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I like this phone, but...


Feb 6, 2009 by vernonbishop12

I really like this phone, and I think that I would buy it again, however I have some issues with it that I would either have to get used to, or have to be improved by Samsung....

First, as mentioned earlier, I have some issues with the battery life. I think that I would have to buy an extended battery for it at some point, as I travel around the State of Montana, (Montana is the fourth largest state in landmass, and I need this to last me on a long bus trip.)

Second, I have to get used to the menus that exist on this or any interactive touchscreen phone, (this is a big ticket purchase for me, as I am used to cell phones that do not do as much as this one does.) I can get used to this at some point and I need to not be so stubborn about this, however, I have to make this comment....

I like the features for the most part, and my complaints are mostly due to not being familiar with this type of phone...

I am happy with the call quality of the calls and the volume, if it is a little loud for my taste...

Thanks for letting me share my opinion, for what it is worth... :-D




Jan 10, 2009 by cellgirl2000

First off.. this phone is 199.99 with alltel then a 100.00 Rebate, makes the phone 99.99. Still unsure about this phone.. Working in the cell business I have the chance to play with all the phones. I currently have a Blackberry on my work line and was going to purchase this phone for my personal line. Well I actually did purchase it, I bought it on saturday and returned it on monday. The battery life sucked! The first day I had it I charged it 2 times, which was okay bc I played with it all day. The second day however I did not, I sent just a couple days and made no voice calls and did no internet and by the end of the day the battery was almost gone. Also if you use the web on the blackberry I dont think you will be happy with the web on this phone. You have to scroll over to read then back over to start at the next sentence. I like being able to look at the screen and read without having to scroll across.. if there is a setting to fix that, it would be better, but I have not came across that yet. Next is the email. I like being alerted on the blackberry when I have an email instead of having to go on there and keep checking it. If im going to pay for a smart choice plan I want a smart phone.. So guess the only thing I really liked about the phone was the typing on the touch screen and the mp3 player.

ring tone


Jan 4, 2009 by misspollyprissypants

Really great phone. Pretty much the same comments as all the other reviews. Yes, the battery life sucks.

But what you don't see in any of the reviews is the ringer volume issues. And if there is a way to fix this please let me know.... No matter what ringer volume you have set (I normally have mine on high) it starts out on the lowest and works its way to the volume that you have selected. Not very practical when you have the phone in another room. Usually by the time I hear it and get to it, the phone has switched to voice-mail. I read the reasoning behind this on the forums and it seems logical, but we should have the option to disable this.

Alltel marketing of Delve


Jan 2, 2009 by wanderer1us

Ok, only had the Delve for a few days and I like it a lot. My problem is that Alltel pushes the Smartchoice packages on the customer and it is no necessary. An unlimited data plan is a good idea, you can get that for $9.99 a month. I am not a big texter, but you can get that and unlimited data for $19.99 a month.
I know the Smartchoice option is a selling point to get the Delve at certain price, but come on! Enough is enough, especially if you have been a loyal Alltel customer for over 10 years. If I chose the Smartchoice plan, my bill would be $69.99 plus tax instead of $39.99 or $49.98 with unlimited data. $20 bucks is $20 bucks.

Ups and Downs


Dec 29, 2008 by slyder

I've had the Delve (U.S Cellular) for almost 3 weeks. It's my first touch screen phone so it took a while to get used to. Once I got the sensitivity dialed in I really liked the phone a lot. I am not a key-pad fan, so I love the fact that you can use T9 to text. Big drawback is that the T9 on this phone has no memory. You have to capitol manually after periods most of the time??? which is a big pain. The camera is good, but the lack of zoom and flash is a real bummer. Getting around the web is a chore on some days and a pleasure on others. The music player is awesome. I have a 2GB card with over 800 songs on it and the speaker on the phone isn't bad at all. I love how easy it is to use, it even has a shortcut for the main screen. THE BATTERY LIFE IS HORRIBLE. With normal use I have to charge the phone constantly, sometimes 4 times in a day.

All in all I think it is a very good phone. If the battery was better and I could use it in my own home I would keep it.

I like so much about this phone but I am returning it because I don't get service IN MY HOUSE. I live in a major city and can only use my phone on my porch. I can't blame the Delve for that it is a total U.S Cellular problem.
I was going to get the T-Mobil Samsung Behold because of the 5 MP camera but it has gotten horrible reviews for its camera being so slow and having to be so still. So after a week of research I have decided to go with the LG Dare from Verizon. It got Consumer Reports top spot and I read over 300 reviews praising the phone

could be better, but all in all, it exceeded my expectations


Dec 28, 2008 by just.bub

I recently purchased the Delve a couple of weeks ago and have thus far been very pleased with it. I like the customizable, click-and-drag widget bar and the quick access bar at the top. The free navigation, TV, radio, and MyCast weather service are also nice features. The sleek design, full touch screen interface, and QWERTY keyboard add an updated feel to the phone. The ability to adjust the sensitivity of the touch screen and the amount of vibration just add to the seemingly endless features.

However, it's easy to talk this phone up and become distracted by the postcard ability while viewing images or the full HTML browser. While these features are what make this phone so attractive, there are substantial downsides. The battery life is not the greatest, for it must be charged daily. However, I think it's short life has been exaggerated a bit. While browsing will reduce the battery life drastically, you have to remain connected to the Internet for extended amounts of time in order for a mandatory recharge. I've noticed that the battery will remain on two bars for quite some time before reducing to one, and then even more time before it flashes.

however, the inability to add a word on the t9 feature is a bit aggravating. The service could be better, but is nothing to complain about (alltel).

all in all, this phone has done nothing but surpass all my expectations for a full touch phone. a must have for those looking for something different.

not so sure about this one


Dec 20, 2008 by 715matty

I got this phone a week ago and overall I am not impressed with Samsung. I am coming from an LG ax 380, and I got better signal with my LG than my samsung. Usually with Alltel you can get signal anywhere in western wisconsin. But this phone has disappointed me. The phone constantly locks up playing the simplest of games, I guess i will start with the pros which you all know
- Touch Screen
- Slim Design
- Qwerty keypad
- Widgets.
- Picture quality
- Phone locks up.
- Texting can be a real bother.
- Signal is very poor with this phone. You can put my LG right next to this phone and the LG would get better signal hands down. Both phones are from the same carrier.
- Battery life is very poor. Like many reviews before mine this phone can go from hero to zero in about 5-6 hours.

All in all, i guess the pros i have listed out weigh the cons, but the cons that i have listed are very annoying. Unfortunately this phone has been a short lived experience with me.

more cons than pros


Dec 15, 2008 by spectrooilguy

I've had the phone for 1 week, and the only thing I like is the touch screen when it works, I've called about the battery, and they said it will be replaced because at the end of a day with little talk time, less than 2 hours its dead..when in camera mode it take 1 picture than switches to camcorder mode, and you have to turn off and on again for it to work...everytime. it just locks up. go to retrieve voice mail, and phone locks, call some where and need to enter # to proceed and phone locks, constantly have to unlock to do anything, widget freezes and you have to power down to reset, overall phone is horible Don't Buy.

pros, touch screen when working

cons the rest of the phone
constant locking of screen
battery life
ringer and ringer volume
speaker phone
car charger location

ringtone problems on delve.


Dec 8, 2008 by zAAAchary

OK,,,, people all over this site have mentioned all the problems with the delve but the ringtone download problem....Get on the computer. search www.myxer.com sign up for it and i promise is free except downloading picture messages that have the ringone or wallpaper you have selected. that's right they don't charge for the ringtone. Everything on that site is new: practically every song u want.

Samsung can do better!!


Dec 5, 2008 by bal8469

I'm an avid phone user and am with Alltel. I have used a lot of phones over the past 6 years with them. I have used LG's, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and Kyoceras. (Sorry if I miss spell anything I am typing late at night.) I've used this phone for about 3 weeks and love some of the phone, but also hate the rest of the phone.

Easy touch screen
Good quality if feel and function
Preloaded apps
Clear sound quality in conversation

Reception varies to much where the other
phones I've used were full bars.
Battery life is short lived and
Internet is useless(can't seem to do
Ascending ringer is very aggrevating
Speaker phone is not loud or clear enough

All in all Samsung can do a way much better job than this come on Samsung try again.

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