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Samsung Propel A767


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Don't like this phone at all


Apr 17, 2010 by JaneJade14

I've had this phone for almost a year, and it is the worst phone I've ever had. When I saw it in the store, I thought it was adorable, but now it's just clunky. It falls out of my pockets because it's just too big for them. It freezes for a few seconds when I get a text, it interrupts my texting to say "Message sent" and they keys are small and hard to text on if you don't have thin fingers. The camera isn't the greatest, but it takes good pictures. Videos are terrible on this phone, and using the Internet on it is terrible, because it freezes a lot. I must say, though that the battery is amazing. After 2 days (I send more than 200 texts a day and call time per day is about 30 minutes) it's still got 3/4 of it's battery. You can't have a signature on your texts, and ringtones are impossible. You have to have one of the phones ringtones, because it refuses any music ones. It plays music terribly, it comes out whiney, and thin. It turns itself off sometimes, and it takes about 20 minutes to load after you turn it back on. Overall, I don't like this phone at all. I hope I helped some.

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dont buy


Dec 30, 2009 by narn3049

my friend Holly owns this phone it is constantly restarting and doesn.t work at all, it now has a dimmed screen. got it when it came out so no warranty, this phone is crappy i suggest u dont get it

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Good, but not good


Oct 27, 2009 by Nihon

This phone WAS good when I first got it, I got it for christmas and i was sooo happy. I have done nothing bad to it such as puting water on it or droping it very hard. But i have dropped it very softly and the whole phone just took itself apart.

Some Pros:
Good for texting
Nice Look
Clear Screen
Holds many messages
Can hold many pictures

Some Cons:
This phone freezes alot, when I text, it freezes and i miss like a whole sentance, when I get calls, you wont hear the other person for awhile
Sometimes, you wont get your voicemails
Delay in text messages, once i texted someone very early in the day and didnt get there till later. And, my friends will send me a text message and i wont get it until like 2 hours later.

I might get a sidekick and i have heard nothing but good things from it, so hopefully, it will be better than the samsung propel

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Another texting winner from AT&T


Dec 22, 2008 by behemoth85

AT&T's been shooting off the texting phones like lightning these days; and unlike lightning, they're all striking in the same place.

And striking the same place that's turned out to be a major asset for the texting fanatics across the USA...


Keyboard is familiar for BlackJack 2 users or anyone who's touched any Blackjack

System UI is a lot faster than the BlackJack, making texting a lot quicker.

Cheapter internet and availability of AT&T Navigator for a flat $20 a month.

Voice quality and signal strength is pretty good.

Battery life is pretty good.


Keys are as small as the BlackJack 2 and seem a little cramped.

Overall, another great texting line up to AT&T's addition.

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A Pleasant Surprise


Mar 21, 2009 by showstoppa

As the owner of a Samsung Propel and a Samsung Eternity, I have gone back and forth between the two (thanks to the ease of SIM cards) and I must say, I find myself using my Propel much more often.

For a lower-end phone, the Samsung Propel is fairly feature packed. To begin, the sound quality of the phone is superb. The phone calls are crystal clear and many of the other parties have informed me that I sound better on their end than I have for a longtime when I utilized the Motorola V3xx. The screen is fairly attractive for a lower-end screen and I could not locate any stuck or dead pixels.

The size of the phone is the clincher for me. When the slider is closed, it truly resembles the feel and look of a nice, sleek MP3 player. Yet, when expanded, the phone feels the size of a phone. The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use although I think those with bigger thumbs may have an issue with the top line of keys for it is fairly close to the upper-end of the other piece of the phone. The 3G is fast and the user interface is fairly simple. Within a couple of days, you will be completely used to the phone, it's features and design.

The color selection for the phone is a bit sparse for males, but the blue on black is masculine enough for me.

Overall, the perfect text-basic phone for at&t, which they were in dyer need for. I definitely recommend this phone.

> Great design (great size closed and opened)
> Excellent user interface
> Good reception
> Excellent sound quality
> Battery life is tolerable
> Micro-SD card slot is located on side of phone, not under battery cover.

> Smudges easily
> Sort of slippery making it easy to drop
> Battery life is not spectacular either
> Camera is weak

If you are into texting and don't want to spend a fortune, get this phone!!

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It's what AT&T needed for younger crowd.


Oct 29, 2008 by ATTemployeeLLG

I don't own this phone. I can't give you a day to day experience review, BUT I can tell you that I have played with this phone everyday since we received it at our store. This phone is what AT&T needed. It doesn't require a data plan to receieve the rebate, or unlimited text. Now, I would definitely recommend unlimited text with this device, seeing as how texting is it's main feature.

--Full qwerty keyboard
--Sliding feature, which is really popular.
--AT&T Navigator
--Battery life
--Great colors
--Not too bulky

--Keys are about the size of the BlackJack II, but aren't as raised up as the BlackJack II. But, it is bearable.

Honestly, I can't think of anything else wrong with it. Now, of course... this is not for people who need a PDA for business and email. You can get it for that reason, but you'de be better off with a BlackBerry. This is definitely for the younger crowd wanting to text a lot, and for them... it's nearly perfect.

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tough phone


Sep 17, 2011 by candyandy

This phone is a tough phone. I have dropped it, ran over it, and lost it many times and it still works like a charm

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dont buy it


Nov 5, 2010 by yankees13447

I hate this phone it takes forever to recieve a text. it freezes up to often

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a fair assessment


Aug 25, 2010 by alison says

i smash my propel around a lot, and it still kicks up way better than id expect. it does have the new-text-freeze, but actually i enjoy when that happens, because it lasts NO more than one or two seconds and excites me to know my text is coming before it officially notifies me right after. and yes it does randomly freeze, as if im gettin a text, but not often, not for more than a sec like i said, and its really not a big deal. it never makes me need to restart it. i think i remember it restarting by itself sometimes in the past, but its really not an issue. its a cell phone, thus, imperfect technology. you really shouldnt expect much. for my phone to still be awesome after water damage and many many drops and some throws, i gotta say this is one of the best phones ive ever owned. actually its the only one that is lasting me in great working condition all the way to my upgrade. thanks, samsung.

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Don't Get This Phonee.


Jun 10, 2010 by AYOO_Alexiss

I've owned this phone for about... 6 months now. This phone is annoying it keeps freezing when you get a text message even if you on the Internet. You don't have signatures. The battery on mine at least is very weak if I talk for like an hour I'm already down to two bars from a full battery. The screen is bad I haven't dropped this phone once in the six months I had it and it has to scratches on the screen. A while back I had this phone and when I plugged this phone up to charge, nothing happened I told my dad so we went to AT&T see if they could do anything about, they thought it was the charger but, it wasn't it was the phone itself so they ordered me a new one. So here I am now. But, the good thing about is it has QWERTY keyboard and thats really honestly all I could think of at this point of time. But for my opinion don't get this phone, get a touch screen those are in ritee now. Hope I helped!
xoxoxo, AYOO ; Alexiss!

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