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Verizon Wireless Blackberry 8130


Nov 30, 2007 by VZMoney

Considering all factors, this is the best device and by far the best Blackberry I have owned during the 7 years I have had VZW. And I have owned more phones than I care to admit! I've owned the Pearl since November 2nd so I believe that is long enough to give a fair review.


- Size, weight

- RF/Sound Quality is fantastic, though slightly not as good as the Motorola v9m.

- Nice Camera. Finally a VZW Blackberry with a good camera!

- Functionality and ease of use in unparalleled compared to other PDA/Smartphone devices.

- Stability. My 8130 hasn't frozen up or given me and type of unknown complications yet. No BB I have owned has yet, which is completely opposite of Windows Mobile devices.

- Unrivaled email capabilities (Blackberry in general).

- If I am forgetting anything, I'm sure other reviewers have covered it.


- Trackball (more of an annoyance than a con I guess). I still can't get it right. It's either too fast or too slow. I'm getting used to it, but I still can't consider myself a fan of it quite yet.

- Battery life is not good at all if you are a moderate to heavy user.

- Loses memory when you have certain or multiple 3rd party apps. I've lost all of my messages and call logs on numerous occasions before I wiped it clean and got rid of the apps. I had my BB swapped out with a new one and the new one still did this so this is an issue with the device itself.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons considerably. This is a fantastic device that I will not get rid of until something similar to a CDMA Curve is released. As I have said previously, I have owned many, many phones. I haven't found a reason NOT to give Verizon's Pearl 5 stars. It really is THAT good.

This pearl is a great buy!


Nov 15, 2007 by amngrs

I just switched from the EnV to the Pearl and I must say that I'am overly impressed. I will make this short and sweet.


tons of options
crystal clear call quality
sure type is great
love the track ball


Why didn't i get this phone the day it came out!

It's obvious I'm in love with this phone and I'm sure you will be too! If your not sure whether to buy it or not trust me i was the same way and I don't regret it at all!!

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Nov 14, 2007 by mikosi718

This phone is unbelievable, it has all the features i need and more. I really recommend this phone to everyone.

Great phone


Nov 15, 2007 by MidnightDT

this phone is very nice for not only existing BB users but those new to BB.




Dec 22, 2010 by narn3049

I have a 3.0 rating because the trackball stopped entering on my Pearl after 1 year of normal use with a gel case and inivisishield on the phone. It had heavy use, but none I'd see that would effect the ball on it. Well I basically gave up on them after the Storm I had, had a software issue where it would stand straight up, but the screen wouldn't work in that mode, if you were on homescreen. I guess it was hardware. I did love the 7250 and the Curve. Just wished this and the Storm worked out for me!



Mar 21, 2010 by jacqueline1904

I absolutely hate this phone. It freezes on me ALLLL the time and I have to restart it by taking my battery out about 4-5 times a day. I even try to clear out all my messages and web usage in hopes that will make it run better...but nope, don't work. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

Limited Problems, Unless I Caused Them...


Nov 27, 2009 by bigvivx

I have owned the Blackberry Pearl for almost a year. I've found that there are very few problems unless I caused them myself, ie: water damage, dropping the phone, etc.

I was told from the very beginning that you had to baby the track ball-- so I did. I was also told that I would need an external memory card so that I wouldn't not recieve text messages. Also something I was prepared to purchase.

I think the sound quality coming both from the speaker/music player and earpiece is sufficient. I suppose it could be better, but I haven't had any problems with it and it works for my use. I haven't had any issues with the e-mail or texting. I LOVE the suretype and I'm very uneasy about upgrading because I love it so much. The only downfall is the fact that all the sent/recieved text messages are all in one spot.

I find that when I only charge it when it's needed it makes my battery life go way beyond expected. I believe this might be true with all phones.

The only glitch-y behavior I have had problems with was when I took my phone to Cancun I acquired water damage. Again, that was my fault, but I was able to get another phone through the insurance plan that I have.

- Small, compact size
- SureType is amazing
- Battery life is good
- Speaker phone/ music and earpiece give off clear sound.
- Internet browser is perfect for my needs.
- Trackball is easy to use.
- Convenience side keys are awesome.

- Picture quality isn't the best, but it works.
- Takes awhile to re-boot if you have to completely restart the phone.

Overall, I feel like you just have to mess around with the phone until you get the settings you prefer so that you can make it your own. I adore my pearl.

More than meets the eye.


Aug 26, 2009 by Tattooedmunky

When I originally got this phone, I suffered with feelings of phone-inadequacy, since the Pearl is by far the smallest in the Blackberry lineup. After countless nights wondering whether I'd inadvertently purchased a girl-phone, I saw several guys on "The Unit" carrying this phone...problem solved.
Aside from the small feel, this is a pretty solid little phone. It fits nicely in your pocket and once you get used to the odd keyboard, you can easily type emails or texts one-handed. Some users have had some issue with the trackball and from time to time I did need to clean it out, however I never had any major issues. Phone calls sound fine, reception quality is solid, camera is okay for what it is, bottom-line...this is a great into-Blackberry. However, buyer beware, just like tattoos, once you get one, you'll most certainly get another.

Loved it AT FIRST


May 21, 2009 by Tabarooney

When I first got this phone I loved it. I have now owned it for almost a year and I am ready to get a new phone.
-Scrolling with the ball is great
-E-mail is super quick
-E-mail and texting is really easy on the keyboard once you get used to it.

-Drops calls at random.
-Battery life is really bad now. Total talk time now is about an hour.
-Occasionally it deletes call history and text messages.
-At times when you type someones name to call and push talk it takes you to the address book
-Randomly it shuts off.

Would be, Could be and should be...


Jan 16, 2009 by kmw288

I should have known. A $75 blackberry after rebates seemed desirable. Of course, there's a reason for this "great" price.

Like many have said before, the phone WILL erase your call log, test messages and emails if it feels a need to free up memory.

Whats worse is the phone CONSTANTLY crashes and restarts. There's been days where it'll restart more than 16 times (yes, its been so frustrating that I've lost my mind and started counting). Even when its not in use- It crashes. Forget long calls, it'll crash. Don't call your girlfriend, it'll crash and she'll blame it on you. Don't call tech support for ANYTHING using this handset because... It'll reset like clockwork after you finally get connected to a human being.
I've been through FOUR handsets- All of them have been kept stock with no additional installed apps.

But there are some pros. I'll break them down below:

-Unbelievably Unstable firmware, you can count on constant daily crashes
-Poor battery life
-Slow to boot (about 2 minutes)
-USB receptacle quits working after a couple of months (very common problem). Cannot charge or sync.
-Side buttons are not "push and hold- So they get activated while phone is in pocket

-Java support
-Lots of free apps available (from what I hear- I cannot install any or the crashing problems get worse)
-Great multimedia support
-Bright flash, great camera
-Sleek design
-Plenty of security features
-Awesome email integration

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