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Fuze is a Game Changer


Nov 28, 2008 by stodaro

I selected the Fuze over the iPhone and the Bold after 3 months of research. It came down to the Fuze vs. the iPhone in the end, but I chose the Fuze because of its higher resolution screen, the 3.2 MP camera with flash and video, voice dialing, a removable battery, the ability to cut and paste, and a fantastic keyboard (typing on the iPhone was tough). I also thought the Fuze was more sturdy and felt better in my hand than did the iPhone. I've owned the Fuze for a week and I love it! I am a long time veteran of smart phones dating back to the early Blackberry's and this phone had the easiest set-up (1/2 hour and I was connect to my work exchange server, hotmail, and all my games, videos, songs, and pictures were ported over to this device. The keyboard is the best I have used and the screen resolution is so tight that you can't see the pixels. All the apps are easy to use and access. The navigation around the phone is iPhone-like, while providing the business capabilities of Windows Mobile. The Opera browser is fantastic and easy to use and it comes with many useful applications.

- Screen, can't keep you eyes off it
- Keyboard makes typing easy
- Look and feel of the phone
- Touch Flo
- Size (compact - short and narrow)
- Email capabilities
- Camera
- Business card reader application is useful
- G-Sensor (cool for Teeter game)
- D-Pad has some cool notification light effects

- Battery life (still better than the iPhone but it claimed 50% better which is not the case);for light use you can get 24 hours, medium use 15 hours, heavy 10 hours. That means if you are a road warrior you should get an extra battery.
- Can be slow with a lot of apps running (you need to shut down your apps because Win Mo leaves them open and it slows down the processing speed)
- It is thick, short and narrow, but thick

The phone is great, I highly recommend it. If you are a current Blackberry or Win Mo user get this phone.

Best thing to hit AT&T


Nov 13, 2008 by jnehls

With its sleek design, very user friendly shell covering windows mobile, and overall fun exciting device, this phone at this time is my all time favorite phone to ever hit at&t... The only other phone it could even compete with is of course the iPhone. But the iphone of course has your limitation as any device does. Windows mobile has always been good about letting 3rd parties design their applications to their liking without having to fear of rejection to a so called "app store" and of course not having to pay a convenience (mandatory) fee to its OS company... ehmmmm (apple).. I give this phone my highest rating. I have had this phone a total of 24 hours and cant keep my hands off it. No problems, response time and touch flo has been wonderful. I hope at&t goes for more HTC devices. Htc has really stepped up their game lately putting some of the best quality devices on the market. I see this company going places, well they already have... In conclusion I recommend this phone 100%

I love this phone.


Nov 20, 2008 by bebo77954

I love the phone. It has a Youtube app. built-in the touch screen is very responsive. Its small screen is nice and it fits in you pocket better than a 3in screen phone... It has a faster prossor than the tilt and the Iphone. Youtube is clear on the fuze unlike the Iphone. The 3g network is actually 3.5m downloads unlike the "3g" Iphone.

7 hours batt. life
Youtube app. work great
Small enough to fit in your pocket
magnetic styilis.
spell check( as you can see I can't spell)
3.2 megp. camera
fast prossor
microsoft apps open new and edit

little slow on start up with 3d touch flow on

The Youtube app. is hidden becuase apple told att to hide it because they want to have the only phone with Youtube built in.

If you have any questions about finding it shoot me an email. To do it yourself just go to your file explorer go to windows and scroll down to the Y's and it is there.

best phone i have had with at & t


Nov 24, 2008 by ishshah

i picked up my phone yesterday and i have to say that this phone is great i love all the features and I'm a person that came from an iphone this phone beats the iphone just by what it can do ...

QWERTY keyboard.
live internet pages .
forward is a plus.
ring-tone for calls and sms tones and email etc..
resolution is a plus.
windows 6.1 is great.(and im really not a windows person)
camera 3.2 great picture and great video.
you can also do video share/video call and thats a plus.

phone is heavy but its sturdy and does not slip out of your hands.

and the usual finger smudge on the screen but I'm use to that cause i came from an iphone.

overall I'm a messaging person and its a great messaging device and i rate it excellent phone =)



Nov 12, 2008 by homeexchanger

Compared to the Tilt, which it replaces, this phone fells sturdy and takes all the Tilt functions to the next level. The screen is fantastic. It is easy to access everything from the start page. It switches from landscape to vertical quickly. The main reason I picked this over the iPhone is:
1) removable, replaceable battery
2) stylus and handwriting recognition

EMAIL: Previews of each email appear so you don't need to open the account to see what is up. It is easy to set up accounts from yahoo and gmail. I don't use other mail accounts but Blackberry server is available.

SIZE: Yes the phone is relatively thick and heavy but it is also shorter and less wide than all the competition. The phone seems sturdy and solidly built, one reason the tilt feature may have been removed: tilt on old phone felt very delicate and easy to break to me.

OS: I was worried about Win 6.1 being clunky. I am used to only Palm and Blackberry phones. The tabs and icon panel really work for me.

CONNECTIVITY: it was super-easy getting the phone to connect to my home wireless system.

OVERALL: This phone is awesome! I will never go back to blackberry or Palm.

Ho Humm


Dec 15, 2008 by lordtrader

Well its no Nokia N95 that's for sure. I got this about a week ago and have been playing around all the features ever since. The Camera is lacking. Video is sub par compared to the N95. The interface is slow, that could be cause of windows or the ATT branding/apps. Getting used to the user interface took about 5mins. for me which was really good. There are some drop down menus that are small and hard to use your finger with. HTC does provide a stylus which makes it easier for that.

This paired well with every bluetooth device I had (Car stereo, Moto S9, PC and my N95) Pairing was pretty straight forward. Same goes for the WiFi. Back up of contacts , calendar etc was easy with the software provided for both Vista and XP.

Texting is a breeze with the QWERTY keyboard. The N95 was lacking in this dept. that is why I even considered the Fuze. That I couldn't afford the Xperia X1. :)

Yahoo Go seem to run funny on this. Loads very slow and sometimes the screen kind over laps each other when loading. Very annoying. The Opera mobile is a really nice addition though.

Its better than the iPhone for sure, but just like the iPhone all it has over the Nokia N95 is a touch screen. I'll be using it as my back up phone until the N97 comes out.

Wait for Android


Feb 9, 2009 by buttondown77

I've had this phone for about 3 months now and I can honestly say, it's one of the worst phones I've ever used, solely due to Windows Mobile.

The phone's hardware is great. High res screen, great keyboard, and a decent camera.

Even after flashing a few different ROMs on this phone, the underlying Windows OS is slow, laggy, unreliable, and just plain frustrating to use while dealing with long pauses, freezing, and having to reset the phone every few days.

DO NOT buy this phone. Anyone using this phone, running Windows Mobile and says they're enjoying the experience is just in denial.

I'm an avid Windows user and systems administrator. I've had several phones in the past few years. Trust me, it's not worth the cost and I got mine for free.



Jan 14, 2009 by p51d007

This is my 2nd HTC phone (Tilt was the 1st)
This one is much faster, better keyboard,
camera is improved, but still needs a little
work. The only thing I really miss on this
phone, versus the tilt, is well...the tilt.
It was a nice feature.
The auto rotate feature is a nice addition,
along with the brightness sensor which will
brighten the display or dim it as necessary.
I"m not into games/videos/MP3's, so I can't
tell you about those, as this is a business
phone for me.
Out of the box, the touchflo 3d was a little
laggy, but after a trip to xda-developers, installing a different video driver, installing
the diamond config utility, tweaking the registry, it's pretty darn smooth now.
Battery life, is about what it was on the tilt.
I have a car charger craddle, so it stays pretty much topped off.
It's a good phone, I would recommend it to anyone.

Incredible phone


Dec 8, 2008 by pjhauser

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE this phone. It has just about everything you could want in a phone. I’ve had it about two weeks now and continue to find new features (thanks to websites like this one).

One of the biggest surprises was how well the voice commands work. It is actually speaker-independent and covers commands like “Play album ”, “what is my schedule today”, “call Fred mobile”. Again, note that no training required.

The TouchFlo interface actually works very well. Of course it’s not an iPhone but it works fine for what I need it to do.

The display resolution is a full VGA (480 x 640). I had to get out a very strong magnifying glass before I could begin to see any pixels. But in some cases, this may be a negative. For example, when displaying high-resolution fast-moving video, the image would sometimes get blocky. As a comparison, the BlackBerry Bold display has half the resolution (480 x 320) but had a smoother video playback (check out their "Speed Racer" demo).

A couple of the features the phone is capable of were hidden. For example, you have to find the YouTube application and add your own shortcut. The FM radio is in the hardware, but one must download the software to use it.

The only negative that I’ve found is the battery life. But that needs to be kept in perspective. One day I turned off all the extra features and only used it only as a phone. As a result I only used up 13% of the battery. But once you start enabling other functions, the battery starts to drain quickly. I charge my phone nightly so it's not been a problem so far. When you look at all the devices this phone can replace, it's not surprising that the battery can run out quickly.

Overall, this is an amazing device and don’t hesitate to give it 5 stars and a strong recommendation.

Not so happy with the Fuze (GSM)


Feb 1, 2010 by lwmcbride

Bought the phone in December, and was very happy with the feature, form factor, and functionality if the little device.

Three months later, began "bleeding" between the layers of the touch screen, and the which rendered it unusable. Called ATT, no problem, they warrantied the device out, and I swapped my gear over and went back to work.

Three months later, the screen on the replacement began "bleeding" in the exact same location, left side of the screen mid-way down. Called ATT again. This time, the question was asked "is the screen bleeding". "Sure is!", I reply. They then inform me that this is not covered under warranty, and that I'll have to pay 125.00 for insurance to replace it. ?????

I go to the local ATT service center, and they replaced the phone, no questions asked.

Third phone began "bleeding" in the same location three months after that. I really don't want to Now I'm looking at the HTC Tilt 2, and wondering what, exactly, the problem was, and if the new screen design is any better.

Pros: Looks great, great keyboard, decent camera with flash, mini-usb for charging is perfect, you can use just about anything to charge this phone!

Cons: Aforementioned screen problem, difficult to "browse" the Internet on, Windows Mobile seems to have difficulty determining when a text message has been read, phone locks up occasionally and must be rebooted, poor application management, poor battery life, volume won't get loud enough for me to hear clearly when on a call.

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