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Great phone with excellent clarity, crippled slightly by AT&T


Aug 20, 2008 by penn65000

This is a good phone to purchase if you need a sturdy performer. It has 3G (fast) access to the internet (via Opera Mini) and it doesn't drop calls like other 3G phones I've tried. The battery life is less than I experienced with the Moto Krzr, but that is to be expected with 3G. That said, the battery life is reasonable -- with heavy internet usage over 3G, one might expect to recharge once/day. With no internet usage, one could probably recharge once every two days. I gave 4.5 rating due to the phones utility to make and receive calls -- it is excellent. Unfortunately, AT&T has crippled some functions (and their tech support isn't up to speed... on this or anything really) to make sure the user buys AT&T services and software. This is good phone for next two years until iPhone matures into a device that focuses more on basic functions like making quality calls (and on battery life).

FYI -- I'm in NYC, but I travel all over US

-Typical MOT solid feel
-compatibility with prior MOT accessories
-Voice clarity is unsurpassed
-Simple, well structured software (better than prior Motorolas, but still less-than-stellar)
-Excellent screen
-Maintains signal adequately
-Good camera
-Holds 2000 names/addresses
-Ultra-Fast microprocessor
-Slider phone is cool, and slider makes for flexible form factors for transportation, and for calling.

-A little large/heavy
-Slick (but just get rubberized cover on ebay for $10)
-Battery life could be a little better
***rest are AT&T issues -- they really seem to be focused on crippling the phones they provide***
-AT&T disabled SYNCML software for this phone although MOT speced it in. This is pretty big deal as free sych providers (like zyb.com) require a SYNCML client. This is AT&T's fault, and I believe they did it so they could sell their poor, error-prone AT&T Backup plan at $1.99/month.
-Nag screen AT&T uses to keep you from using third-party internet apps. Still waiting for hack to stifle this one.

Couldn't Ask for Much More...


May 25, 2008 by amsage3

This phone is pretty much everything I expect out of a phone. I thought I was trading "down" when I turned in my Vu for this, but it turned out to be a major upgrade! I also have to admit that since my first phone was a motorola (V180, back in '04) I have not been a fan of them...but I will just say that this phone has permanently converted me.

- large, beautiful screen
- the phone feels very solid, not cheap at all
- battery life is excellent...I've had it for 5 days now and only charged it twice, with moderate amounts of texting and calling)
- 2.0 mp camera
- phone comes preloaded with enough ringtones and graphics you PROBABLY won't need to buy any to be satisfied
- iTAP completely blows t9 out of the water in every aspect...makes texting a breeze
- GPS system built in
- Phone looks really good...people WILL stare at it when you pull it out.
- Reception is excellent. I live by an airport in dayton, OH and have traditionally never had a consistent bar of service with any phone or any carrier. With the z9, I have 3-5 bars on 3g 90% of the time.

- The front gets smudgy
- Phone could be considered oversized (when the slider is closed, it's about as big as the Vu)
- voice command is weak

- The keys. They just aren't the easiest thing to press down, but they are easy to hit while not looking, and perfectly spaced, so it's a draw. They are more of a positive than a negative, however.

Overall this phone is very fun. It's satisfying to just play around with, but also gets the job done, be it texting, calling, or using the camera. there are loads of peripheral features like GPS and Music, if you're into using your phone for those things, and it all comes in a stylish package that catches the eye and doesn't disappoint.

Great Motorola Phone Finally


May 8, 2008 by nz9s7m

First of all let me say I've used a lot of
Motorola Phones like razr,krzr v551 v3xx and this bar far is the best!


Tele Nav is nice
3G helps with phone signal strength in Michigan Area especially in buildings.
Talking caller I.D. is very helpful for those
of us who don't like to wear glasses.
phone feels very solid in hand and I didn't
think I would like the slide factor but it's
works very well!


Battery life could be better....but i don't see many 3G phones getting great battery life and I still had to give it "5" star rating!
The only other thing thats annoying is "fingerprint issues" but I'm use to that
on all phones.What I do is get a sunglass cloth bag holder drop phone in and put in front pocket..thus something to clean phone
and protect from scratches at same time!

In summary I would encourage anyone who wants a great phone with excellant reception
and OK battery life along with Tele Nav to run
to nearest dealer and purcahse....especially
if you're over 35 years old and at the point
of having to wear reading glasses :)I don't
do a lot of text messaging but what I have done is Pretty simple to do....even for me:)

Hope This Helps You!

Great Phone


Apr 7, 2008 by Garrett Taylor

I had an iPhone for a couple months, and decided I needed buttons again, so I wanted to get the newest phone on the market. I loved my RAZR2 V9, so I was sure to like this one.

Excellent Signal
Great call quality/sound
Extremely loud
Great Camera
Familiar interface
Sturdy, easy to slide spring action
It has a flash!!
Great battery life
No negative or sephia effect on camera like the RAZR2
Buttons are a little hard to get used to

I have only had the phone for a couple days, but Im already used to it. I strongly recommend it to a friend.

Motorola Z9


May 10, 2008 by prodrigu03

Clear phone calls
Answer calls without sliding the phone and... access the entire menus without sliding the phone up. Includes reading text messaging. Must slide open to reply or to enter password.

Screen; Clear, sharp & wide

Ringtones & Sounds; Great see cons for details.

Camera / Video; It's a 2 Mega pixel

Internet; Fast

Handling; comfortable

Games; Slow, but graphics are awesome

VIDEO SHARING: if the other person you are calling has 3G you can talk and show them what just happened. VERY NICE!!!


VIDEO SHARING; other person MUST have a 3G phone.

Buttons; Dots

Sounds; Motorola does not include a date cable.

The BLUETOOTH trick. What you need. Your old phone with a microchip, BLUETOOTH and an old SIM Card.
Place the Chip into your computer and "drag" sounds, photos, ringtones to the chip. MUSIC DOES NOT WORK.
Take the CHIP out and put it back into your OLD phone. Send whatever file via BLUETOOTH to your NEW phone. Make sure that your NEW phone's BLUETOOTH is on click the "FIND ME" icon. The transfer should work. Let me know if this worked for you.

This phone is Awesome. By th way if you do get this phone use a "Eye glass cloth" to clean your NEW phone. Using your shirt might scratch the screen. Your shirt may contain dust or bits of sand.

Bad Camera marginal Signal Shine vs z9


Apr 10, 2008 by itzjerm

I had owned the LG Shine which I found to be a good phone except it doesn't have good signal strength. Also it broke easy. I tried the Motorola z9. I am only interested in a good camera and good signal strength and call quality. I do nothing with internet My review:
Sample photos from the camera can be seen at


*Takes photos quick, you don't have to open the phone. Quick time. (Very similar to LG shine)
*Cover glass is really strong. The LG shine broke quick.

*Motorola no zoom after you take a picture (the LG shine had this)
*The video camera is very low quality (LG shine was much better at highest resolution)
*Camera looks good only for items which are close. There is no focus, and the camera needs one.
*Signal would not get out from areas with low signal. My wifes Motorola V3xx works fine.

The camera didn't make me happy. But if you just look at pictures on your phone then you will find it is just fine. The lack of picking up signal was the killer for me too.

I love it!


Apr 30, 2008 by mrssnow0910

I just got this phone the other day, and I love it!

*Has a unique look to it. Very sleek, and the color is very cool
*Seems durable, not flimsy at all.
*Big Screen, which I cannot tell you how much I appreciate
*Great sound quality
*Signal with at&t works great at my house, where there is usually no service.
*Battery life is wonderful
*Love the camera, the quality is wonderful for a phone. If I'm looking to take a super quality picture than I just use my digital camera
*Has a video camera feature (i didn't realize how much i appreciated this until i got my last phone)
*Has the ability to send and receive mms messages
*Address book, easy to function and organize
Has the "talking phone" option, where it will pronounce the names in your address book as you scroll down (its actually quite comical) and it will announce who is calling when it rings.

*Fingerprints easily (which is really no big, you can easily wipe them off)
*Could possibly show scratches a little easier than most phones. But if you get a case for it, and not let it roam around in your purse etc. then it should be fine.
*Still trying to figure out the screen saver option, but I'm sure I will figure it out soon.
*Lack of playable games. I was spoiled with the blackberry pearl
*The internet/browser button is a little too accessible if you choose not to use it. Ive already hit it a few times accidentally.

To sum it up, it is an awesome phone with great features. Def worth the price

nice. very nice


Apr 8, 2008 by fusion3

so far, no complaints. i really like the slider idea, as i get more and more used to it. the v3xx was my favorite at&t handset until now.
LOUD and clear
nice crisp display
GPS navigation

buttons are a little hard to push at first
looks like it is going to show scratches very easily. all phones should switch to having glass over screens, and the keys should be like they are on nokia's 6103, or have a cover over them to prevent from scratches.

if you are like me, you want the phone to look just as new as the day you bought it even a year down the road.

over all, I am very impressed. this is an upgrade even from the razr2 V9.

Great phone, for a while


Dec 21, 2012 by mbaumstarck28

this phone was great, had great signal, never glitched, never a failed text, call, or anything. But about 6 months after I bought it, however I got it used, the 6 key on the keypad quit working. I had to tap it on something to make it usable. Then the 5 key did the same thing. After the 5 key went, no matter what i did the 5,6 did not work. Then I took it in the lake with me, and when I dried it out, the display did not work, but I could clearly make calls still. I soaked it in 99% alcoholt, and the display started working again. 99% alc. will never hurt any phone, it can only help. Then after I dried the alcohol out of it, the display started flickering, and started to display only small circles. It was wet for 30 mins so that is probably why it now has to be soaked in alcohol to display anything correctly. So all in all, great phone

Good Phone until...


Dec 4, 2009 by JohnMcW

This phone was fine, but in a very short time frame we had some foggy days, after the 2nd day the screen went black.
Motorola voided the warranty claiming damage from water entering the speaker, which did not happen.
Pros: nice screen, keyboard responsive, slider worked fine
Cons: Highly susceptible to weather. Sealed poorly.
I would suggest going with another brand of phone, this phone is highly susceptible to ambient moisture in the air.

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