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Good enough


Oct 24, 2003 by jonm011

This is definitely a good color phone, and worth purchasing, but read on...

The Good:
Small phone, easy to use and understand, great features, good for downloading games, good reception with all wireless providers, infrared port, battery lasts a very long time, changeable faceplates

The Bad:
Polyphonic ring tones are somewhat low and hard to hear, the phone is pretty bulky for an external camera[their are newer models that are much slimmer with built in cameras], the joystick can feel flimsy, turning on the phone takes over half a minute, and the phone comes packed with so many pictures and ring tones that you'll have to go out of your way to delete many of them to create memory for your new ones.

The Ugly:
The camera is disgusting. Pictures come out blocky, chunky, with distorted detail and color. First of all, you have to carry the camera attachment with you, it's not built it. So you have to always remember to bring it with you if you plan on capturing moments on short notice. But, even if you have it with you and take a picture, pictures come out terribly. The phone can display so little colors, that their is barely a difference between blue and black, red and pink, you get the idea. Also, once you take a picture the quality is bad enough, but when you save the picture, copy it to your phone and re-open it, the picture becomes even more blocky. It's not a glitch, for some reason its supposed to be that way. You'll find yourself having to explain to your friends what these pictures actually are that they are looking at, the quality is that bad.

Bottom Line:
Great phone if you want
(1)something to game on the go with[there is a whole lot of downloadable games that have graphics as good as the gameboy advance!]
(2)If you need an easy to use phone
Not recommended if you want
(1)An attractive phone
(2)A camera phone, since this feature comes out so bad that its absolutely useless.

A mighty fine phone might I add.


Feb 24, 2003 by Frank Vender

I just picked this phone up over the weekend and overall I am very impressed with the quality it has been built.

I used to carry a Motorla T-720 and man the battery life was horrible. But not this phone I can go all day and make calls. Its just fine, the ployphonic sounds are sweet. I will forever say to anyone to get this phone!

Awesome Entry-Level Phone


Feb 15, 2003 by Greg Britt

This is an AWESOME phone! I got this for Christmas, and considering it was a free phone it is the best entry level phone out on the market thus far. The only cons are that the polyphonic's are too soft, and maybe the ear piece too, but that these are able to be dealt with. I am a simplistic person, who likes his phones to appear the same, so for me this is great. The phone design isn't bad at all, although some people may disagree. The only other thing that really bugs me is just that you can't delete the pre-installed pics and stuff and regain your memory back... Either T-Mobile or Sony Ericsson put some kind of block on it to where you couldn't so although you think you are getting 1 MB of storage on the phone, you in reality only get about 400 KB, which still isn't bad looking at the other phones on the market. So IMHO, the phone is definitely worth your dollar, and I recommend it to newbies and oldbies alike!

smart sales


Nov 12, 2002 by wesley mcdaniel

I'm working with a cell phone company that deals with all carriers. We received the t300 about 3-4 weeks ago. I've swapped sims from my phone to the t300. It's a very impressive phone. Very much similar to the t-68. The t300 has turned out to be little bit simpler phone to use than the t68. This phone comes with fully colored screen, polyphonic ringtones, and infrared. Right now this phone is selling with the camera. With good reception and a great price I recomend this phone. The only thing holding this phone back from a perfect 5 is the unavailability of bluetooth and it's LOOKS!

For the Money, An Outstanding Phone...


Nov 15, 2002 by Anthony Mazzoccoli

Let me start out w/the negative: The faceplate is butt ugly, but that's easily reconciled by replacing it w/another in the future. Also, there's no voicedialing. W/respect to the negative that's it, in my opinion.

The positive? Lots. Outstanding RF and sound quality. The RF, in my opinion, is better than my Motorola V60g. This is not the T68i... The sound quality comes close to a Motorola GSM phone, and the earpiece is plenty loud. I experience no hissing, and the noise suppression is great. It's also an international phone, w/trimode capability.

Feature wise, it's wonderful. No Bluetooth, but I don't care about that anyway. A 256 color screen (it's not the Samsung S105, but that's Ok). MMS, which I've tried, works beautifully. The camera attachment, although not of the highest resolution, works fine. The polyphonic ringtones sound great, and the vibrate feature is robust.

Over the years, I've argued that Ericsson (now Sony Ericsson) has had some of the best RF performing phones on the market, except for the T68. Their quality has returned in this product, and I'm happy to be using this phone. It's so good, IMHO, that I'm actually going to sell my Motorola V60g.

For $149, not including the rebate, it's a steal. If you can live w/o a 16 bit color screen, Bluetooth, and voice activated dialing, then you'll love this phone.

Good phone at a Great price


Jan 25, 2003 by Ehssan Farrokhi

I work for T-mobile and I tried this phone for 3 days and I have to say this phone is great. It has better reception than T68i and It comes with a free camera. But I have to tell you, the picture quality is not that great. If you want to take pictures, than get the Samsung V205. also it doesn't have bluetooth. Other than that, the ring tones are great and most of all you can now find this phone for really cheap price. You may even find it for free.

Besides Camera, better than T610


Jun 23, 2005 by Afro Thunder

This was my second phone and i miss it. I got the t610 instead and it made me regret it.

-easy to use
-ok size screen
-faceplates easy to change
-t9 imput for texting
-attempt at a camera
-great screen quality

-bad camera
-LOCK IT or else the joystick will go down and call the 1st person in your phonebook...bye bye to those 18 mins i lost!

awsome phone

Decent phone with serious flaw


Jan 24, 2005 by OLIVUS

I'm writing this for the people that already own this phone. I work in the wireless industry and I run into quite a few people who don't realize that the Ericcson symbol on the back of the phone is also an attena. Cover up that symbol with your hand, finger, leather case etc..and you're guarenteed to loose two or three bars of reception. Hope this helps out those of you in fringe areas.

Cheap in more ways that one


Dec 17, 2004 by ertman

I ended up getting a T300 as a replacement for a T200. The T200 was so unreliable that they finally ran out of warranty replacements and had to start giving customers the T300 instead.

If you can get past the typical horrible UI on this phone (common to most SonyEricsson phones), then it is a usable, basic phone.

But if your provider offers any sort of extended warranty, take it! I have gone through 3 of these phones in under 6 months. The problem is, most people would think that it isn't the phone that is broken and just chalk it up to bad coverage in their area.

This phone will all of a sudden get terrible reception. Everything else will seem to work, but you won't be able to make most of your calls. Some will work, some won't. A new phone fixes the problem immediately.

The same problem occurred with the T200, which is why I got the T300 as a replacement. I fear that this problem is common to all phones, which is why I will never buy another one.

- Cheap

- Only lasts about 3 months, then you will need a new one

Hands Down the Worst Phone I've Ever Owned.


Sep 6, 2004 by JKreider

This is definitely the worst phone I've ever owned. I'll give the pros and cons of this abomination:

- Good size, fits in hand well
- Looks nice, the dark green is handsome

- Horrible reception. Takes me about 5 times to connect a call, in fact it took me about 30 to try to call 911 once. Real safe. I use T-Mobile in Atlanta.
- Ring tones are too low - constantly missing calls
- Camera doesn't connect to the phone. I got to use it maybe once.
- Hands free doesn't work

Overall, this is a horrible phone. Please don't waste your money on it! If you are looking for a cheap phone, go with the Samsung R225m, not many features, but good reception!

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