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Samsung Rant.


Oct 22, 2008 by jeffrs


1.Great for texting,very nice spaced out qwerty keyboard
2.2mp camera
3.Great sound
5.More solid than the rumor


1.Can only download purchased ringers from sprint.

2.As good as the camera on this phone is there's still "no flash" just like the rumor, wuts up with that?

Just got this phone on the day it came out, cool phone.

manufacturer default


Aug 14, 2009 by narn3049

Okay, I kind of used this phone and just in general as a family backup phone. The samsung rant m540 in reed. The battery went out, and would never charge. I give up w it. one of my friends, friends has this phone and the battery is starting to crap out, I mean not literally but it restarts. If sprint could fix this problem then i would most likely get something like this again.

The phone generally was nice and felt nice in the palm of your hand, and I really liked the qwerty keyboard, but not if I couldn't text constantly without the phone heating up and restarting. Needless to say I sold this phone to a friend, and never looked back.



Feb 22, 2009 by smexysmarticles

this phone is great when i broke my final blackberry i had to settle for something simple with 3G of course when i went to the sprint store i bought it for 50 bucks with contract i had it for a week and i noticed that its just like the pearl only smaller and separate keys the only flaws are it freezes alot the front keys are slippery and the camera dosent zoom when its on 2meg mode oh yeah and the battery aint that hot but over all its a great phone

Great Phone!


Dec 14, 2008 by smbartz

I have this phone for a little over a week now and I thinks it is great.

Full QWERTY Keyboard
Great sound when not on speakerphone
Sprint One Click Menu
Displays texts as an IM conversation
is also a music player
the ringer volume is good
camera is great

A little big if not using the keyboard
No regular headphone jack
speaker phone is a little quiet
the ring tones that come with the phone are not the greatest
keys on the front and on they keyboard are a little small

My baby


Dec 5, 2008 by MargaretKean

I haven't had many phones in my life but if i could only choose one this would be it. I love to text and this phone makes it so easy, the keyboard is really easy to use and quick. I would trade this phone for anything else ion the world but when my contract is up I'm hoping to find a phone similar but of course more advanced.

This is an amazing phone!!!!!


Nov 12, 2008 by lancebob2004

Ok so I have had a long history with Sprint and their full keyboard phones and this is by far the winner. I recieved the Lg Rumor as a christmas present from my mom last year and that it was the BOMB DIGGITY. Only to my surprise it wasn't. Some of it`s many flaws are it is just a knock off of the LG enV, it only had a 1.3 camera, it constantly restarted itself, the display went out twice, the keys started to crack, it sometimes rang while on silent or vibrate, and really didn`t hold a very good charge. So about a week ago my mom purchased me the Samsung Rant (keep in mind i`m only 12 not some middle aged freak who still lives with his mother) and i`m loving it. Th camera is very impressive and I haven`t dropped a call once. The keys feel firm under your thumbs so that you never miss a key when sending a quick text. The new carousel for Sprint works amazingly on this so you don`t have to bother with going to the menu every time you want to do something. You can listent o all your favorite songs while texting, taking pictures, and doing alot of other great things this phone is capable of the Rumor couldn`t even imagtion. Another impressive fact is instead of having the micro sd card slot on the outside it`s very well hidden under the battery cover. This phone comes with many more accessories such as a usb cable, home charger, 2 battery covers one with a hip tatto patter, all the needed books to understand all it`s exciting features, and last but not least the phone itself. So if you find yourself making a decision on rather to get the Rumor or the Rant, choose the Rant because all in all, it`s just darn amazing!

Better than a Rumor


Oct 24, 2008 by phtester407

The Samsung Rant was given to me to Test out about 3 weeks ago. Since playing with it, I have played with it and must say the phone was well made. Beats the rumor by far.

The Rant has many applications by factory default, interactive navigation, youtube capable, an awesome battery life. of course easy to text with, the only cons I found on it, little heavy, and the one touch button is sensitive.



May 28, 2009 by Jessica Leigh Arias

I just got this phone yesterday, so I'm still feeling it out but what I see so far, I like...A LOT! This phone is like a mini PC. I love the qwerty keyboard, I love the colors it comes in, I love that it has 2 battery covers that come with it..I just love everything about it!

I switched over to this phone from the Nextel I880 So it's quite different and I am still getting used to it but like I said, I like it so far. The I880 wasn't exactely made for texting eventhough it has texting capabilities. I love to text so of course this was a good swich for me!


Slideout QWERTY keyboard
T.V capable
web capable
2.0 MP camera
Video recorder
voice recorder
good speaker
attractive colors
Email applications for various different web sites
Expandable memory


A little heavy (just takes some getting used to)

Small buttons on the front.

No Flash!

Other than the few flaws that I've noticed, it is the perfect phone for any text fanatic!

This fone isnt the best but not the worst


May 7, 2009 by fonefreak15

So i went from the lg lx150 and this fone was diffenately a step up on the sprint network! But at first it seemed like a really good fone. But just recently i have started to have problems

Really nice camera
really good for texting
really nice calling clear
i like how the microsd card is behind the battery protecter so it protects the microsd card
easy to use
QWERTY keyboard
speakerfone is very loud
can play music
freezes alot
sometimes the screen will just shut off and turn back on
sometimes when you plug in the wall charger the fone turns off
screen smears easily (personal preference)
the QWERTY keyboard buttons are kinda hard t press sometimes
cant customize your own ring tones

This fone is a good fone but it wasn't my first choice i wanted a palm but my mom got it for me for Christmas. But if you want something not very complicated fone this is for you but if you want something alittle more extravagant then i wouldn't suggest this fone.

One Compliant


Feb 22, 2009 by arueb073

before i get to the one complaint i first wish to say that i find this phone to be vary handy and nice.

i like the voice caller id for blue tooth headsets, some thing i have not seen in a phone before. and of course the qwerty keyboard is worth its weight in gold.

now for my compliant... my past phone the samsung m500 was much like this phone minus a few small features and the keyboard, but one thing they both have is a small bug... when i send a message at the same time as i receive one the phone freezes up and you have to remove the battery to reset it, kind of annoying! good thing it does not happen much. as for the software version of this phone i am not sure how to find it.

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