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BlackBerry Pearl 8130


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Awesome Phone


Mar 5, 2008 by emtc911

This is an awesome phone. This is my first Blackberry and am very impressed and happy with it. I have had no problems with it what so ever. With my busy schedule it keeps me connected with everything I need. The Sprint Service is awesome. I have heard of some people losing stored info form there pearls when there battery gets below 50% I have yet to have that problem and have had my battery below 50% many times. I have lost no info stored on my phone. Signal with Sprint have been amazing been very few places I have not had a singnal unlike my other phones I have had where i hardly ever had a signal. The coverage is awesome in the central Alabama area is awesome with my pearl and the Sprint service. Very happy with my purchase of my Blackberry Pearl 8130.

Great Sprint signal coverage area

Great battery life

Very easy to use

Set up simple

Great mp3 player great sound

Awesome pictures with built in camera

Sprint Navigation service is awesome

Sprint musice store and Sprint TV is great

I am sure there is more about this phone I could go on about but all I have for now but will add more later




Feb 28, 2008 by rcbsbab

only problem ive found is with the h555 motorola bluetooth every other day you have to remove the battery on the phone for it to reset for voice activation. voice activation on the phone works fine as long as the bluetooth is not activated so the problem is with the bluetooth im told going to verizon today to have them figure it out. phone is excellent however had no problem with this bluetooth when used with my motorola razor. compared to other pdas size alone sold me along with the great recommendations about blackberry cause email is up most important to me.

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Perfect phone


Jan 10, 2008 by pgiovale

I have had the phone for 3 days and love everything about it. I am coming from a treo 700w and much prefer this phone. Email was so easy to setup and the web browser is so much better in my opinion.

It has taken me a couple of days to get used to typing on it, but now is so easy. I cant complain about anything on the device.

I am confident that this phone will be with me for quite some time.

No cons that I can think of, works great, calls are much clearer on both ends from what others have told me.

Fantastic Phone


Nov 23, 2007 by dmiron

I just switched from the 8830 to the Verizon 8130 and love it.

PROs: Almost Everything
- Size
- Email
- Keyboard
- Screen
- Media Player
- Ringer - it does not as loud as most traditional phones



Nov 13, 2007 by bxrider

First, I have never had a blackberry phone, but have always heard that once you go to a blackberry you will never go back.

That is so true. I do not think I could ever want another phone. Everything about this phone so far works for me.

-Excellent reception (verizon is #1)
-By far the best camera and flash (I was in a club over the weekend and it took great pictures and the flash was super bright)
-After working with Verizon technical service to get me messaging up. That works super fast.
-Receiving e-mails via blackberry and my work e-mails is great.
-Voice dialing is outstanding.

-Can not download ringtones from Verizon.
-Other than that this phones is 5 stars.
-I recommend this blackberry for all Verizon customers.

Barely OK


Apr 20, 2008 by youngboi85

To those in the market for a new phone, I wouldn't advise to puchase this phone. I have Verizon, and the service on the phone is sub-par compared to my previous phones.

-Good features to help keep a person organized.
-Loud speakerphone
-Large display
-Easy E-mail use

-Poor reception
-Phone has to be restarted daily
-Trackball goes out quickly
-Ringer isn't very loud

Overall, I would say that the Pearl is a very low entry level blackberry. I have used previous blackberry's in the past, and they worked way better then this.

send this pearl back to the oyster it came from


Feb 6, 2008 by meatss

this is my business and personal lifeline.

i am jumping OFF the wagon and running away from the 8130 back to the 8703e. i switched ONLY to have a camera.
i have had the 6250, 7120, 8703e, 8830, 8703e,and now the 8130.
the pearl has the SAME problems as the 8830.
i do NOT have a BES. use the web client redirector. (works great)

i am a HIGH VOLUME user.
Ӣ ~175 emails per day
Ӣ ~125 phone calls per day
Ӣ ~30 SMS per day
Ӣ ~85 blackberry IM per day
Ӣ ~20 Yahoo IM per day
Ӣ ~35 min of internet surfing per day

current applications: (had same apps on 8703e)
Ӣ blackberry messenger
Ӣ yahoo messenger
Ӣ 2 email accounts
Ӣ askmenow (deleted it w/ no improvement)
Ӣ ~25 custom ring tones (deleted w/ no improvement)

Ӣ camera
Ӣ media player (w/ 3.5 mm jack)
Ӣ track ball
Ӣ dial by name
Ӣ small
Ӣ keyboard lock actually works EVERY time.
Ӣ calendar can accept new appointments via email
Ӣ internet browser is much improved.
Ӣ Allows for greater customization of notifications of all apps

great for a week but I returned it.


May 11, 2008 by benreaves

+ nice fast internet connection
+ feels nice in the hand
+ many advanced features work on it, such as Jott and m.yahoo.com/voice. wls.live.com doesn't, but it seems not to be as useful.
, and many accessories such as silicone case are available.

- Keyboard layout is too weird. Slower than QWERTY, but faster than 12-key. Maybe this is my lack of reading the documentation completely, but I found it difficult to dial numbers like "800 FREE 411" or "800 FLO WERS".
- It's very expensive, especially with Sprint. If you want to use it as a USB modem, then you must pay an additional $30/mo. And this can't be combined with the $100/mo "everything" plan, so it would e $160/mo plus taxes "and fees." This was the deal-breaker for me. I'd love to transfer away from Sprint, but Sprint is the sole provider in a couple of areas I commonly need cell-phone coverage (90274)
- No one-touch voice-recorder. While driving, I can't be looking at the screen to find the record button or the stop or pause button. Even if you assign the side-key to Voice Recorder or VR+, you still don't get one-touch recorder. This was another deal-breaker for me.

I found the advanced features to be of novelty value for me, but Sprint's billing for USB-Modem and the lack of one-touch voice recording, both of which I use heavily on my old Sanyo 8200, broke the deal for me.

Pretty Decent.... still learning


May 11, 2008 by New Pearl User

Had the Treo 700wx and I bought this phone because it's small... I needed small AND pink! Love that it is compact. I had one memory leak issue and after I did a reset it hasn't happened again. The Suretype doesn't matter to me... I use Multi Tap and that is fine with me. I love the call quality. I get a signal in places where I didn't with the 700 wx and Bluetooth works nice with it where it didn't with 700 wx. Software that I thought wouldn't work with this phone does. There were 2 clinchers for me keeping this phone... the data plan was actually CHEAPER for this phone with Verizon Wireless AND IMO, dealing with Tech Support with BB is much better than with Palm. I do miss the way my messages were separated in Palm tho and some of the 3rd party software are not available with BB although the parts that are a necessity to me are. BB is the way to go when you want simplicity and not excess, it seems. This is my 1st BB and overall I am pleased.

Such potential just not there...


Apr 28, 2008 by peteyd

I'm now on phone number 2 and looking at going to number 3. The phone started out awesome but quickly went down. It started out with me not getting text messages and mms messages, then I wouldn't get some phone calls they would go strait to voice mail and my icon would just pop up, plus my phone would just freeze up and not work. So I called verizon and they couldn't figure it out. So I took my phone to a local store and they poked around with it and were at a loss so the manager said send him a new phone they did and it worked!!! For about a week :( then the memory leak started happening BAD someone would call me and I would see who it was and couldn't tell, now I'm still not getting some messages. At first I LOVED the Pearl but now I cant wait to get rid of it. Fortunately one of the phones on my family plan is eligible for upgrade next month so I'll be using that to replace my phone. Just be weary if purchase it.

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