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Apr 19, 2009 by BARNEE

First, I must say that I am a primarily a cell phone user. I text very little and use a laptop for my e-mail. I have a VZ access internet card so I always have the internet.
I had been a V-710 user for 5 years. I loved the phone and dreaded the day I would have to replace it. Well, that day came about 5 months ago. I was out of town when my 710 got a little, O/K alot wet. I was basically forced into the V-750 as it was the only Motorola flip that the Verizon store that I was at had. I had plans to exchange it at my local verizon when I got home. Well, the trip lasted 3 more weeks and by the time I got home I had used the phone enough to really like it. It is BMW Bluetooth compatible which is critical for me. The camera is OK, but I have a digital camera. The outside and inside screen are great and easy to read. I love that you have to open the phone to change the ringer, as the 710 would sometimes change in my pocket. The keys are easy to see and use. Battery life is great. I am usually on it about 3-4 hours a day, and as long as I charge it at night, I never have run out of power. The speaker phone sounds great. I just can't say enough about this phone. If your primary use is a cell phone, and don't need a "one does it all", I highly recommend this phone.

A disappointment


Dec 30, 2008 by K9-Handler

I used the LG8300 for a couple of years and liked it, but when my two-year Verizon plan came due I got the new phone. At first I tried the Boulder -- loved everything except the fact that I couldn't understand anyone speaking to me with the handset earpiece. I thought the garbled talk was because the speaker was waterproof. So I went back and traded it in for this Adventurer 750.
I wish I hadn't. The receive quality of this phone is almost as bad as the Boulder (it's not my ears -- I didn't have this problem with the LG). Every time I take it out of the holster it's set on music player mode -- and I don't even use the phone as a music player. It's the awful location of the push-to-talk button, which if you disable, becomes the music button. Would it have been so hard to just make the music a menu-selected option instead of a button?
I have the ring volume set as loud as possible and include vibrate. About half the time my phone does not ring for an incoming call, but will ring to tell me the call was missed and went to voicemail! My friends are starting to accuse me of screening their calls.
Battery life was poor initially, but I've used the phone for several months now and I have to say it improved dramatically. If I'm in a space of time where talking is minimal, the standby will go for five to six days.
I agree with other reviewers that the charging port cover is absurd. The little tether isn't long enough and actually blocks the charger plug from lining up with the port. Don't the designers ever have to use these things?
Probably one more missed call and if I can refrain from throwing the thing against the nearest wall I'll bring it back and get something else, even if I have to pay full price for the replacement.



Dec 17, 2008 by plnii

I was looking at this phone and another and accidentally chose this one instead of another Motorola phone. I was coming from a Razr. This phone basically messes up everything the Razr does well. It is too thick to fit in your pocket. The battery life is terrible, even if you do not make any calls. I have left the phone for two days, made not a single call, and it was out of power already. The buttons on the flip are easy to hit by accident and they are mostly useless since I don't car about the functions they lead to. This phone might be nice within Verizon's meddling, but I would never buy it again. I now forward all of my calls to my work phone to avoid having to carry this phone.

Best One I've Owned


Nov 18, 2008 by DeadEyeDuck

Really a "5" based on what we've previously owned (V60i, V60s, some other moto flip, E815, LG3400, LG8400, some Samsung flip) -- more experienced cell-o-philes admittedly may have different criteria.

PROS: Good reception (Col Spgs area); exceptional stock battery life; ruggedized but light; thin profile. Free w/ Verizon's New-Every-Two.

CONS: Veriznot modifications; headset & charging access covers; too-easily accidently engaged V-cast button on outside.

Didn't buy it for its camera (2megapixel w/ no flash), nor it's use as an MP3 player, so those didn't factor in for my rating; nor did the PTT feature. Good compromise between weight & durability (it's not the lightest, and it's not the most bullet-proof) -- you'll have a hard time finding a lighter "ruggedized" phone.

BlueTooth worked flawlessly for images/wallpaper. P2K Commander worked reasonably well for custom, MP3-based ringtones -- Verizon was no help in either of those unless you were interested in their monopolistic ringtone/media packages.

There are two versions of the phone out. One key difference: the older version allowed you to get custom ringtones by getting them via text attachment; the newer version has closed that back-door (P2K Commander still works if you can find a version that works with your phone and the right combo of MSU & the moto driver for your computer).

Alright, enough of this!


Aug 2, 2008 by scannercop

My battery lasts all day, with constant use from 7am to 10pm.

Drop the V750 26 times from 3 feet-see how continues to perform. Take your V3 and drop it once and see it if ever turns on again.

Yes, micro usb. Buy a usb to micro usb adaptor for $1.99 and then you can use your usb existing chargers.

This is a MIL SPEC phone, which is NOT advertised as being water proof. It covers all of the other Mil Spec criteria, but does not claim to resist water. It is possible that all of the reviewers who trash it didn't know that when they purchased it? If you want water proof, get the Boulder. My truck is rated to tow 10K lbs. I don't expect it to tow 20K.

I'll agree the charger port cover is tight. Yes, one has to stretch it to get the plug in. But mine has not broken off, nor do I expect it to.

Great RF signal. Very fast Rev-A downloads. Super loud speakerphone and ringers - loudest I have ever heard and withOUT distortion.

I have no battery cover issues. Zero. Zilch. It is tight and very secure.

Today I went and demoed a Boulder. I do live directly on the water and own a boat, Kayak and (2) Pwc's. I have lost 3 phones to drowning. That is what insurance is for. I am so impressed with the V750, and unfortunately disappointed with the Boulder, that all thoughts of swapping the Adventure for the Boulder ended today after 20 minutes of comparing my V750 to a new Boulder. Granted, I am losing the water resistance and the flash light feature, but all in all, the phone is significantly superior to the Boulder in feature quality, as well as most other phones I have had, and I have had them since the days of Bell Atlantic Mobile, circa 1995.
I even elected to pay two ETF's to ATT to dump my 2 totally substandard RF signal iPhones.

I rate the Adventure a 4.5. I reduced points for a usb sync issue I am experiencing. VZW gave me a two day window to resolve on 7/23, and is still open, with not even a call back. Charger port not very well designed. If not for those issues, it would be a 5.

Great phone, great features, minor annoyances


Oct 18, 2008 by GuyinLACA

+Thin design but thick enough to have substance
+Large battery comes standard
+Excellent sound quality and reception
+Keypad buttons give great feedback
+Phone feels rugged (except for parts noted in cons)
+EV-DO Rev. A
+Completely modernized Verizon UI is fast and attractive
+Screen quality is impressive when set on brightness level 5 or 6
+Rubberized/Textured battery door is great for grip
+One touch vibrate
+Music player controls on the front give good feedback
+Camera is very good in adequate lighting

-Unable to read text messages on the front screen (Verizon UI issue)

-No camera flash

-If you turn PTT off, the big red button activates the music player with just one press, open or closed; No way to disable this!

-The phone is a bit wide, even moreso than the MAXX and KRZR, seems unnecessary

-The hinge: when closed can be wiggled side to side; when open the hinge seems to rock back and worth when up against your ear, does not lock into place. May not be a big deal, but it makes you wonder.

-Red accents look a bit childish for a "business oriented" phone

All in all, this is a very good phone, but the cons/annoyances will have many people seeking a different model. I'd still recommend this to anyone who needs a sturdy phone with great reception.

A Great All Around Phone


Jul 24, 2008 by GrumBag

I am a veteran Motorola user going back to early Nextel. I am probably one of the first to get the phone having ordered it online Monday and received Tuesday. The V750 is a typical well made Moto. The most notable change is the bottom forward facing speaker (thank God)!!! Rear facing never a good idea. Speaker quality seems very good. I have to wait until next week to add PTT. I think the sprint V950 is a much better attempt at a rugged PTT phone but the V750 is not bad.
-Amazing clear QVGA Big Screen
-New speaker placement
-Very nice user friendly one piece touch pad
-I like the newer UI
-Full featured, 8GB Micro SDHC very nice
-Very thin plastic flush battery cover.
-Strong signals
-Mil-Std-810 for shock, vibration, dust etc.

-Side buttons too small including very small PTT button.
-Cheesy looking red accents
-Cheesy port covers
-Not rated for moisture-blowing rain, salt fog.
-UI response is a little slow-typical VZW

I thick if your looking for a rugged full feature phone with PTT, this is it. The casio Boulder is set to come out Monday. If its anything like the past type V & S, it will have a absolutely terrible non-usable loud speaker, so stick with Moto.

Best Verizon Phone to Date!


Aug 11, 2008 by JimRochNY

I was a using an E815 for over 3 years, and tried just about all the Verizon (crap) out there for my new every two upgrade. They're mostly junk, either the RF chipsets can't compete against MOTO or the speakerphones are auful. The only thing close is the new W755, but the V750 blows them all away. First, it's a Rev.A phone and upload and download speeds are 3 times faster then the other Verizon Phones. The menus are extremely intuitive and are actually a pleasure to use. The 2 MP camera is decent over past phones (lacks flash), and way better than the new Moto Q9c I had and dumped (junk), and the video will do 320x240 with zoom-on-the-fly (+unlimited record time depending on memory storage). Call quality is excellent and speakerphone is the best I've heard. It may look like a flimsy housing, but it's not. I'm very tough on my phones too. If you want PTT, this speakerphone on the V750 is way better than the distorted audio on the G'zone Boulder. It's a water resistant phone, vs. the Boulder which is actually water proof, so unless you're really into heavy construction work or a firefighter, etc...this phone would probably do for the average joe.
As for a case, Walmart carries a new BodyGlove leather case (alligator and smooth finish) for $14.95. Also, the Dollar General carries a nice cordura holster that has both a velcro and clip hasp on the front, and a belt clip and belt loop on back, for $5!

Very happy with my V750 and VZW PTT!


Aug 10, 2008 by KA7EII

After two weeks with my Motorola Adventure V750, I must say that I am very satisfied with both the phone and Verizon's new PTT service.
Here are several things that I like about the phone:
1. Loud, crisp and clear speaker! Great for PTT "walkie-talkie" chats. Speaker phone function works great for me.
2. Did I mention the loud speaker? I can actually hear this thing ring. (Some of us "older" folks don't hear as good as we used to)
3. Great RF performance. Phone calls, PTT, Mobile Web and Vcast all work in weak signal areas.
4. Voice commands actually work for me on this phone. Nice feature while driving and using a bluetooth earpiece.
5. Best bluetooth performance of any phone I have used. Works great with a Motorola HS700 earpiece. Have not tried any other bluetooth accessories like headphones or car kits yet.
6. Supports 8-gig micro SD cards. This phone will not replace my Sandisk Sansa but it is nice to always have a few hundred of your favorite tunes with you at all times.
7. Battery life is decent. Stock battery would get me through a whole day with no problem. Got the extended battery a few days ago and I am satisfied with the battery life.
8. Nice, easy to read screen.
9. GUI was easy for me to figure out and use.
10. Huge phonebook. Can store multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses for 1000 contacts and can store an additional list of 500 PTT contacts. I have a lot of friends but really, I don't think I will ever fill up the phonebook on this phone.

The following are not necessarily cons but...
1. Included ringtones leave a lot to be desired. Have tried BitPim and P2Kcommander but have had no luck adding ringtones.
2. Hope they come out with a nice leather case with a decent belt clip.

As for the battery cover, I have not had any issues with mine.

Now, I just got to get the rest of my family and friends to get Verizon PTT.

Hey bud, Let's party!


Aug 4, 2008 by New_2_T-Mobile


MILL spec
Speaker phone is like totally awesome
Outside buttons are real buttons not touch!
Color cool silver and red trim
Cool non slip grip on back
Loud Ring tones
Old school UI works like a REAL Motorola UI with reminder beep for missed calls and text!
Nice UI themes too
Strong RF
Verizon and Motorola hit a home run here
Very Happy don't hesitate to buy this phone!
Strong Vibrate

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