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Motorola Adventure V750


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V750 Congrats Motorola!


Jul 25, 2008 by markj73

I am a very big fan of Motorola radios and phones. I am one of the first to get the phone having purchased it at Circuit City Monday!

The Moto V750 has a bottom facing speaker excellent idea Moto!

Speaker quality is very good for things like ringers but maybe it's just me though sounds a bit tinny and I need to do further tests with this to determine why.

I already have PTT and I bought 2 of them so been using it and lovin the speed of connection, seems like the design of the system was rather intelligent, if I am not mistaken you get a fast connection because it connects to the server? Quickly and buffers your first voice transmission so you don't see the lag. After the first connection there is a very short delay in each transmission as typ. of any cell.

*UI Response seems faster then most vzw phones.
*Mobile Web/Vcast Seem faster for example there seems to be a LOT less buffering due to this phone having REV A!!!
*Brilliant sharp QVGA Screen
*New speaker location
*Very nice user friendly one piece touch pad
*I like the newer themes/UI esp (Vapor)
*Full featured, 8GB Micro SDHC very nice
*Very thin plastic flush battery cover.
*Mil-Std-810 for shock, vibration, dust etc.

*Seemingly Cheap port caps
*Not rated for moisture, blowing rain, salt fog etc which is all this phone is really missing to keep me from considering the Boulder.

I plan to check out the Boulder as soon as it is released to compare, as for what this phone was intended to do I would say Motorola did a great job.

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This thing is Good!!


Jul 31, 2008 by WashCaps

I have to say that VZW did the PTT right!

I have had this phone for about a week.

The crisp display is nice. 2.0 Megapix camera.

Here is the difference, the PTT is blazing. No delay to speak of, also no drag, voice quality is fantastic!

The speakerphone is on the bottom of the phone. This is a great idea as if the phone is on a desk in your office, you sacrifice no quality and sound level.

I drove home with this unit clipped to my visor. Held 2 conversations in which the people I was talking to said I sounded crisp and clear.

This 750 has all the applications of Get it Now and also VZ Navigator is a no brainer!

Great job with the PTT VZW and great job with the phone Motorola.


Great Speakerphone
Crisp, large Display
Awesome Button placement for easy navigation
PTT is Blazing fast
Priced right at 99.99, non corporate discount
2.0 Megapixel Camera
New VZW menu is easy and upgraded from old OM.


The only thing I can think of is that the actual earpiece could be abit louder.

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Garbage Phone


Sep 23, 2008 by scooter_56

I had 2 of these phones within 36 hours. Both phones presented the exact same problems within 12 hours of ownership. They both would take literally 5-8 seconds for each letter/number to appear on the screen while placing a call or texting a message. The first few hours the phones worked good the next few hours is when both phones went haywire. With the first one, the Verizon store downloaded new updated software which helped until the tech shut it down and restarted it. Upon doing that, the phone crashed and wouldn't return itself to normal functioning. The second one did exactly the same thing. I exchanged it for a better, more costly phone. I would not recommend this phone to my worst enemy, unless you want the same headaches. I lost the factory rebate with each phone, in 3 days I made 6 trips to the phone store to correct a problem which I never created, circumstances like this, I feel, the customer should be compensated for. Traveling 10 miles each way is a little rediculous

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Motorola Adventure V750


Aug 15, 2008 by tropicalisland

[...] I finally purchased the Adventure, and couldn't be more pleased. This phone is everything [ArmySF] said, and then some. Had it a few days, so I will post my comments. Great looking phone, awesome receprion, crystal clear. Screen on the outside and inside is bright and crisp. Battery life, I feel is pretty good. Love the fact that the keypad is raised, very easy to push buttons without having to push 2 at a time, like some of the flat keys. Haven't tried camera yet, but will soon. I can't really think of any cons. This phone is great overall, and anyone who is thinking of getting it, just do it. You won't be disappointed! Motorola did a great job with this one. Great size, and well made. [...] the keyad is brighter than the LG VX 8350, but is it me or does the number 4 and 7 seem just a little dimmer than the rest. [...] I also didn't know that the keypad is light sensored. It lights up when you start to go into a dim or dark room, and when you go into a little lighter place, the keypad doesn't light up. I thought I had a defective phone, so I called Verizon and talked to 2 reps, and they both said the same thing. The keypad is light sensored to preserve the battery. [...] Anyway, I love this phone, and I'm glad I purchased it on my new every two contract! So in my opinion, there are a lot more pros than cons, and frankly, I can't really think of any cons. Great phone overall!!

Ed. note: Removed questions and responses to other reviews.

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Good all around phone


Aug 5, 2008 by Crash12

I've had this phone a week. It's been a joy to use! I don't like the fact that it's not water resistant. I am willing to sacrifice that for it's style, i.e. it's slim design.(I wouldn't mind at all if Motorola addressed that issue) I have not had any issues with the back that have been reported. If you snap it into the phone case as instructed it seems to fit pretty snug. I opted for this Phone for two reasons. First I use my Phone alot and dropping it is a given. Secondly the last phone I just retired was an LG. It give good service, but certainly could not take much shock trauma.(Two insurance claims to prove it) The last Motorola I had which died from use and abuse, thousands of hours of use. the multiple times it was dropped, vibrated off a surface it always worked. I hope that this phone lives up to it's claims. If so I'm back in the moto fold once again.

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BIG PIMPIN!!!!!!!!!


Jul 31, 2008 by ArmySF


Great key pad and layout
Nicely designed front facing loud speaker
Crisp color
Fantastic working PTT
New more customizable UI
Strong RF
Clear sounding ear piece
2.0 Meg camera


Should be water resistant
Questionable hinge design
Cover ports
PTT phones should come stock with an extended battery

In conclusion this is a first class phone...the morons who can't seem to figure out how to place the battery cover on correctly need to read the instructions before making stupid comments. It's not that difficult people!

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what a phone


Aug 17, 2008 by bmoore6221

wow what a phone its the best thing out there

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Killer idea, but...


Jul 31, 2008 by doctorlecter

I've had a Gz'One Type V since they first came out in 2006, and it's served me really well. I finally killed it, and received a V750 as my insurance replacement. I was surprised to find that its...


Hurray for Motorola for getting on the Mil-Spec bandwagon, but resistance to shock, vibration, solar radiation, high temperature storage, altitude, high and low temperature operation, and blowing dust is all well and good, but it seems absurd to make a phone that meets those spec's but can still be brought low by a glass of iced tea.

Damn it. I'm sending it back.


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Weak Display Crystal


Sep 11, 2008 by ec4me

Pros: Excellent signal and camera.
Cons: Weak external LCD crystal.

I bought the V750 as an upgrade about 2 weeks ago. I had no complaints and no problems. I was especially pleased with the signal clarity and the excellent photo quality. This morning my carabiner clip slipped and the phone dropped about 2 feet onto the top of a cardboard carton. I was shocked to find that the glass crystal of the external LCD had fractured! The phone still works; but a crystal that cracks from a 2 foot drop onto cardboard kind of makes any other legitimate claims for ruggedness pointless for me. My previous phone was a V3c razr that is still working flawlessly after over 2 years of constant use (and countless drops from various heights onto various hard surfaces).

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this phone makes me angry


Nov 9, 2009 by tsylos

Owned for 1 year.

This phone does most of the things I want a phone to do: makes calls, sounds good, long battery life. However, it phone has several flaws that make me livid, and forced me to write this review.

1) The charger has some sort of ID and software handshake in it that means you can't just plug the USB cable into an adapter in your car or on a computer. When you do this the phone displays the message "charger not recognized". In a computer it will ONLY charge once you've installed the "charging driver" which you can download. The only wall charger that works is the Motorola charger.

2) All the ad copy specifically says that the phone charges via USB. However, the connector on the phone is a non-standard one; the ad copy lies. This is not a USB connector. It is a cable that can connect to a USB outlet.

The fact that you need a driver installed in a computer in order to charge the phone, or you need Motorola's special charger means that this phone is essentially just a phone with a special sync cable. By the time I realized this it was too late to return the phone.

There is no excuse for either of these flaws. Users should never purchase a phone that requires you to purchase a special part to charge it, in this case both the charger itself is required, and a specific cable.

In addition, since there is a software handshake in the charging software, I have found that the charging itself is unreliable. When the phone is charged from a wall outlet, I can get up to 8 days before charging again. When the phone is charged from USB, it will display as fully charged, but loses the charge in under 8 hours.

I have been a loyal Motorola user for 10 years, but this phone is the last Motorola device I will buy.

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