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Sprint LG LX5350


Apr 7, 2003 by Sarah MacMillan

Excellent phone with amazing options, but there seems to be some sort of glitch. It's been about a month and a half, and the phone will "freeze up" like a computer, then shut itself down and then restart. This seems to happen more frequently while on-line. Another problem that has recently occured is when I adjust the volume to "vibrate" it will ring "low" other than vibrating in silent mode. The phone also allows a "vibrate" feature after the highest ring tone, allowing the phone to ring and vibrate concurrent. Again, another glitch. The phone won't ring or vibrate at all when set to this mode. The LG is still very new to the market, so I'll give the imperfections some leniency. But when these defects have been corrected, it'll be one the most reliable and high-tech cell phone out there.

Sarah MacMillan
A dedicated Sprint PCS client

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Apr 3, 2003 by brian koester

I just got the 5350, and can say it is a superior phone, and a superior value. For having a plethora of features, ease-of-use is very high. I read the user's guide, but only to get a feel for what keys did what. Other than that, it's easy to find features & functions w/in the menu structure. The color display is AWESOME. IMHO, it's second only to the Samsung A500, but the LG has superior battery life, reception strength & quality. I had a Kyocera 2255 that had zero bars for signal strength in my apartment, while the 5350 get one or two bars. When making a 30 minute call, the Kyocera's battery would be drained to half, while the 5350's doesn't lose any power! The ability to upload ringers & wallpapers (games too) is a HUGE plus, especially when taking advantage of sites like 3Gupload.com. Asthetically, I'm a big fan of the blue & silver case, and the blue-backlit keys. Asthetics certainly aren't everything, but they do count for something.

The only drawback to the phone is lack of full-duplex speaker. For me that wasn't a must-have, so I don't really miss it. Otherwise, this phone is perfect, and I'd highly recommend it. Straight-up retail the phone goes for $150-$200, tho both new & existing Sprint customers can get it for $100 less. For a 3G Vision-capable phone that won't break your wallet, I don't think anything can touch the LX5350.

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Mar 12, 2003 by L K

I have owned the phone for about 4 months now, a replacement from my Touchpoint 1100 which was a single band phone. The reception was a lot better on that phone. The 5300 has a lot of cool features but I always get messages because my phone rarely gets a good signal. And the internet is very slow, all in all, could be a lot better. Looking to switch companies as we speak.

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Darn close to perfect, but not quite there.


Jan 20, 2003 by Dan Rothgeb

I did a lot of research and felt confident by the time I bought the LG 5350. With a 2-year contract renewal from Sprint, I got $150 off the $200 price (net $50). After a couple weeks of use, here's my pro/con:
- Clear color screen
- Lots of fancy ringer & key sounds
- Downloadable ringers and games (for price)
- Small size fits in ANY pocket
- Pretty durable construction
- User-friendly menu and other features
- Handy volume control on side of phone (controls ringer vol as well as speaker vol)
- Voice-activated dialing ("Call Dave")
- Short battery life (charge it every day or two).
- No "ascending ring tones" (see below)
- Have to change ringer for BOTH "caller id" and "no caller id" (see below)
- Small nav buttons (if you have large hands, you'll probably have a problem with it).
My minor complaints are #1) it doesn't have ascending ring tones (each ring starts soft and gets progressively louder--which is great when you're at a restaurant and you can answer within 1 or 2 rings before you irritate others. Hence, I change my ringer depending on where I am. Which leads me to #2) you have to change ringers for BOTH caller ID and non-caller ID calls. LG forces you to set them separately. Finally #3) there are a variety of novel ringers, but unless you dig silly ringers, there are few practical ones (e.g. there's no "meeting" ringer--1 beep, with vibrate).
However, overall I love this little phone. I hope to download a couple useful ringers to resolve my issues. Otherwise, the menu navigates easily. I love the T9 word entry, which allows you 1 keypress per letter (after a few keypresses, it guesses the word you're typing). I have never had a problem with dropped calls or coverage within the Sprint PCS area.
I definitely recommend!

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...not bad


Dec 31, 2002 by jerry rigg

The 5350 has been a great phone as far as placing and receiving calls, however, I have a bit of a problem with the PCS vision service. I also have a Samsung i300 with wireless web; I do not have any problems surfing website and have full to the internet using handspring's blazer 1.1. The vision is limited to web clipping sites only , and sure there are WAP- enables sites out there, but it is a huge hassle to find them.
The LG is a very user friendly device and fits nicely away in a pocket or whatever and is very stylish(especially considering the very low price).
Bottom line, The service is in its infant stages and will only improve, and it is very good, but I will hang on to my slow wireless web connection and surf where I want to until vision improves.

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Dec 28, 2002 by TERESA KONG

i bought the phone a week ago (mainly because the reviews for it are so great and it has a lot of good all-around high-tech features), and so far it's been a lot of fun.
all of the little gadgets i want in a phone are on it, including the cutest ringtones, a gorgeous screen (it's wayyyy too dark when the backlight isn't on though), and it just looks so cute all around.
all my friends are constantly playing the games ive downloaded, and it's very entertaining when i'm bored.
it seems to take a long time to charge, which im not used to. but battery life is pretty good.
i wish the internet was faster though, and ive had a lot of dropped calls, especially in my neighborhood/home.
it's simply amazing though how you can customize practically everything, except for the actual casing of the phone. but that's ok, cause the design/colors are appealing.
one thing i hate is the antenna. make it internal!

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Dec 20, 2002 by Larry Flynn

Features are awesome, performance is disappointing. If you live in a big city, phone works great, but if you live in a city 100,000 or less, go with Sanyo. LG, for whatever reason, just does not perform well in weaker signal strength areas. Switched to bigger, bulkier SCP-4900, worked everywhere the LG 5350 did not. As much as I liked this phone's features, call quality is the most important thing, and Sanyo is where it's at!

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Really Nice Phone


Dec 12, 2002 by Michael Jasinski

I really like this phone. The navigation is a little bit clumsy, small controls next too each other make it very easy to hit an adjacent control when navigating the address book.

Battery life is not the best. I have to charge the phone every night, and I really don't talk on it much. I am not sure if there is an extended life battery available.

My contract was up with Sprint and the cancellation department allowed me a $100 credit toward the purchase of this phone if I renewed my contract. Bought the phone from Circuit City for $150.00 net cost = $50.00. Plus I have price protection from Circuit City until Jan. 31.

The phone call clarity is the best. The phone maintains a good connection even with poor signal reception.

If you can live with the short battery life this is one of the best phones on the market.

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Unbleivable phone


Sep 3, 2002 by Amadou Doumbia

I just bought this phone 2 days ago at the local sprint store in New york city and it is amazing, I haven't had one dropped called, all my calls are crystal clear on both ends, and the internet is quite possibly the fastest i've ever seen in since I made the switch form V-stream to Sprint, some of the web sites I go to won't load but thats ok cause they havent either been programed to WAP or things like using AIM (Aol instant messanger) which hasnt been upgraded yet from the greyscale spectrum to be able to use on color screen, that I can live with out for awhile, and as ringtones go, exceptional, they have some regular phone type rings for adults and professional's, but also cool new hip ones for teens like me, The over-all feature of the phone is incredible, and if you can live without a little picture coming up on the the external lcd screen when someone calls you (a.k.a the A500) and the $70 difference, the phone is an a-plus.
P.S. if your wondering if i'm experiencing the same difficulties with Wireless web as the people in the forums I'm not, vision working up-to-date.

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GrEaT PhOnE!!!!


Jan 18, 2004 by windrider18

This is my first Cell Phone ever!!!, i use this phone with Sprint. I have to first correct the myth that Sprint is a horrible cell phone service. i get the most minutes out of what i am paying. $20.00 per month 750 anytime 750 nites $ weekends and Unlimited Pcs to Pcs minutes. this is the greatest color screen phone that i ever had. the Internet on this phone very fast and text messaging and voice mail are instant. ring tones are nice and loud, i work in a busy area and i need a loud ring-tone so i don't miss important calls. the phone-book capacity is wonderful!!! i have many important contacts and i could put 5 numbers per contact and assign different ring-tones for each person. which i think is great, so i know who to answer and not 2 answer. The BeSt FeAtuRes of this phone are the Alarm Clock and the Ignore button LoL.

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