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LG Voyager VX-10000


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Mediocre phone but get something better...no worth the money


Aug 6, 2009 by spldbaby4life

great QWERTY keyboard
great reception
battery life
easy to learn

this is my 5th replacement the same thing is wrong the screen messes up and it wont charge after a certain point.
the touch screen is stupid. does crazy scrolling.
it stop reading my memory card after a while.

If you get this phone please get insurance cuz it will mess up. my sister has the enV touch it is much better but i dont know how long that will last I will never buy a touch screen from LG again

Great phone..every phone has its glitches though!


Jul 24, 2009 by trackrunna146

I just got this phone yesterday, it is a GREAT phone! I am very impressed with the upscale features it now has. I mean, the LG enV Touch probably has it beat but that is a brand new phone and this one is two years old.
I LOVE this phone, though!

I will name the pros, first.
-Great touch screen
-Hinges are very sturdy, feel really strong
-The QWERTY keyboard is AMAZING! Much better than my enV. More responsive.
-The "Favorites" screen appears when you simply tap the background after it's unlocked
-The phone knows to lock when you make a call so your cheek doesn't dial keys by mistake.
-A very attractive phone
-The exterior "Lock" Switch
-The camera...it is great! And it feels like a real digital camera when you use it. You can make it full screen and use it horizontally!
-The speakers are INCREDIBLE for music.
-The ease of text messaging.
-The speaker is not TOO loud, as some are. It doesn't get all shaky and staticy like some other phones.
-Visual voicemail and VZ navigator are incredible! The Voicemail feature is nice, although I don't need to pay 1.99 for it.
-There are MANY more that make this an EXCELLENT phone!

As every phone has, there are a few cons:
-The contact list does not allow you to type a name in, but rather divides it in to five groups of letters. I have many contacts. I have to now scroll down until I find my contact..that annoys me. It is the same for text messaging. Why can't they keep that bar like the enV has that lets you just type in the name?
-The alarm clock, I found, was not as loud as my enV. Actually, it didn't wake me up and shock me like my enV alarm clock does.
-Personaly, I do not like the ringtones..but thats not a problem..
-When texting on the outside, it takes a firm push occasionally to get every key hit. But, why not just use the inside key?
-The speaker on the outside, honestly, has a little bit of a shaky sound. Perhaps it's just mine? But not 2 bad.

Those are really my only complaints I have for this phone. It is INCREDIBLE! GET IT!

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Decent for a regular phone


Jul 14, 2009 by guitarruler1994

Touch Screen
screen resolution
micro sd
texting is easy

restarts by itself

The voyager is the best phone to get on verizonwireless if tou are not getting a pda or smartphone

Many Shortcomings


Jul 9, 2009 by Coachbulldog

At first I really liked the phone but my opinion has changed the more I use it and now I am looking forward to upgrading to a real smart phone.

There are several positives about this phone. Voice quality when making a phone call is very good. The screen resolution is crystal clear and the camera does take good photos. The ESPN MVP app is great for a sports fan, but it is available on other phones. But to me, the negatives far outweigh the positives.

The touch screen is difficult to use and I no longer try, choosing instead to flip open the phone and use the keyboard. If you are looking for a touchscreen phone, this is not one to buy.

When you using the internet it is necessary to clear the cache every few minutes. Loading webpages is very slow.

Battery life is weak and I have to charge my phone every day or I lose power.

Verizon makes the applications for this phone very expensive. Most of the good apps for this phone require the user to pay a monthly subscription fee.

With all of the new phones that are, or will be available, I am looking forward to getting a better phone than the Voyager when my contract is up for renewal. If you are looking for smart phone capabilities, the Voyager is NOT the one your want.

Piece of Junk


Jun 21, 2009 by socalgirl

I have owned 3 of these phones in the past 2 months. The first phone lasted me about 9 months, but only because I was too busy to take it in and have all the "bugs" looked at. The touch screen would freeze up constantly, the phone would drop calls randomly, and it would turn itself off at random times (even when the battery was fully charged.) I could never send a picture message to anyone who was not a Verizon customer, even though I was paying for picture messaging each month. I finally had a chance to take it to the store and they told me it needed a software upgrade. I had to leave it at the store for about 3 hours but was assured that would fix all the problems. Picked it up and all the problems continued immediately. Took it back about a week later and they exchanged it for a new phone. This one only held a charge for about an hour if I didn't use it at all and then would shut itself off and would not turn on again until it was fully charged with the wall charger (car charger did nothing.) Took it back in to the store, where they informed me that they didn't carry that phone any more because it had so many problems. I said "Great! Give me something else!" I was then informed that wasn't their policy and was told they would order me a replacement. I received it in the mail about 3 days later and it was a "refurbished" titanium version that was all scratched up and was without a battery. My phone is black. When I called to question them about this the response was "Um....I don't know." Needless to say, I'll be sending that one back. I've decided to buy a phone off ebay and switch carriers asap. Don't waste your money on this phone!

its okay


Jun 20, 2009 by johnnychiurazzi

I have had this phone for about 2 months now. At first i LOVED it but now I'm having problens with my touch screren.

nothing but problems


Jun 16, 2009 by yankeefan316

first off let me just say i do love verizons coverage and there service its not there fault the voyager is junk lg makes it they just carry it.i first got the env2 my wife got the voyager i went back to best buy in 2 days to swap phones at first i was pleasantly pleased we both were however she is on her 6th voyager im on my 2nd about to be my 3rd we both have the same problems the phone shuts itself off and reboots all the time every phone has done this and it kills the battery i know when they send you phones in the mail there refurbished phones(which your gonna have problems again,i use to work for radioshack)verizon agreed to send my wife the new env touch im still stuck with the voyager as long as i dont have problems i wont care about her getting a newer phone i just want one without the problems



Jun 15, 2009 by goheels

purchased this phone Feb 09. i really wanted the Env2 but the external screen was just too tiny for me. plus i wanted a touch screen. seem like something cool to have especially with the option to do touch or actual keyboard. now i'm not sure if i really like this phone. here are some reasons why:

-battery life STINKS! once it starts beeping low battery, you BETTER run for the nearest charger or you're DONE! the battery don't last long at all then it takes forever to recharge.
-ring volume is HORRIBLE!.downloaded ringtones, barely hear them
-very weak vibrate
-touch screen freezes at times
-sometimes while scrolling on the touch, all of a sudden the phone will start scrolling at 100 mph. HATE THAT! gotta tap the screen several times to stop it.
-on the shortcut menu, would like to have more menu items as options such as the calculator.
-on the entry mode of text messaging would like to have the option for Word or Abc to start in lower case
-drops calls on a weekly basis
-sometimes when i take pixs, when i go to view them, there is a box with a question mark in it. what the heck is that & where is my pix?
-wish i could have the speakerphone on the outside of phone instead of internal
-can't put an address under your contacts. my Alias did it. Suprised this phone dont
-i like having a 'missed call' alert. it's available on text messages but not missed calls.

-like the touch vs keyboard option
-love VVM
-pixs come out pretty nice
-like the fact the calendar icon reminder appears on front screen only on the day of the event. when i had the Alias, that icon stayed on the external screen until you deleted it.
-i can assign a different ringtone to each contact

well that's all i can think of for right now. i may call VZW to see how much it will cost me to switch to Env3 this early. i don't think i can go another year with this Voyager. hope this info helped.

Not the phone for me


Jun 3, 2009 by Tiny_J

I was talked out of several other phones when renewing my contract. The consumer reviews couldn't say enough nice things about this phone, so I agreed. I wish I hadn't. 6 months into it, and I am hating my phone! Dont get me wrong, I dislike when people bash a perfectly good phone. I just dont think this phone is the one for me.

I am the owner of an iPod Touch, so I assumed this would be similar. It's not in any way, except for it's size. IT'S HUGE! The scrolling and touch screen work nothing like an other touch screen I've used. It's just weird.

Overall, I paid an extra $250 to change phones and am EXTREMELY happy with the LG Envy3.

-keyboard and internal screen are good for surfing the web.
-GREAT battery life (Mine would last 2-3 days without a charge.

-Touch Screen. Even when recalibrate, it still didn't work very well (updates are available but didn't help)
-Scroll. Touch screen keeps going if you scroll to fast. If you scroll too slow, it selects option.
-Big and Bulky. Overall size is bigger than an iphone, blackberry, and most other phones.
-Other little things like text wont start in a Capital letter, Certain tools like alarm clock are 6 options deep, No Flash, etc.

horrible phone ev er worst!


Apr 3, 2009 by sillyjilly111

i gott my the first phone on december 27 then i got my second phone on january 11 and i got my thrid phone on april 2! this phone is the worst phone possible!

-good texting phone
-touch screen is okay

-charger sucks i had to litterally get 6 in march and 1 in april sooo far and ive haddd none broken with first phone....6 broken with second phone......1 broken with 3rd phone

-phone=horrible i had to get 3 different phones practiacally one per month
1. demcember 27
2. january 11
3 april 2

-touch screen
- phone

-pictues come out horrible
- pixles are green, blue and gray
- barely saves

- turns off alot

- when not using command thing always turns off even when no sound is on

-when you gett a new charger make sure:
*dont shove the charger in putt it in very very very very very very very gentle
*duck tape the chaager to wall because the carger thing always comes outt
*when pulling outtt...pulll out very very very very very veyr gentle
*if falls on ground try to catch very quick or else it should be broken
*when u goto verizon bring charger and DONT BUY another charger same thing will repeatly happen over and over again until u get a new phone

-dont buy touch screen protectors they come right off and dirt gets inside lots

-dont have over 100 pictures phone freezes and text messages cant beee sent or recieved most of the time

-black voyager is much much better

-charge alll night...battery liife is horrible very horrible i charge it all night and then turn it off til morning then its only got 3 bars

**thats most of the bad stuff of the voyager this info. isnt fake....its alll true worst phone out there i recommend blackberrry better much dont get this phone! if you do good luck!**

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