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very good phone (BellMobility-Canada)


Nov 28, 2002 by Vadim Korotky

FYI, Dear Homer!
The phone is so popular (at least at Canada) that it's currently sold out. I've been waiting for a few weeks to get it. In my opinion, if you are looking for a good, solid, quality flip phone without all those expensive toys, such as external display, color screen, games, polyphonic ringtones, etc. - this one is for you.

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5135 = Garbage


Jul 3, 2003 by cam_legrande

If you have a good one, hang on to it. Otherwise, it is garbage and you will find out the hard way. We sold hundreds of them around Christmas time and most of them have come back due to a faulty software file. Kyocera has attempted to fix it with a new software file, in some cases this fixes it. Otherwise, we have sent it off for repair, and they come back with the same problems. AVOID THIS PHONE!

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Nice Phone


Oct 25, 2002 by rolf schetterer

Nice little phone has good sound and clarity, love the blue back light, easy to use and battery life is not bad.
I had this phone for two weeks now and I am pleased only drawback I find is that the phone needs to be opened up to see who is calling.

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face plates


Aug 10, 2003 by Stefanie Morris

i love the neon blue light but it not having any changeable covers really sucks! because there is no one who can keep a phone it good shape without being able to change the cover of it. if there was changeable covers i would so give this phone a 4.50 rating!!!

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Kyocera 5135 (Alltel)


Nov 3, 2002 by Tommy Smith

I bought my phone from Alltel about 3 weeks ago. So far, it has been the best cell phone I have ever used. Its sound and clarity is very well for a cell phone. I like its tri-mode feature, so pretty much anywhere I am, I can pick up a signal, analog or digital. The phones signal strength is superior seeing as how you hardly ever have to pull up the antenna.

I also love how the phone has the neon blue backlighting that makes the screen and the buttons glow. There is only about 2 or 3 phones that do that and they all are from Kyocera. It has plenty of features, most of which you will use. It does have one game, I don't play it that much, but it runs down your battery pretty fast. Unlike many other cell phones though, this one does have exceptionally good battery life because I can have it on all day, talk on it, and just play with the buttons, and it might only use a fourth of its total power. So really you don't have to charge it everyday, but I do anyway just to make sure I have a full charge.

The phone has very good screen resolution and you can put your name on it. This phone is very simple to use,without paying for all of those extra features, like the Motorola's have, that you will never use. So, if you are looking for a small, lightweight, folding style, nice looking, feature-full, and reasonably priced phone, I would definitely recommend this one!

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Rebuttle of Homer Simpson


Dec 8, 2002 by powerball

The 5135 is a great phone for an even greater price. This has to be one of the best "value" flips on the market. Have you priced the other flips? I am sure that if Kyocera added a color screen and external LCD this phone would cost at least a $100 more. This phone is a great value and a great first flip for Kyocera. I am looking forward to their next generation of this series.

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Worse than a Mistubishi G310



There's nothing else needed to be said, stay away from this phone, i work in the industry and we've had more problems with this phone than the mistubishi g310, and that does mean something. Yeah it'll work like the best phone you've ever had in your life for.. maybe the 6 first months, if that. Then tie yourself up cause you're on a ride that wont end till you get rid of it. Even kyocera dont mess around anymore, ship it on repair and they'll ship you back a refurbed almost with a note sayin "Please get rid of this phone"

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Works fine


Apr 3, 2004 by MelissaL79

I've had this phone for over a year now. It still works fine, battery life is still great. I have to charge only about every 2 days or so. The blue backlight is very cool, and was my main reason for buying this phone over a Moto V60. Signal and sound are always great (SF Bay Area, Verizon) and people always comment that they can't tell I'm on a mobile.

The only drawbacks I have found are that the backlight occassionally flickers (nothing major, it just dims slightly and then brightens up again, doesn't go completely out), and the means of getting things like ringtones and games onto the phone is absolutely ridiculous (software and a USB cable). I've become very jealous of my friends with beautiful color screens and easy-to-download options, so I will trade this one in soon for something a little flashier, but overall it's a great phone and I have never had problems with it whatsoever.

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Cool Phone all around


Mar 9, 2003 by Greg Andreski

I was skeptical at first due to the other Kyocera phone ratings, but this one is a great phone. Its smaller than either motorola (v60 or t720). The battery life is good (about as advertized). The blue backlit display / keypad makes it easy to see. Finally, the phone can either answer on flip or manualy (so you can check the ID) so the outside lcd display to the motorola isn't neccessary. All in all a good phone if you don't need super fancy frills -- plus it looks cool.

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Not bad... not bad at all.


Sep 22, 2006 by ShadowScorpion

I bought this one off eBay, and had it for a couple of weeks now, and hell, why not, let's review it.

This sucker is TINY! But despite that, it feels pretty darn solid. It's easy to open with one hand, and the keyboard is very well laid-out.

- Great RF (Bell Mobility, Quebec, Canada)
- Blue backlight looks AWESOME
- Great battery life (reached five days standby)
- Great sound quality

- The absence of changeable faceplates is a minor annoyance
- Firmware is a bit laggy (takes some five seconds before responsing to keypresses)

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied so far. This phone re-sparked my faith in Bell Mobility.

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