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Samsung Delve


Dec 2, 2008 by CareBayer

When I first got the Samsung Delve I was in heaven with having my first touch screen phone. I thought it was the coolest thing. I played with for hours trying to figure things out.

Pros: Easy to use touch screen. The Widget is very helpful and adds versatility to your screen making easy access to certain programs. Adding funny frames to pictures is also a great feature. Texting is a breeze with the qwerty keyboard and you can adjust how much finger pressure to the touch screen. Voice calls are very clear and leaning to the side to let the phone rest between your neck and shoulder doesnt feel like the phone is slipping.

Cons: The volume on the phone needs to be higher. Having my phone on the highest sound possible and still having trouble hearing the ringer. The quality to the Internet is dismal to say the least. I've been to sites where I know there is sound and could not hear it. To save pictures you have to go adjust the settings to save every time to save the picture. You can not download any ringtones or hear the sound because the page will not load to another page to let you hear it. The TV on demand is not user friendly. I still have not found a way to get back to the original page to select another program to watch. I have to hit the top button too many times when you have select another option when having to press a number during the call. Confusing.
Also have your phone numbers and addresses wrote down before adding a update. I lost all my contact numbers.

I've had my Delve for a week, had fun with it learning how use it, but overall for my needs in which are entertaining myself it lacks. I wish I had gotten the HTC Touch or Blackberry Curve.

Neat, but no thanks


Nov 21, 2008 by daakrolb

I'm a 31 year old guy, have had many cell phones, so I'm no phone idiot. This phone is a cool gadget, but when it comes down to it, it disappoints. I don't understand these people who like it for texting. That was one of the WORST problems with this phone, Sure, it has a full qwerty touch screen keyboard, but each key is then TINY. Also, you can't add words to the dictionary for T9 mode. COME ON. (It will put a 10 digit keypad on the screen for T9 style texting if you desire....) And the touch screen just wasn't anywhere near a real keypads efficiency. This alone has ruined me for touch screens, as I'm an avid texter. Also- the battery life was pretty bad.

And on US cellular, they REQUIRE you to also pay for a $20/ month data plan for mobile internet- WHICH SUCKED. Unusably slow, and it REALLY disappointed considering you were FORCED to pay more each month for it.

But the good? Big screen, but the phone is overall big in my opinion. Thin, but big otherwise. And you can draw on the screen and draw on photos for fun or commentary. That was fun, but not enough to justify keeping it.

Overall, I just want a cool new nokia, please US cell. With REAL BUTTONS.

samsung from us cellular


Nov 17, 2008 by wff40

I have had this phone about 2 weeks now and I am a true moto fan but I love this phone. First pro: I have only charged the battery once since I have had it need to charge it tonight. Second pro: I love the large screen and the touch screen. But the cons are not as good
The first thing is the scroll feature..I keep hitting numbers tring to find numbers in contacts. I have to manually type name in to get it to not call. The second con is which isn't a big deal is there is no time and date on mail screen..I know its there when its on lock but I like to know what time it is when i have the phone on. And the last thing I cant seem to get the radio to work...I go to web sites and click on it but cant get it to work...thats a bummer.I wanted to be able to listen to my music.
Other than those few things its great I was able to send my ringtones and pic to the phone from my moto all and all its a great phone seeings as it came from samsung.

Delve (Alltel)


Nov 15, 2008 by anahathees

This phone is nice looking and has some great little features...when/if they work.

I'm on my third Delve in four days. Each one has the same problem. When pairing bluetooth the phone freezes and restarts.

With the second phone I heard about every other word and calls dropped. The TV on demand (Alltel) was stuck on one channel. The phone wouldn't update. Email never worked. I'm waiting to find out if there is a new fix in a few days.

Just got the third one this afternoon. So far the bluetooth did the same thing, I press the bluetooth button and the whole thing freezes and restarts. The TV on demand actually works. I don't know how reception on the new phone is yet. I was able to do a complete update search, but unfortunately there aren't any.

I'm waiting to find out if there is a new fix in a few days. If not, I'm changing models. The parts of the phone that work are nice, but I didn't buy half a phone. Does anyone know about product fixes or updates?

Anyone have any Alltel recommendations for an alternative phone with similar functions?

not as great as it seems


Jul 9, 2009 by levithan

first off, its a pain to use the touch screen to text, even after you calibrate the screen, scrolling through web pages is a nightmare. On some pages up is down BUT that might change half way down the page, IF it does not link you to something that you don't want.

cam is not bad, and the camcorder option is neat, no trouble getting pics or music on to phone, signal strength has been satisfactory. Music player is fairly loud for one, any thing louder you might as well just bought a boom box.


1) As far as the battery goes they say that "no, the battery will not get a memory" meaning that if you don't let the phone completely discharge itself to the point that it won't turn on long enough to shut its self off, you run the risk of the battery retaining a charge life equal to the length of time you use it. IE you talk for a hour then plug it in, you battery will only last a hour. Ive gone "by the book" on this as i have with every phone iv had, my Nextel lasted three days, and i use the direct connect and phone constantly for work. Never had this problem. The delve is a battery vampire.

2) The face can scratch fairly easily, freezes when trying to text, then you get your mords wixed in the process, plus letters you didn't want. the voice dialing is not the greatest, even speaking VERY clearly with no word punctuation still has to pick a random three and you have to wait for it to get the one you want. Tried listing my contacts as a spoken number, no difference, how else can you save three or eight?, not five two and seven.

3) The key pad seem to still lock the dialer when checking v-mail, even though setting is listed as off.

Now after only six months, Verizon has bought Alltel and now my two hundred dollar phone is now a glorified MP3 and digi camera. with no service and no carrier.

Over all, if you have a high level of tolerance, extra money to blow, or just want the bells and whistle that you prob wont use,
it's just a musical paper weight.

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