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Best Phone that I have owned by far!!!


Jul 8, 2009 by JAMBO1228

I purchased this phone to replace my HTC touch 6800 and I could immediately see how more advanced this version is. This phone has more applications that are all very useful.Everything that I wanted my HTC 6800 to do this phone does.Since I have already owned a HTC touch type phone I was completely aware of the battery concern, but if you simply take advantage of the task manager and lower the back light level the battery will last much longer. Overall this is a great phone and everyday I find more reasons to post that it is truly the best phone I have owned yet!!

We have a winner here!


Mar 18, 2009 by pwabbit

This phone is great for people who surf the Internet, check e-mails, use GPS mapping, listen to mp3's, watch videos light to moderate texting, and love to customize their phones.

The PROs:
-Thin, small and light
-Mini USB port for charging and interfacing with Mac/PC
-Extremely clear screen (VGA)
-Touch screen is very responsive when the sensitivity is turned up. It is pleasant to use.
-Many, many 3rd party apps available.
-Light sensor is used to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen's backlight.
-No slider to break (the slider on my Mogul broke)

The CONs:
-Virtual keyboard can be hard to use because the keys are a little small.
-Short battery life. I have to charge the battery every day. I had to do the same with my Mogul and Touch.
-Ugly maroon back cover. Who thought of using that color scheme. I bought a gray Altel back cover to fix that ugliness.
-Lacks an external flash card port.
-Have to remove back cover to access the reset button.

I am sure there are many PROs and CONs that I am omitting. This phone is great for every tech minded person except heavy texters. I haven't seen a phone that I would prefer over this one.

I Would Absolutely Recommend It


Feb 28, 2009 by athousandyears

First of all, my carrier is Alltel. I previously owned the HTC Touch and really liked it. This phone has taken everything good about the Touch and improved on it. It is a beautiful phone with tons of features. My only gripe is the battery life. Even with minimal use, I can get a day at most.

Screen is fantastic
Camera is excellent
Ability to crop pics
Call quality and volume are good
MP3 player
When using headphones the phone uses very little battery
Ringer settings have an option to set the phone to vibrate during appointments

Battery life
Qwerty keyboard seems a bit small and I have small hands(perhaps there is a way to change this that I haven't found yet)

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this phone.

Pretty good phone


Sep 18, 2008 by Sprint Noobie

I dont know how some people review the phone without even using it, or others who put information in which they themselves dont know much of. This phone is packed with many features. the possibilities and functions of what this phone can do are great. it just depends how savy you are messing with this gadget. its like a mini computer. cant figure out what software to use to make websites look like the ones we see on a personal computer. Haven't tested the GPS.

Reception is great
clear incoming and outgoing voice calls
Small (i was really surprised...its the size of a pearl)
Sprint Tv
You Tube
fast, responsive to applications
comes with a screen protector
Loud (compared to my old pearl)
battery is good but you have to close other apps in order to use another new one to preserve it.
Power point presentations

Accelerometer dosent work on text
touchscreen takes a bit to get used to cause you have to press a little hard
no clip
usb plugin is for both head phones and charger
Finger prints all over the place.(lol)
needs something like skyfire to reach its highest potential

Bottom line is this is a good phone. i wont give it a perfect score yet because it has some features that need a fix. such as when i touch the screen lightly it should respond. sometimes it does but other times it dosent. i have fat fingers text took a while but its not bad when typing in a full qwerty after you get used to it. if your ok with the 4gig memory and no real keyboard, this phone is a keeper. from a 1 to a 10 i give this phone an 8.8.

This phone delivers


Sep 19, 2008 by dogunwo

I'll start off by giving the pros and cons of course:


-Incredibly slick Touch Flo 3D interface
-Excellent 3.2 Megapixel camera
-Easy to use
-Extremely customizable
-Fast Data network
-Picturemail finally on Windows Mobile
-Opera Browser is easy to use
-Navigation button, also uses zoom features

-Smallish device
-Wine colored device back is not really attractive
-Tendency to be smudgy, even with screen protector

Overall this is an incredibly attractive device, slightly bigger than a Blackberry Pearl. The greatest thing about the phone also causes a little bit of an issue. The touch flo 3D interface is so well done, and so smooth, that it is kind of a let down when you have to do something that requires you to use the regular Windows mobile menus. If only there was a way that 6.1 could have been updated so that more of the phone used the touch-flo 3D. This device uses the best Sprint features of course, from voice turn by turn GPS navigation to Sprint TV, and music. The phone is surprisingly loud.

This Advocate is Greatful!!!!


Oct 8, 2008 by X_MOSES_X

Obviously there has to be habds on before someone submits a review, but it doesn't stop some people.

In all the touch flow interface is just about flawless. Swiping and touching is very easy to navigate through the menus. The Opera browser is awesome because I can finally say look at this on a web page and leave someones jaw wide open. The resolution is a revolution...Besides the fact that the youtube app and the Opera browser display is sort of like looking at HD; The Sprint TV app is also more clear like it is on the Blackberry Curve.


-440x680 display. great resolution
-Easy to navigate through most apps.
-Youtube app..not only can you see anything -ROM youtube, but this app gives you the ablility to fast forward or rewind.
-The run time of a video app..depending on coverage there are no freezes or fuzzy pixel renderings.
-Windows Mobile 6.1 can now send Picture Mail!!!!
-Rev A....the speed is incredible!!
-3.2 Mega pixel camera
-Of course I like the size of this PDA
-The ZOOM directional pad option
-the accelerometer which gives the ability to view the web and many other apps in landscape or horizontal mode just by turning the phone( The Game TEETER shows that this is just one of many apps that will make use of this function)

-phone gets warm after about 15 minutes of phone conversation or continuous use of the Internet.
-No Flash for the camera
-The battery life could be better
-No expandable memory internal 4gig only
-No keyboard (available on the touch pro), but in all I can deal with it.

I will wrap it up by saying it takes a lot to impress me because I am particular to rather using Blackberry's, and the Diamond hands down is the best phone on the market.

Best All Touch Device Yet!!!


Sep 19, 2008 by nickster81

I have had this phone for a few days now and I really do like it. I have had the Treo 800w, Instinct, HTC Touch and the Treo 755p within the past year and I like this one the best.


Great screen resolution
Call clarity
EVDO compatible
3.2 mega-pixel camera w/ auto-focus
Stereo blue-tooth
New and improved Internet Browser (Opera)
Easy to use
Very slim and light


Battery life is OK
It is still a Windows device
Very fingerprint happy

Overall I do like this phone and plan on keeping it. I will not be upgrading to the Touch Pro because of the thickness of the phone. The Touch Diamond allows you to text in many different ways so that makes it very versatile.

Great Touch Screen Phone


Nov 22, 2008 by yaamakoh

Phone is very fast, fastest phone I have used yet; interface wise.
Customization of the phone is fantastic. You're able to download an app which will allow you to text message sideways like all the other touch screen phones on the market, a task manager to determine how many resources your phone is using (to conserve battery life), windows is windows, the possibilites are endless.
Built in GPS has live traffic reports, runs off of satellites not towers, and never drops a connection unless you're in Manhattan.
Windows update is available on the phone for future fixes on bugs and glitches, which I hope they will remove soon.
Call volume and speakerphone volume is loud, and with a third party app you're able to amplify the volume even louder, just don't amp it too high or else you'll blow the speaker.
People complaining that there is no REV-A, it is available, you just have to install it and search for it via internet.
Perfect size, responsive screen, resolution is beautiful. The YouTube application just blew my mind.
And it's Windows 6.1, the possibilies are endless.
Battery life is fantastic with the task management app, just kill the apps using the most resources, saves tremendous battery life.

Even with custom apps, text messaging is fairly difficult. I've had the phone for a month now and I'm still not used to the keyboard.
Phone locks up occasionally and freezes, hence thats why the reset button exists underneath the back cover of the phone.
It is still sometimes buggy, where the interface won't respond correctly: Opera will not open, apps won't close unless you hit the X three to five times.
Alarm is annoying to turn off in the morning.

All in all, please know what you are doing and do a little bit of research before you buy this phone. It's not for everybody, and is difficult to use at first. Please know you're Windows, and be patient with it at first, because in the end it will be worth it.
Oh and remember to reformat the internal flashdrive.

Big fan


Oct 6, 2008 by pink01

So I've gotten a chance to play w/ our store demo for about a week now, and I'm super impressed. I currently own a Treo 800w and the biggest difference between the two is the screen brightness and quality (Diamond wins!). I love watching TV on it, although the accelerometer thing sometimes flips the screen when I don't want it to. The Opera browser works flawlessly on it, not as buggy as it was loaded on my Treo. The only thing I really miss is an 'ok' button, I'm used to quickly going to my task manager by holding it. I typically have to take out the stylus in order to tap the top corner to view and end tasks now. Youtube is awesome on here as well. I have not gotten a chance to play w/ the email yet. The multiple keyboard input options are great, the transcriber is the best I've seen so far.

Multiple keyboard input options
Full Qwerty option was easy to use
Bright and super sharp display
Preloaded Opera browser
Running multiple applications at once

None really! Full keyboard would be nice but really not neccessary.
Battery does get a little warm
Freezes occassionaly but that sort of comes w/ the PDA territory.

Very, very cool


Dec 19, 2008 by drake

I did like this phone a lot, getting use to a touch screen only again came easier this time since I had the Touch about six months ago. The screen was nice and crisp, I texted with the phone XT9 keypad which worked fine, but then I upgraded the firmware then installed a gyrator program which enabled a horizontal keyboard. The phone had a lot less issues than previous HTC phones as well, even my co-workers Touch Pro. The phone just looked cool sitting there though, especially the white backlight on the d-pad when it was charging or when it had a missed call or text too. Wasn't a big fan of the back door color too (don't know if that's a big deal.

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