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Rant and Roll !


Oct 21, 2008 by retrobeast

At this point I have to go with a high 5 on the Rant.
Been perfect so far since I picked it up Sunday afternoon at Sprint.

Clear bright screen.
Clear voice calls.
Strong reception.
Easy to use keyboard.
Camera takes excellent pics with 2.0 mpixels.
Power Vision.
Color Red.
Battery Life.

Other than the chance of the slider breaking in the future I like it !!

phone sucks


Apr 14, 2010 by jillianallen8710

this phone is absolutely without a doubt the worst phone I've ever had there's nothing good to say about the phone except the camera is ok that's why i gave it a 0.5 this phone has been nothing but problems it randomly makes calls, it always needs to be updated,sometimes my earpiece will go out and ill have to speak on speakerphone, and the battery thats a joke i can charge my phone and the battery starts to deplete a hr later. DONT get this phone itll give you nothing but headaches.

worst samsung ever


Oct 3, 2009 by brandonlee1983

the camera is great the speaker is loud and the keyboard is nice even though i don't like qwerty keyboards , the batter sucks i have had mine for 4 months now and the last couple months i have had it the phone will shut itself off when you even slightly tap it on the table to set it down and when its running and you plug it in it will shut off and go into charge mode and say that batter is not connected..i went to have it fixed and three exact same brand new phones had the same issue right in front of the rep..turns out it was discontinued right after we got it and they made the Exclaim..never had any probs with sprint or samsung till this phone..dont buy it..its not worht it.



Jul 12, 2009 by unkwnspecter

Phone will not respond when not touched for 30 min. Wont respond to its * = back command, i have to shut it off.
Battery wont last longer than 6 hours.
Using web makes phone freeze.

Phone worked right for the first 3 months i had it, and then all the problems started.
Went to sprint store to tell them about the battery and they said "we get alot of these phones in here with people complaining about the battery life, but the battery isn't made to last that long"

Don't get this phone unless you carry the charger with you. Or you wish to take it out of your pocket and expect to use it right away. Or want to use it to connect to myspace, or facebook.
Only gave it a one for one reason, i like the qwerty keyboard.

I guess it's ok


Mar 16, 2009 by alltheway_4

i must say, the phone is pretty cool. it has a lot of good features on it. there isn't much to complain about, however, the issues to complain about are kind of big. i do a lot of web browsing and such on my phone. every two weeks or so the server locks down and web is completely inaccessable. it's quite annoying and everytime it happens, you ahev to go update and download firmware which takes a good fifteen minutes. first time, that would even help so i had to swap out the phone.

-easy browsing
-great QWERTY keyboard
-easy format
-large contact storage capablility
-stores a lot of different information for
contacts most phones don't have
-great texting format
-easy to use
-lots of different customizations and
features in phone set up

-freezes up
-server lockdown
-constant firmware and software updating
-can't handle large web pages



Dec 29, 2008 by NC2NVQT72

YES you can download ringtones and wallpapers with no problem... www.myxer.com
At first it was giving me a error 950 but keep trying it will go through...the website sends it just like a text, click on it, then go...then go again...it asks you if you want to continue...the download is complete !

A big bust!


Dec 13, 2008 by davistig

I love using the phone. My girl friend has a rumor and liked her keyboard and I had to have the newer Samsung version. I prefer having the extra row of keys and functions. The problem I have is the phone is not very durable within the first month it completly died leaving me with only a black screen. Sprint promptly replaced it and the secound one just did the same thing. My girl friend has had good luck with her rumor and I am thinking of getting a rumor instead this time.



Oct 24, 2008 by cronigator

always a sony ericsson girl until i moved from england n got a sprint contract, i had the worst samsung fone that could barely stay on cos the battery was so weak...

This fone is great, i'm a text fanatic so i adore it.. love how it keeps the texts in conversation format kinda like IM
the one click is sweet means i'm online and checkin emails n stuff in no time

Pros- keyboard is nicely spaced n makes
textin a breeze
- responds right way to slide out.

Cons- its kinda chunky..
the actualy apearance of it isnt all
that innovative at all.
- constant reminders to update software? sheesh no thanx
- it looks too much like the rumour even tho its way better
-it doesnt seem to let u edit the screen that comes up after the screen is locked. i hate the boring blue... [unless i'm jus being dumb. ]

Instead of the extra tattooed back piece i'd rather have a carry case silicone/leather or sumthin useful lol



Oct 23, 2008 by lantagate

I originally was a Sony ericsson type of guy back in the at&t days, but when i went to sprint, i found the closes phone that would be almost a mimic would be the samsung m520 which was not bad, but had its faults, and its obvious that Samsung heard the cry of the people to make the phone better. And the product was called the RANT.

its got great response time, great camera pics, great on the typing with the slide out key board, this phone has the ability to guess what you are typing when texting from phone side, as was an issue with m520 when typing the word NO IF HE ON you would have to take off the T9 to manually text the words which now it lists the word possibilities like the sony ericsson does.

The phone is a great first phone for any one texting. and does out beat the rumor cause its a powervision phone vs a vision phone.


The rant is great


Oct 22, 2008 by RedStarLily13

I bought this phone the first day it came out after many weeks of waiting. I was very impressed with it off the bat. It has the Sprint One Click, which at first, I was unimpressed by, but it is growing on me. I wish you could add options from the menu as opposed to only online things, but I do like it.

-clear calls even with speaker phone
-good qwerty keyboard
-fast internet
-takes good pics for 2mp camera
-text messages are laid out in a conversation format. no inbox or out box, so it's much easier to follow the conversation.
-though the phone has some weight to it, it still feels comfortable in hand.

-a little heavy
-when typing with the qwerty board, I sometimes hit the volume key on the side, which puts you at the beginning of what you are typing.

Overall, I really like this phone. I have only had it for three days, but I grew used to it very quickly. I don't miss my old phone at all. haha...

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