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How do i love thee? Let me count the ways...


Apr 3, 2008 by RudeLewdTattooed

I have dreamed of this phone since i got to play with one in a data training class when i wored for ATT. After my 580i bit the dust 3 times in 4 months, ATT was "kind" enough to let me do an early upgrade and gave me quite a deal on my curve. I opted for the red one and the second it was in my hand, it was love at first crack.
-The batter sucks something awful
-Sometimes when they phone is rebooting itself it takes for.ever.
-No video record
-No 3g
-Wish there was a button for phone lock instead of an icon...or both.

-Keeps about 7382190738912 texts/emails. Seriously. I text 2000+ a month and god knows how many emails and they are all still there.
-Camara is pretty good
-I LOVE that i can use the PTT button for something else. I now use it for my media player.
-The free downloadable themes are cracktastic
-The speaker on this thing (for media player) is LOUUUD. I can have it in my living room and hear it in the back of my house. Oh, and the sound is pretty damn sweet too
-Its so much smaller than i thought!

All in all, thank you for creating this phone. It never leaves my hand. I am now an antisocial hermit who needs no friends....i have my crackberry. If it washed dishes, i would marry it.

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Mar 30, 2008 by callie

I bought the BlackBerry Curve today and this is what I have found so far.

- full QWERTY keyboard
- quad band world phone
- nice big screen
- digital camera
- Bluetooth
- Push To Talk
- Media Player

NONE! :)

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This in reply to Greybeard


Mar 13, 2008 by phurst

Where do i begin:

1)For starters wagerline.com does come up with no problems. After reading your review it was the first thing i tried and had no problems. If you are looking for the same site as your computer than you need to download opera mini onto the phone.

2)The gps function is advertised all over. Telenav is the company they use and its a great program. The phone has integrated gps so no receiver needed. Telenavs website allows you to set your trips up in advance so after you leave one destination it takes you to another.It finds the lowest gas prices in the area, different types of restaurants and any business you can think of, it will find and give you directions automatically.

3) The BB package is 30 dollars a month. That explained before purchase. Its obvious you have to pay for a feature if you plan on using it and if its a financial burden maybe the phone isn't right for you.

4)Even though the phone isn't 3g or doesn't have wi-fi, the edge network is plenty fast enough for the data process.

5) The only nokia you can even compare it to would be the n95 and thats pushing it.

Anyone who is interested in the Curve 8310, i would highly recommend it. I have my choice of any pda to use being in the business and wouldn't change it for any other one..

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Mar 5, 2008 by nicktaco

Absolutely one of the best phones ever made! This phone has GPS Navigation(the real deal) and is very professional and sleek and actually very easy to use.

-full QWERTY keyboard
-roller ball scrolling
-in-holster blackout feature
-able to choose your favorite Fonts
and styles
-conversation saving
-email pulling(awesome)!!!!!

-there have been a couple that have had problems with the phone deleting information after about a couple of months or so. Other than that there are no Cons....

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One Of Blackberry's Best


Feb 29, 2008 by jaskat

This is probably the best phone by Blackberry to date. I previuosly had the 8300 curve, had a close friend who needed a phone and gave them the 8300 and I got myself the 8310. She is now also a blackberry fan. I loved the 8300 and now that I have the 8310 with GPS is is even better.

Beautiful Screen
Size(Light Weight)
Great MP3 Player
Great Personal Organizer:
3rd Party Software



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Now I know why they call it the Crackberry!


Feb 29, 2008 by soxfanshawn

I LOVE this device. I had purchased the Palm Centro for AT&T and was not very happy with it at all (see my review on the Centro for my reasons why) so I exchanged it for the BB 8310 and couldn't be happier. There are some drawbacks that prevent me from giving the device a full 5 star rating, but overall I love it and in the few days I've had it it has already helped me get more organized and stay in touch with my contacts.

-Great Screen (love the brightness auto-adjust).
-Blackberry OS is wonderful.
-Great call quality.
-Surprisingly good battery life.
-Push email.
-Full qwerty keyboard works very well.
-Tons of themes available.
-Good amount of third party software like Opera Mini, Google Maps, Jive Talk, Viigo, etc...
-Camera takes great pictures for a phone.
-Media capabilities are great.
-Came with a decent set of ear buds.

-No 3g
-Camera doesn't take video.
-Some software can be a bit pricey.
-Speakerphone isn't the greatest, but it is good enough.

This is my first BB and I am officially addicted. It took a couple days to learn my way around the OS, but now I'm in love!

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I'm Happy I Traded My Tilt For A Curve 8310!


Feb 19, 2008 by Leo Lioness

All I have to say is that after two weeks of owning my new Curve 8310 I love it! I needed a good phone that also had good calendar and email capabilities. The Curve has it! There is great community support on this forum, Blackberry.com and at Crackberry.com, where there are many free themes and wallpapers to customize the Curve. As a girly type, I love the pretty red color too!

The only "Con" I can report is getting used to the Blackberry format, since this is my first Blackberry and I was used to Windows. But now that I am familiar with it, it is not really a "Con".

I feel like I gave the Tilt a fair try, as I tried 3 different phones. I did love some of the features of the Tilt. The touch screen was fun and easy to use and it had good organization. I traded it for the Curve because I experienced poor phone signal strength and it just would not download my email (I even have AT&T.net and my mobile carrier is AT&T, go figure!). The Curve downloaded my email on the first try and it downloads it practically in real-time! The Tilt had WiFi and the 8310 does not, but I don't miss it. I can still browse the Internet with Internet Browser quick enough.

I would highly recommend the Curve 8310.

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Love it - beats the Treo 750


Jan 25, 2008 by sammy.5

I Loved my Treo 650 but when it starting wearing out I looked for a new phone.
This phone is great. Negs few.
I also use a Treo 750 for e-mail only. This blows the 750 away.
- Battery life
- memory card very hard to get to
- when calling numbers after hours, where you must key in a name, there is no "key pad" to key the name of the person you are calling
- need to work with GoodLink
- easy to use
- The Tel Nav works great!

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Terrific Device!


Jan 24, 2008 by aspirito

I moved over from Verizon to AT&T for the Blackberry Curve and I couldn't be more pleased.

This device is top notch. It's packed with features, all of which work quite well. The email is a snap to set up and the call quality is equivalent or better to any experience I had over the nine years I was with Verizon.

The Curve synchs easily and flawlessly with all aspects of MS Outlook. GPS functionality is great too. Even if you don't subscribe to Telenav, Google maps or Yahoo Maps (through Yahoo GO!) work just fine. The Yahoo Go! interface on this phone is VERY cool as well. The Curve is can also be easily personalized in various ways and the camera is a good feature.

There isn't really much to complain about...the only exception might be small keyboard keys, but this only a minor thing.

I would highly recommend it.

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Jan 23, 2008 by JTIGHE

Over the last few years I have had alot of phones. My last purchase was a Treo 680 which has been my phone for a year. Before I purchased the Treo I took home the original BlackJack. Although I liked the phone it just wasen't what I was looking for. Having loved the 680 my natural first choice was going to be the Treo 750. However, after playing around with it at the store I foung the windows software confusing and a bit slow. After talking to a few other people that owned them already, I decided not to go with it. I Looked at 4 other phones. First, the Iphone which I had bought my wife. The phone itself is unbelievable however I found that typing was hard for me. Also it is geared more around Internet and music with a phone built in. I prefer it to be the other way. The Pantech Duo looked interesting but felt cheap. The last 2 where the new BlackJack and the Motorola Q. After playing with both of them in the store I made up my mind to try the BlackJack. If you haven't already go ahead and click on one of the BlackBerry ads on this website. Thats is what I did the night before going to AT&T and was blown away.
I for some reason have always been anti-BlackBerry and I don't know why. Well because AT&T gives you 30 days to try out a phone I figured what the heck. I purchased the Curve 2 weeks ago with intention on bringing it back for one of my other choices. Well after 2 weeks I can tell you this phone is not going anywhere besides back on my belt clip. Everything that I have ever wanted a phone to do, this does it and more.

-Great design (rubber sides easy keyboard)
-Track ball is
-Internet is perfect for me
-Best email on the planet
-Regular headphone input
-MP3 player
-GPS ($10 a month through Navtech is great but downloading google maps works good too)

Con's (but not really)
-No WiFi(Who cares Internet works fine without trying to find a source)
-No 3G's(Getting 5 times the information only 3 time's as fast)

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