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BlackBerry Curve 8310


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hypontized :O


Jun 8, 2008 by WorkLover08

OMG THIS PHONE IS WONDERFUL!!! I have had this phone for about 3 or 4 months now and i absoultley love this phone!!! i HATED blackberrys before and now i cant get my hands off of this thing. i hated the way they looked, felt, and the weight of it. now i have this thing attached to my hip at all times and the only thing i dont like is the color which eventually wont matter .

- you can get a full myspace page on it.
-push to talk
-xm radio
-comes with headphones and data transfer cables.
-full gps turn by turn navigation.
-full qwerty keyboard.
-downloadable guiatr hero 3
-2.0 megapixel camera.
-wonderful screen quality
-great picturre quailty
-auto flash for camera

i wish it came in white or pink for at&t

other than that this is the best phone out!!

Outstanding Phone


May 9, 2008 by abcphoneguy

This is my 7th phone in 3 years. Most of the other phones I've had i didn't feel the need to post a review on them. I hadn't planed on doing so for this phone until i read a review that said the # key can't be just dialed while in a phone call. They said that you had to hit Alt key before being able to. That information is false you are able to dial the numbers just like normal when you are in a phone call, the phone is smart enough to know what you are wanting to input. Also, 1 reviewer was upset that he couldn't surf the web browser and talk on the phone at the same time...i have yet to see a phone that will allow this. Reason being the phone only has one way to connect to the network and one way at a time. unless you have wifi...but any who...this phone rocks...only con i have with it is the battery life.

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Cant get much better...


May 2, 2008 by Future

There are already so many great reviews on here that talked about all the great features of this phone.

It is without question the most advanced and complete phone I've ever used. Is it perfect? No. But its pretty darn good.

I didnt give it a complete 5 out of 5

I wish the keys were just a tad bit bigger for my fat fingers.

The glossy finish smears easy.

Not too much to complain about. Go buy it.

Simply the Best!


Apr 29, 2008 by marufio

As a new PDA user the Curve has been awesome.

Very easy to use.
Small size factor

Cons none so far.



Apr 16, 2008 by satanux


The best phone ever, GPS, Emails, Voice Recorded, etc... beauti!



Everyone knows its a great phone!


Apr 14, 2008 by Stasis Man

I won't go on and on with Pros. I've had about every brand of phone over the years. I was hesitant to get a phone as complex and versatile as the Blackberry, but its actually a very easy phone to use.

Pro: Easy to customize, and you can customize virtually everything! Really good speakerphone. I haven't had an issue with battery life.

Cons: I take issue with the fact that the ringer volume is not adjustable. Its either on, off, or vibrate. This phone has a great ringer, but sometimes I would prefer it was a little less loud.

People also give a con for there not being Wi-Fi. Who cares? Subscribe to Blackberry service!

If you are torn between a Blackjack and a Blackberry...get a blackberry.



Oct 19, 2007 by greybeard45

Bought this phone a few days ago as a replacement for my Nokia E62 smartphone. The cons outweigh the pros by far.
1) cannot access many websites like I can with my Nokia E61. For example, wagerline.com does not work on Blackberrys. A website should come up just like it would on my desktop computer, not true with Blackberry's funky operating system. With my Nokia, I could access any website on the internet just like you would see it on your home computer. Thats how it should be.
2)When not in use, the phone turns completely black. All of my other phones at least showed the time of day, or a screen. This is particularly bothersome during phone calls when the phone is completely black. I would like to see how long the call is lasting, or what time of day it is.
3) the keyboard is budget. I was spoiled with the Nokia E62 keyboard. This looks and feels like a keyboard from the mid 90s.
4) the trackball works great, but it looks and feels very flimsy, like it wont last long
5) the GPS is a joke. They wanted to charge me $10 more every month for this feature. No way! I am not 'lost' that often, and they sure advertise the GPS like crazy without telling you it is an extra $10 per month plus $3 in taxes.
6) the # symbol is not a main key on the numbers. When I was calling my bank (and other companies) I was instructed to enter my account number followed by the pound key. I cannot enter the pound key with this phone because I have to hit ALT then #.
7) Switching from my Nokia to Blackberry costs $10 more per month (plus $3 in taxes). Extra charge for 'Blackberry' use.
8) Slingbox is available for every phone except Blackberrys.
1) call quality is very good and very clear
2) the push email is a great feature
3) the size of the phone is perfect. The form factor is perfect. This (and the push email) are the reasons I bought the phone)
4) great battery life

Blessing or a curse?


May 6, 2008 by chocolateman85006

You tell me! I gave up my Tilt for a Curve; the Red 8310, to be precise. I'm partially wondering why I did that?! I mostly like it, but there are a couple deal breakers , as you'll see below.

Strong signal.
Trackball is functional.
It's a bar model, not flip or slider.
Pretty good camera.
Many downloads are availble, and more are to come!
Can take the SDHC cards.
Not big at all.
Full qwerty.
Compatible with Facebook.
It accepts all my music files.
Internet is decent.

Yahoo IM won't work with it.
No video!
No 3G
Can't be on the phone and the net simultaneously.
Can't set up e-mail after hours of trying (which is the reason I went to the curve).

I like having my e-mail mobile; and if I can't get it fixed, I'm switching phones! If I can, then it's a keeper for life!

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