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One power packed phone


Oct 16, 2009 by stevoe101

I cant believe AT&T would drop this phone so quickly, it is a total power phone for people who want to have everything. I have used this phone for a week now, I must admit it desperately needed a UPDATE from HTC but after the update WOW did it make a big difference, had an option to go with a Iphone or this, took this and Im VERY pleased.If you havent done an update I would recommened it as it speeds everything up and stability is no longer an issue.

Fast, great processor speed.
Opera is a great browser.
Calls are clear and loud
Speakerphone is loud
Texting is easy.
WIFI and GPS work great
Touch flo works good

Voice Dial is not real good, misses commands
It does work though on Names .

Signal strength could be better
Camera quality is not great but will work.

Still a great phone for Smartphone users.

The Fuze: An Impressive Smartphone!


Jul 10, 2009 by wkwilsonb

The HTC Fuze P4600 is my first smartphone, having upgraded from a very good 3G phone, the Samsung SGH A707. I am very impressed with all the many features that this phone comes with. Before selecting this phone, I compared it with the iPhone and the Blackberry Bold at AT&T, in the New York Metropolitan area (I live in NJ). For me, I picked this smartphone more for its data and pc-like features over voice. In so doing, I've not found the Fuze as voice user friendly as a regular cell phone. Responding to a phone call is not always so crisp and easily accessible, having to first bring up the touch screen and keypad; perhaps needing to use the magnetic styllis; plus the answer button may not always seem as responsive.

Occasionally, the Fuze's display may turn on, while laying on a table or in my carrying case. When the phone is shut down, it takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes for it to complete boot-up, which is a concern for wanting to make prompt usage, especially a phone call. I actually maintain my Samsung SGH A707 as a backup phone for this reason. The Fuze, otherwise, was chosen for specific features that I really prefer. I have no problem, recommending the HTC Fuze, however, with further recommendation to its manufacturer that the above mentioned and below cons concerns be reviewed for improvements in later HTC models.


- High resolution screen
- Windows Mobile 6.1/pc-like
- Magnetic styllis/optional finger touch
- Portrait/landscape rotation
- E-mail pre-view/Blackberry server option
- FM radio
- Optional touch screen/Qwerty keyboard
- Voice dialing
- SD Memory Card slot


- Slow bootup after powering on
- Phone feature accessibility not good
- Power on button easily activated w/in case
- Speaker quality not as good
- Involuntary activation of phone's display

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the best one yet!!!!!


Jun 20, 2009 by djausting

why can't we give like 1000000 stars? this phone deserves it. i came from a motorola q then sampsung jack so this is like moving up to the palace for me. no cons here.
fm radio
great reception and call quality
the best build quality i have ever sceen on a phone
the bulk is well worth it because you know the phone has a good build quality and this is not some cheap peace of crap
good touch screen
loud ringer volume
7.2 3g speeds when at&t ups it's network to it
internet sharing works unlike the jack
you can "tweak" the phone using the registry
and sooooo much more
this phone is defanatly for the power wm user. i am blind but the phone feels good to me and the sound quality is amazing. plus their is no lag when switching songs on windows media player like on the q9h. nice job htc, you have a new fan now :).

HTC Fuze


May 19, 2009 by mariekris87

I just started going through at&t about 4 weeks ago. I've already replaced the HTC Fuze once in this time frame. Unfortunately today I had to go replace it for the second time and decided to just go with an iphone. This phone was horrible. The touch screen didn't read very well with the stylist or without it. It continuously froze. When I would slide out the key board it would take the screen awhile to read that. All around this phone is horrible. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Hopefully the iphone will bring me better luck. The only good thing about this phone is the battery life other then that the phone didn't work. My second phone stopped responding after a week. The touch screen didn't work at all. I wish lots of luck to anyone who buys this phone. You will need it!!!!



Apr 11, 2009 by haternation

So I have owned this phone since it first reached the market.
Gorgeous screen
Amazing camera
TouchFLO is simple to use
Great design
Awesome Keyboard

Now on to the
Terrible Build quality(slide feels cheap and makes a grating noise)
Getting past the touchFlo makes this phone terrible to use (4 steps to make a call!!!)
Phone freezes constantly (4 hard resets a day??)
Touch screen is unresponsive around the edges
This phone is slow!!

I work for at&t and I constantly steer people away from this phone for the Bold.

From a Q9 user - I like it


Jan 9, 2009 by bblaine

The last 4 phones I have carried have been motorolas. I moved into the FUZE from a Q9 at a freinds suggestion who carries the TILT.
I was also attracted by the fact I would not have to use a Stylus. (Eventually I have begun to use the stylus however since some things are just too small on screen to hit with your fingertip)

Overall, the functionality of the FUZE is really pretty good and does mostly everything I used my Q for.
The big differences that I noticed quickly were -

-Camera (This one rocks but don't move it and don't shoot anything moving)
-3D Touchscreen(obviously wicked cool)
-Speakerphone (Q is way better)
-Doesn't have Stereo Bluetooth

Now the other thing I have found is the phones tendency to overheat IF you take alot of pics AND have it inside a form fitting case of some kind. I had mine in a bodyglove snap on. Took alot of pics at my kids Christmas play and I could feel it getting hot in my hands. Removed the battery and let it cool off and then tried again at the family get together afterwords- this time without the case. No Problems.

The snap on case also tended to randomly put pressure on the bottom part of the screen where a "soft-key" was at. I would notice every so often the screen showing a menu I had not tried to access. Once the case was off - no problems.

As I tell my customers - great phone - just don't use anything to carry it in except a pouch!

Close but far from great...


Jan 8, 2009 by Slowpokee

I have own both Fuze and G1. The key pad on the Fuze takes the win for size and function. However, I noticed a function key for "Cents". I found this strange since it was dropped back in the 80's. "Who uses cents?". Any way I like the ability to broadcast a WiFi signal using the carriers network. The camera takes videos. There is a built in flash but it has to be set manually so its on all the time.

Pros: Great key pad, WiFi, Video capture.

Cons: Poor touch screen "Clumsy", Slow processing, apps lock up or lag, screen too small hence the built in stylus, interface far from smooth.

Why bother buying?


Jun 18, 2009 by MadisonAlexandraB

The HTC Fuze is a good phone but terrible at the same time. I cant really say to much about this phone because my mom has it not me. But, im sure this is an accurate review.
My Problems With This Phone
- The TV is NOT live
- The camera can get very frustrating
- I can not find anything at all on this phone
- It is seriously confusing
- Very Slow
- Poor Battery Life
- Poor Speakers
- The touch screen is hard to use

My Good Thoughts With This Phone
- Good keyboard when u slide open
- Good memory
- Good Quality camera
- HAS a web browser

HTC gets 5 stars, AT&T gets -0.5 stars


Nov 17, 2008 by hexydes

So I got the Fuze over the weekend, and I've been playing with it fairly extensively for the duration of that time. I think that in general it is a very good device! The form-factor is pretty cool. It is slightly thicker than I was expecting, but still not even as thick as the 8525/Tilt, so that's not a big deal. I think HTC nailed this phone, but AT&T loaded a bunch of bloatware onto the device, so that takes it back ever so slightly. All-in-all though, I can highly recommend this device.


- Fast for the most part (can't wait until XDA releases a good ROM without all the crap on it).

- good form-factor.

- mini-USB is nice.

- Wi-fi!

- GREAT screen resolution.


- bloatware from AT&T. =(

Would recommend: Yes.

newer Tilt... not quite there for me yet.


Nov 13, 2008 by en102

I've taken it for a 'test' - didn't end up purchasing

Screen resolution (VGA) - Tilt was QVGA
Features R Us

Screen is physically small - 2.8" VGA, vs. HTC G1 HVGA 3.2" vs. iPhone HVGA 3.5" - Same screen size as QVGA Tilt

While I don't mind having a smallish 2.8" screen and hi-res, being a touch screen requires all icons to be large, or you end up using the stylus.
If you had an iphone, you will find the screen small, and the device bulky, and end up using the keypad often.

I would have been more impressed if they had used the 3.2" screen of G1.

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