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Great phone for Sprint!


Sep 8, 2005 by p8ntballa06

I have been using this phone for a while, i had bought it to replace my Samsung. It had a camera, and all that other junk, but i didn't need all of that, all i needed was just a really reliable phone, and this one just fits awesome!

This phone, for starters has GREAT signal.. where my Samsung would go into "Analog Roaming" my 5350 gets 1-2 bars on Sprint! i usually don't even need to extend the antenna on this phone, although sometimes i need to.. I am here in Columbus, Ohio.

This is really the only phone that i have seen on Sprint where the antenna extended will actually give you 1-2 more bars(i know bars aren't always the best thing :) ).. on my samsung, it would just make the call a little bit clearer.

Also, this phone has decently loud ring tones.. My only complaint is the fact that the speaker phone is Listen only.. i wish it was full duplex, because the loud speaker on this phone sounds great!

so, to sum it up:

Great Signal
Great Battery life (i can usually get two to three days of usage with one charge, with me playing games, using vision, and talking about an hour a day)
great stylish look
Easy to use
Loud ring tones

Takes a while to start up
Speaker phone is only Half Duplex

This is a great little phone! i would recommend this phone to anyone!

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2.5-year review


Apr 17, 2005 by nicnic

I purchased this phone in Nov '02 and used it until March '05, which was approx 2.5 years. The only reason I don't use it anymore is because it konked out on me after a few too many drops, probably.

Overall, I had good use out of the phone, no major complaints. To note, however, I did not use the phone for web browsing or text messaging - I only used it for standard conversations. It doesn't have an attached camera, either, but I don't use phone cams anyway. The items that makes me want to use any given phone are (a) call quality, (b) signal reception, (c) easily useable without having to make a lot of keystrokes.

I liked it enough to consider buying another 5350 on ebay.

1) Huge phone number address book. You can store 10 (yes 10!) numbers per entry. Far more than any other phone in 2002 or 2005. That's an abnormally large amount.

1) Battery life for the standard battery was on the short side, lasting usually around 2-2.5 hours or so, per charge. I ended up buying the larger capacity battery which provided approx double the battery life.

2) Lack of convenient phone sync software. I bought a second-hand software but it never did work right, so I had to enter all my contacts manually (ughh).

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Oct 15, 2003 by Jline05

This phone is almost perfect, something no one tells you....it has more memory than any other phone I've ever seen. I swear I have 80 ringtones that I've downloaded off of mbuzzy.com. The reception is perfect, the ringer on this bad boy is a 40 chord, more than any other phone. It tops the list as far as stuff I want. The only thing that I have had problems with is the internet. It seems like the modem gets caught online and you have to manually sign out sometimes to recieve calls. My phone before this was a LG TP1100 and I had not one problem with it. After having this phone for 2 years and it still having more memory than the new $400 Samsungs, Im an LG fan for life. I cant wait for the new model to come out. If you can find one of these phones for a good price, get it!

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Ok phone but needs some work


Oct 2, 2003 by kansasdoll20

this phone has definitely served it purpose, of course not without some pit falls on the way but it definitely did what it was supposed to do, it held lots of ringers but unfortunately the battery life was pretty poor, over all its was a pretty descent phone

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A pretty standard phone with good usage


Sep 19, 2003 by Demonfeed

I rate phones off of convenience. This one is not totally bad like alot of the phones in its class. This phone has a pretty nice display, as well as decent signal capabilities. The flip covers the display, so it limits damage to the phone with dropping and the like. Overall, its what a phone should be, but with no major redeeming qualities. It makes calls, it receives calls. The internet is not too overly complicated for the average consumer to use and enjoy, and the applications the internet was made to use for the most part work. The only downside to this phone is the battery life. Its not as bad as the n240 or the 1010, but not as good as the 4700, 4900, and the 9155. The features of the phone are for the most part standard issue, which is a good thing... This phone is about the best phone lg can offer, since they have a history of making some pretty shoddy phones. I wouldnt recommend it if you want a higher end phone, but its better than everything in its class but the slim sanyo phones. Overall, its for the average user, nothing more.

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Good but lacking


Aug 27, 2003 by boe

The phone has plenty of potential but room for improvement.

Plenty of memory

Polyphonic ringer plays wav/qcp files so you can identify callers by names in their ringer.

Reasonable price.

Has potential to sync outlook contacts and scehdule - the schedule software is free.

Syncing requires data cable not included

Syncing software not included one for contacts($40) and another for calendar(free)

Syncing outlook calendar only has 38 characters - not enough for good

Contacts does not include a field for physical address (street,city,zip)

Screen not great in sunlight.

Make sure to update the software to 21 at a Sprint store to prevent cycling and allow sync.

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LG 5350 review


Aug 9, 2003 by dan327

PROS - Very sleek design, good battery life, extremely easy to use you don't need a manual to operate this LG and access any of it's cool features. and in my experience all LG phone are incredibly easy to use.

CONS - This phone scratched up very easily...too easily. It shuts down and restarts almost like a computer rebooting from time to time. The sprint pcs vision web service is ridiculously slow and doesn't work at all many times

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Not a bad choice in spite of short talk time


Apr 29, 2003 by Ron Chatman

This is my second Sprint phone, purchased as an upgrade from my trusty Sanyo SCP 4700. I was primarily interested in being able to surf the web from the phone, and this performs that task admirably. Signal quality is good, and I have had few problems with dropped calls on the portions of Sprint's Detroit area network that I frequent.

My chief complaint with the phone is that the talk time is in the 1.5 hour range, compared with almost twice that on my old Sanyo. Not a huge problem, but it does force you to lug around the charger rig if you know you are going to be mobile for periods of time. There is an adapter for a travel charger on the bottom of the phone, but the rubber plug that covers the hole is not attatched and easy to lose. It would have been nice to tether it to the case like the plug for the headphone hole.

The screen is bright and colorful, with easy to read fonts. I might have added an option to keep the backlight going for more than 15 seconds but maybe that's a good thing, given my battery issues.

The selection of ringers is pretty good, my favorite being the old fashioned "ringing" phone. So much for high tech, eh? The ringers can be fairly loud, so keep an eye on the volume in meeting situations.

The "organizer" is good. A "call reminder" function would have been nice, but again I'm just comparing the LG to my Sanyo which was a damn fine phone.

I have some other issues that seem to be manufacturing based. The battery seems to wiggle from side to side in the case, and the upper portion of the "flip" seems to rock a bit on the hinges. Whether it's shoddy parts and assembly, plastic fatigue or just the way the phone is settling in remains to be seen.

All in all, I like the phone and would recommend it to others.

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After 7 months, still positive; best phone value


Apr 26, 2003 by Brett Strouss

Great phone. Really. The other reviewers have done a pretty good job with their reviews. I like the clear screen, 40-chord ringer, caller-specific pictures and ringers, voice dialing, games, ability to turn off roaming calling, easy to use menu structure, reception quality (I almost always hear the other person very well, even if I'm in a low signal strength area and they have some problems hearing me). Gripes include: the buttons -- you can't easily navigate by feel, since the buttons and the surrounding surface are basically smooth --- you have to look at what you're doing; some (few) bugs with the system -- on one long phone number entry (it accesses my office voice mail and automatically enters the mailbox number and passcode, with appropriate pauses) it resets itself on occasion; the battery life on the original battery seems to be getting shorter, but the auxiliary long-life battery I bought really hangs in there; the ear volume -- I can't hear it well when in noisy surroundings at max volume; it doesn't ring in fringe coverage areas (Sprint problem? I'll get a voice mail message, but no ring); I dislike the somewhat confusing messaging capabilities that Sprint offers -- and have had trouble accessing my Sprint PCS email on occasion; and lastly, my son is always wearing down the battery to play games on it!

I do recommend this highly, and expect the occasion bugs will get worked out, and Sprint might add a tower closer to my house. I almost canceled my service because of weak reception at my home office and in my local town, but everywhere else I go I seem to have pretty good coverage.

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Fun, sleek looking, and interesting phone


Apr 11, 2003 by Clarissa Ramos

I purchased my phone a couple of weeks ago and I still can't seem to put the phone down! It has a lot of interesting features and to top it all off it has a cool look especially with the indigo blue light! The internet is very useful as well. I can chat with anyone around the nation, and get my news everywhere I go - portable internet! I especially like to download screensavers and ringers. It has an easy navigation, it's small enough to fit anywhere, and is satisfying to have.

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