't had any dropped calls. Unless your in a fringe area, reception isn't a problem.

Call quality is very good, with loud volume over the earpiece and speakerphone. There is no static, and only a slight "gsm buzz", which is nothing abnormal. Call quality does not change whether the phone had a full signal, or only one bar. I've had several phones in which call quality suffered with lower signal strength, but fortunately the Gravity is not one of them.

Battery life on the Gravity isn't a problem, just the battery meter. It's not accurate at all, and if you don't pay any mind to it, it won't bother you. On average, I get an easy days use out of the phone. I'd give it about 4.5 to 5 hours of talk time, with moderate messaging included. Internet and speakerphone usage does tend to drain the battery faster.

Both the full and standard keyboards were very pleasant and easy to use. Buttons are large, and i've made very few accidental presses. Messaging and e-mailing is a breeze. My only complaint is that it does not have a one touch shift mode. Pressing ALT automatically locks the function, which becomes a little inconvenient at times.

The Gravity comes with EDGE, and is good for e-mail and light internet use. Don't expect a full web experience, but it's plenty good enough for light usage and emails.

Overall, i'm very happy with the performance of the Gravity. It's a good phone for calling, and offers very good messaging capabilities. If your looking for a phone with good call quality, a full keyboard, and email, this is a good phone. Those looking for a full web experience or a signal puller should look elsewhere.

omg! yeaaaaaah man


Jun 30, 2009 by daniel95

i was in love with this phone with just seen it in the tmobile store and guess what i was right this phone has everything and more than a blackberry and i did! experience with blackberries and i loved it. p.s. the battery is kinda bad but i got a trick to manage it.yeaaaaaaaaaah, sorry iim on the phone Right now.

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The Coolest Phone!!!!!!!


Jun 2, 2009 by samsungGravity247

I love this fun, cool and exciting full QUERTY keyboard phone. It is a great texting device that makes testing fun and quite easy. This phone is very easy to set up and personalize. It is "My Faves" accesable so you can call any 5 numbers for free. This device is very good for emailing and Instant Messaging. What more could you want?

Samsung Gravity


Apr 8, 2009 by jimminkj

I have had the samsung gravity for about a day now. i really enjoy it. the phone itself is very simple. it is not a blackberry so dont be disapointed. I have realized that the phone is more for texting. I have tried the email and it doesnt work very well and I have to agree with most of the people when the calls are always echoing. i love the keyboard. but the keyboard layout is very similar to a keyboard but the placement is something i think i am going to need to used to. i like the phone alot. if you are a texter than this phone is good. I also found that the internet is pretty good foor not being 3g. i do reccomend this phone.

This is the best phone I have had


Jan 8, 2009 by Tonya729

I just recently got this phone and I love the full qwerty keyboard its awesome!!!! The fact that you can check your email on this phone and not have to have an Internet package is the best. I am always notified when I get a new email now I don't have to run to a computer and check them I can do it right from my phone. Another thing I haven't had a problem with the call quality I think its great. The ringers and alarm tones I set a ring tone as my alarm and its so loud. The only thing I don't like about the alarm is it goes off every 5 minutes when you don't turn it off that drives me crazy especially when u try to get a few extra minutes LOL. The only other major downfall is the battery it could have been better for all the features this phone has it needs a strong battery. And as far as the memory for the text yea the sim only holds 30 but the phone can hold over 100 and I never delete them until I hit over the 100. My best investment of there year so. I LOVE THE GRAVITY. Thanks T-Mobile.

Pretty Good


Dec 31, 2008 by CP_H

If your one of those types who aren't looking much in a phone but the basics, then I think this phone will be great for you. I personally enjoy it and what it has to offer.
Its great for texting and you're able to view the screen in two directions, front or sideways with the keyboard. I am not quite sure about the battery life but I charge my phone everyday anyhow so its not problem for me. Messaging is easy and "you can" delete all your messages at once.

- QWERTY keyboard (of course)
- Volume (somewhat loud)
- Camera ( I thought it would be crappy but it's actually decent for a 1.3)

- It's a little complicated to go through at first, but once you've gotten used to it, it will be a breeze.

MP3 & Bluetooth


Jan 16, 2009 by glennber

MP3- I mainly wanted a phone w/ MP3. The other features moved it to the top of the list. I wanted to listen to books on MP3 & downloaded lectures.
PROBLEM: Receive a call while listening, it pauses. End call, prompted to resume. BUT it STARTS AT THE BEGINNING!
Called T-Mobile & was told to call Samsung. Called Samsung & was told it's a default setting that was chosen by T-Mobile. Call them to get an update. T-Mobile said they AMY be able to request update, but not guarantee.

Bluetooth: When turning on Bluetooth, asked to use it or not. Other phones don't prompt, they just accept it. If it's in a bag or case & you turn on a Bluetooth to receive calls, you've got acknowledge on the phone.

Keyboard - yes it is tight to use.

Battery - I have to charge it every 1 - 1.5 days.

:) :) :) :) :)


May 8, 2009 by dmscheer

OMG!!! I am so happy i got this phone! I love it! I like the color of the phone (I got teal and white which are my school colors so it matches my cheer uniform! ;) I am glad because it has a keyboard and it is so easy to text. It could use a better camera but all in all I absolutely adore this phone!

Decent Phone


Dec 27, 2008 by punn74

Overall it is a great phone, just has a few cons, not many though. I switched from Verizon to Tmobile and went from an ENVY to a GRAVITY. Envy was much easier to text with. My only complaints for the Gravity is that the qwerty kb is too crammed together & having the numbers as alt keys is annoying. Envy had its own set of numbered keys. Also the battery life is a joke, but I can live with it. 6 to 7 hours max, if that lol. Also when replying with the slider closed, it automatically goes into T9 text mode which I hate!! Doesn't seem to be a way to change to ABC mode permanently so I have to change each time I reply, very annoying. 2.0 mp camera would've been nice, but i guess 1.3 will do for now lol. Also love that you can download tones, pix, & videos from other websites. You can even save pix directly from your phones browser onto your phone, not bad for a non smart phone. I especially like the ability to edit a pic after taking it. For example if you take a pic in color, but think it'll look better in black & white or sepia, then you can change it & even rotate or flip etc. With Verizon everything was easier. So far on Tmobile texting, pix sending, forwarding is a lil more complexed, but once you master it, it's a piece of cake. Wifey still lost, but oh well lol. I like Tmobile & my phone so far. It was time for a change anyway. Verizon customer since Prime Co!! Tmobile now :)

*Battery life 5 to 7 hours max
*1.3 megapixel camera :(
*crammed qwerty kb
*numbered keys set as alt keys
*Crappy ringtones, unless you download your own lol
*Teenage Colors lol Lime & Teal

*Full qwerty keyboard(crammed)
*60 MB of memory
*SD minicard compatible
*Ability to download content from websites
*Note Pad
*Unit Conversion
*Stopwatch & Timer
*Great Image Editor
*Music Player
*Large Fonts
*Decent customizable web browser
*Fav 5!!

Not bad!


Dec 1, 2008 by jamiexvx

I'm a fan of basic, simple phones. If you just want a phone for texting & don't need fancy ringtones, a phone to listen to music, or look at pictures -- This phone is for you! I did have the Behold for T-Mobile but it was too hard to text on (with the touch screen) so I got the Gravity (& money back) & I like it.

1. You can adjust the brightness of the LCD screen & save yourself some battery life.

2. I love the slide-out keyboard. So easy to text on! I didn't think I'd like the spongy keys but they don't hurt my thumbs as much as the hard, clicky keys (like on an EnV2).

3. The colors available for the phone are cute & unique. (I got the white & teal.)

4. Despite when some people have been saying, the call quality is clear for me. I can hear the other person well (volume is nice & loud) and they can hear me just fine. (I'm in Chicago.) The rings are nice & loud too.

1. The battery life hasn't been that great for me. I don't know if I charged the phone wrong or something but my Behold and EnV2 had better batteries. As far as I know - There isn't even an extended battery for a Gravity available. Lame.

2. As soon as I get a text - It saves it right to the SIM card. Why?! The SIM card memory holds less than the phone memory. My other phones didn't do this but T-Mobile reassures me that it's normal... But now I have to go in every other day & delete all my texts.

3. Oh and there's NO setting to "auto delete" texts from the inbox or outbox. This is handy when you don't want to hassle with manually deleting texts when the mailboxes are about to get full. Disappointing! You think Samsung would have thought of this!

So, if you want something simple & love to text but hate doing it on a normal/numeric keypad, or can't afford a Blackberry or Sidekick -- This phone is worth it.

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