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Very Nice


Jan 14, 2008 by pastmac

I have had this phone now since October after returning my Palm smart phone because of the poor battery life. I can say that I have been very happy with the Blackberry 8310. It has very good reception and phone quality. The organizer function which is very important to me works very well and links without a hitch to my Outlook program on the computer. Email and the internet work very well also. I travel extensively across the U.S. and have had very few times there have been any big signal problems. On occasion there have been places without the Internet access but they have been few. The screen is bright and clear. The keyboard is easy to use but like any phone of this type the keys are small so you can easily have typo's but as I said that is pretty much the way it is on this kind of devise. Blue tooth works great and syncs very easily. I do wish that Rim had a word program or made this unit completely compatible with MS Word. The camera is better than any other phone camera I have had to date and the build and feel of the phone is very good. All in all I have been very satisfied with the Blackberry 8310 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a smart phone of this nature.


Good reception
clear screen
easy to use
easy sync
good blue tooth
light and good looking


Needs word processor program
Better quality case offerings

All in all for my dollar it is a hard act to beat!

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Powerful, compact, and sleek phone


Dec 29, 2007 by elegant

I've been using a Nokia E62, and then a E65 before, and I recently switched to BB Curve 8310. One of the main features I want in a PDA phone is a qwerty keyboard -- the E62 had it, but it was too bulky. The Curve 8310 is a great phone: compact and sleek, while at the same time convenient to use w/ the qwerty keyboard. Here are the pros and cons.


1. Qwerty keyboard, convenient to type
2. Looks great, compact, light (much lighter than the iphone).
3. Screen resolution is very good and clear
4. Call quality is good
5. Speaker phone is pretty loud and clear
6. 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to use any headphone for music.
7. Standard USB cable
8. Charges through USB
9. Neat camera w/ automatic flash
10. Multi-color LED indicator pretty useful
11. GPS works great w/ Google Maps.
12. OS is fast with no noticeable lag.


1. Phone not as rugged as the E62. Feels a bit fragile. But that's what you get for the light weight.
2. The phone body is made of a shiny plastic material and it is easy for it to slip off the hand.
3. No WiFI
4. Cannot record videos using inbuilt camera
5. Screen completely goes blank when not in use -- my old Nokia phones used to display time and missed call notifications. Here you need to press some key to see if there are missed calls (can workaround by through LED notification using a third party software).
6. Battery life is not as good as E62.

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Dec 29, 2007 by Dayandrea_22

First of the BlackBerry Curve has to be one of AT&T's most well rounded phones especially when it comes to media-capabilities.

*speakers&projecting sound
*track of texts (sent and received)
*speaker phone..EXTREMELY LOUD :-)
*voice dialing

*ability to hide applications
*4+ themes
*keyboard setup

*downloading music files (way to hard and complicated)
*roxio was really slow (and i have a fast pc)
*couldnt edit pictures (on the device)
*even with themes some applications seemed really plain and boring (backgrounds to screens with alot of text)

Overall if your strictly professional and needing simple but advanced qualities to your phone..blackberry curves for you..I only wanted it because its a BLACKBERRY

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Awesome Phone!


Dec 22, 2007 by MarkZ71

Ok.. This is my first Blackberry. I really didn't buy it for the Blackberry service plans. I needed a phone with a full keyboard layout. I needed a good phone and a phone that was easy to text on.
I have to say this phone is addictive. I love it! I gave up my Samsung Sync for this one. I've tried just about every good phone out there, but this one takes the cake.
Here's my personal pro's and con's...

-Excellent call quality(audio) clean and clear.
-Great keyboard. Took me a day or so to get use to it coming from a standard cell keypad.
-Many great features for a smartphone.
-Great texting phone.
-Internet easy to use on it.
-Takes good pictures for a cell phone 2MP camera. If you want better, get a real camera.
-Customizable menu layout.
-Use your MP3's as ringtones.
-Screen is easy to see even in extremely bright daylight.
Look, this phone is awesome...too many great features to keep listing.

Cons: (but not really a big deal for me_)
-No 3G(don't care, cuz its not availabe in my area.
-No WiFI (same as above)
-Track ball light is a tad bright even when dim at night while trying to text and drive.
-Memory card not easy to get to quickly. Its in the batt compartment. I would really like it available on the side or top of the phone. Thats really only my complaint.

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Wow, very impressed


Dec 12, 2007 by CingularSUX

I am very picky, and 8 out of 10 reviews I write are negative or complaints. This one is not. This phone is superior to everything else out there, including the iphone and anything by Nokia. It has everything. I have my entire office in my pocket when I am on the road. This is my first Blackberry, and the push email is unbelievable. The form factor is perfect. My last phone (Nokia e61) was too bulky. Call quality and speakerphone are very, very good. I am currently downloading songs to a micro 6gb sd card so I can use it for music while I am playing poker. The internet is very quick, much quicker than my previous phones.
I am very happy with this baby!

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Love at first sight


Dec 10, 2007 by CingularKE

This is by far, the greatest phone I have ever used. It is jam packed with features and is sensible in size. Whether yours a business professional, full time student or soccer mom material, it has everything you could possibly need !!

1. Fantastic reception - comparable to a Nokia
2. 2 mega pixel camera with flash - awesome !
3. Full qwerty keyboard
4. Trackball makes for easy navigation
5. Speaking of navigation - embedded GPS ! (even has pedestrian mode)
6. Very customizable
7. Micro SD slot with no maximum memory !! 1BG, 2GB, 4GB ... etc.
8. Memo pad and task manager are awesome.
9. MP3 player rocks .. speaker/sound quality is fabulous.
10. Blackberry interface is very user friendly.
11. Push email is great -- 11 total accounts on any Blackberry
12. Battery life is actually pretty good. Through the course of a regular day for me, I 200 texts, 20-30 emails, talk for an hour+ a day, listening to the mp3 player, IM, play games .. and I can get 1.5 - 2 days out of this bad boy.

Siiiiick phone :)

I have 2 complaints -- and that is it.
1. Video. You can watch videos -- full length ones -- but you cannot record your own.
2. Internet could be faster -- but hey, its not 3G. I knew that buying it .. so cant really complain.

Overall, great phone. I am in totally in love and, sad to say, but offically addicted to Blackberry :)

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8310 vs palm and HTC h620


Dec 7, 2007 by nortonsg

I was reluctant to change from treo and couldnt find better options with cingular HTC h620 and there flip. EAch had there own issues.
RIms new 8310 pros
-Great speakerphone
-AWESOME GPS $4 month using mobile mapquest
-map it from contact manager kicks
-magnetic internal switch turns phone off when slipping it into holster so your not randomly dialing people
-easily dialed phone numbers, which is the first and primary use
-easy to write and receive emails with spell check etc,
-great easy to use keyboard
-2M camera with FLASH a first for me on phones

cons-I prefer IE for web browsing, the built in RIM browser is so so.
no stop watch(a minor issue I could download it)
-I wish they would duplicate the model and make it in a flip design

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BB Curve is Great!


Dec 4, 2007 by yober

The phone is great, I had a pearl before this and the full keyboard is great!

speaker sound
screen (colors and graphics)
spellcheck option
GREAT Speaker-phone
Professional, yet Styling & very Sheek
Track Ball

# button option
clicking sound in speaker when connecting
Blackberry not available in black :)
cant access allot of websites on Blackberry
not much memory backup
Battery Life could be better
Blackberry service is too DAMN EXPENSIVE!!
($25.00) per month extra with Tmobile!!!
This sucks!!!

After everything as a phone its great i wouldn't trade it in for anything else, not nokia, and not Iphone and not blackjack or etc...This is truly areal professionals phone and it looks great!!!

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I'm an addict after 48hrs


Dec 2, 2007 by Michael95GT

This is my 1st Blackberry, but I'va had just about every smartphone/pda that AT&T/Cingular has offered in the last couple years. My previous favorite was the Blackjack, but the Curve is just about the perfect size. I do miss my 3G, but the GPS is a great compensation!!

Size & Color(Was a VERY hard decision between the "Titanium" and "Dark Red")
Great reception
Good battery life
GPS(There ar several FREE alternatives to the TeleNav software)
Super loud ringtones/alerts/volume
Push Email
Voice Recognition; out of the box
Stereo Headset & Leather Pouch included.

No 3G, but not a dealbreaker.
2 browsers; one for WAP, one for HTML It can be confusing(greybeard45)

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Excellent with some room to grow


Nov 3, 2007 by latemodel

I switched from Sprint (I was a AT&T user prior to that), so I can judge from my both systems experiences. I had hard time deciding between iPhone, Blackberry Curve, Sprint Touch and Centro. My choice depended on leaning towards AT&T (works better in my apt.) and having a touch screen. GSM has another advantadge of compatibility in other countries, whereas CDMA in US takes lead in voice quality, clarity (I don't mean reception). So far GSM is a really good sounding phone. So here's my list.

- size & lightness
- ideal communication powerhouse, flexible and multitalented, while still being pocketable
- $200 is great value!
- call quality (for GSM)
- loads of software are available
- GPS!! (get this, free Google Maps show your location, no need to pay for Telenav, unless you want to do turn-by-turn)
- trackball does NOT compare to having touch screen, but it compensates for not having one
- software is very stable
- screen is great!
- blackberry functionality with camera
- cute, nicely designed

- build quality (plastic feels cheap, squeeks, shows gaps between body covers after a week).. not saying that it will fall apart, but it feels
- internet browser is a laugh comparing the Safari on iPhone
- third-party applications are relatively expensive
- battery life could be better (i would not call it terrible), but it's less than i expected

I did not think I would love this phone, but I did love it after one day of use.

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