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Great Phone! - Poor voice quality :(


Mar 19, 2008 by Girz0r

This phone overall ROCKS! Diggin the 'coffee brown color' - Very unique, as most online images of the phone show it a very colorful brown, its less intense in person, still brown though.

Everything works great with the phone, few minor lock ups but thats cause it was programmed with the Java platform. Nothing too serious.

Everything, (once you get use to it) is easy to use. Mostly everything with this phone is common sense to figure out which is awesome for a user friendly application.

Although there are 2 complaints I have...

1.) Call Volume/Speaker Phone Volume - While on a call (I agree with Devidence,) Everyones voice seems to be a bit muffled, some calls being more clear than others but in a general sense its nothing to brag about as I find myself saying 'What?' often. Note this is with the in-call volume maxed at 7. The speaker phone is no different. I found myself huddling near my phone 3-5 inches away to actually hear the speaker phone. What I find odd is that everything else with the phone audio wise (mp3s, ringtones, midi, alerts) are more than exceptionally loud... and I like it! I think that this issue might be solvable through a firmware update on the platform itself. I hope it gets taken care of soon... Im having second thoughts on this phone, as I am wanting to return it back to the tmobile store for a refund.

2.) Theme/color customization - As said, hot pink (tmobile theme pink) seems to be all integrated into the phone's menu... Nothing too drastic, I just dont fancy myself with a brown phone and hot pink menu. Even a simple 'color' change would spruce it up a bit, somewhat used for the phone#'s 'font color' would even work amazingly.

Thats my .02, hope this helps others =)

This phone rocks out!!!!


Mar 14, 2008 by hernandezjanto

Excellent phone.


Enough said. Best I have ever had from the Samsung Family of T-Mobile phones.

I usually like to stick to Motorola Phones, but I thought I would give this one a try since my brother had one. OMG! It's the best phone ever.

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Great Phone


Jan 30, 2008 by RCH2005

So I bought this phone today, 1-29-08 and I have to say that it's a decent phone. I really am diggen the coffee brown color, very fashion forward. Also it has a stylish appearance for great appeal. Some pros have to be:

-Decent audio volume and speakerphone
-Vibrant Display
-External slot for expandable media.
-Excellent coverage bars! Almost the best Ive had! Im in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The only couple I can think of are maybe allowing louder ring tones and speakerphone (the speaker phone is decent) and allowing menu color customizing, althogh this isnt that important, im just fickle.

Overall, if your familiar with Samsung phones, nothing new and amazing here except for 3G compatibility on TMOBILES upcoming 3G network.

Great phone, except for the phone part.


Feb 22, 2008 by Devidence

First off, this is a great device for web, text messages, t-zones email, pictures, and general usage. The screen is great, the keypad, although flat, is actually easy and comfortable to use. And the overall design of the phone is fantastic.

However if you are in areas with a weak signal, beware. At my office the signal is generally low. However my 2+ year old Samsung e635 is able to hold a constant signal at my office, and in the rare case that it does lose signal, it recovers quickly.

The t819 spends most of its time searching, aside from showing me the 4 bars from the ATT network that I can't use. I had to restart the phone a couple times just to get back to the T-Mobile towers. If you're trying to send a text and the signal drops, it will lock up the phone while it tries to send for about 5 minutes.

Also, call quality is poor in comparison. All callers sound very muffled, and you can hear interference. This is during all calls and not limited to just my low office signal. Callers report no problems with my voice however, so it is limited to my end.

I was only able to go about 2 days before charging. This was with a good amount of data usage, but very little voice. Also, I went from two bars to a low battery warning during an approximate 10 minute call.

Overall, if you are only in areas with strong signal you should be fine, but this is far more sensitive to the weak spots. And if you're picky on incoming audio quality, keep moving.

Great Phone Overall


Jun 30, 2008 by itz lorenz xD

Well I recently purchased the Samsung T819 for T-Mobile due to the fact my Sidekick LX broke..

Heres my opinion.


- Camera is amazing.. Great Pics..

- Video very clear... clearer than other phones..

- mp3 is amazing.. easy to use.. could be a little more louder..

- battery life is the best... super long..

- awesome colors very bright..

- exterior color is like a bronze.. very unique...

- fell in love with the Tip Calculator....

- mp3 ringtones

- custom message ringers never had that with recent phones..

- i like the voice quality, i don't know about other reviews.. they must be deaf?


- weak speaker

- decent signal [Chicago]

Well those are the only problems I have with this phone but overall GREAT PHONE!

I would say if you like to be nice and simple with phones.. this is the phone you want..

good phone


Jan 28, 2008 by vizzionman

bought this phone for $180 last friday. this is a great phone with alot of customization features.
*good smooth video quality, even in darker areas.
*nice camera with a handful of features
*supports .mmf, .mid, .amr, .wav, .wma, .mp4, and .mp3 ringtones
*can play .3gp, .wmv, and .mp4 videos in 176*144 format.
*no ascending ring starts low but in less than a second goes all the way to high.
*can use speakerphone with slide down
*great battery life, played with it for hours straight and lasted over a day
*batch of features, including quill pen dialing display
*can vibrate and ring at same time
*can choose your own message tone

*music tones could be a bit more powerful, they can be kind of quiet.
*more games should have been included
*slide tones would have been cool.

overall a great phone!

A fragile piece.


Aug 16, 2010 by 1RMC

My first one's screen went white after the warranty period was expired. My second one's screen went white after the warranty period was expired.
Personally, I believe the phone has issues.
When it works, it works well, but it will not work past 13months. Prepare yourself people.

i like it, but it messes up.


Dec 24, 2009 by xoashbby

I got this phone less than a month ago & I'm already experiencing problems.for example, it doesn't slide up all the way & sometimes won't slide down. the call quality isn't very good or loud. it takes forever to delete text messages. but i do like the fact that the keys are flat & that you can have a ringtone as your message tone. i noticed its alot like how nokia phones are.

Not Great Phone


Aug 20, 2009 by eekk123

I am having the worst time with this phone. Most callers sound muffled. There is a lot of echoing, too. T-Mobile sent me my third handset, and it's the same. I have never had a phone with such poor sound quality & distortion.

Phone is Awesome!


Dec 23, 2008 by Citobaby

I love this phone. I have had it for some time now. It has been through allot from getting dropped on concrete to even taking a swim with me. And after all that it still remains and works like new.

Pros- Great durability, Music sound is great, Battery after one year only needs one charge every two days or so, the Features such as quick button access to anything, The display, the video display is great, The Camera is excellent for a 1.3 Mp as well. Micro Sd port, also can add music very easy

Cons- sound quality is not the best but it is not very annoying, Locks up when you close it(can unlock when ever you would like), Also it does not come with any cool games

Overall this phone is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone. Take it from me. I have had the phone for a while now. ~DC~

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