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The best phone ever made!


Oct 29, 2007 by BKKloppenborg

I used to have a Nokia E62 before this phone and loved that phone, but wanted to upgrade. At first i saw the reviews on this phone and was not going to get it due to the 3.88 review. But i decided to get it a go and all i can say is WOW. This is a great phone!

Pros: Software stable, easy to use, Battery life is pretty good for a PDA phone, GPS is great, love the way the keyboard is. PPT, Pretty good camera.

Cons: Wish it had 3G on it, and wifi.

The web browsing is pretty good, Camera is decent for still shots only. (don't care about that) Music is nice and loud, so is the ring tones, and ear piece. I am now a bb fan.

Great Phone


Oct 25, 2007 by Truckie4

I have had AT&T (Cingular) for about 5 years. I have had alot of phones! RIM, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Sansung....all of them. And I have had every Blackberrys since the 7290. This is one of the best Blackberrys I have ever had!

1. all the usualls
2. and ....Gps. (once I got it working. It did not work for the first 3 days)

1. Battery life is horrible!'
2. No 3G
3. No wifi

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Pretty Good


Oct 25, 2007 by testarosa5000

Well I had the original curve back when it came out and I was in love with it and still am. But the firmware had started to bug out so I called at&t. They sent me the 8310 to my surprise and first off I was smitten by the new color. I got it in titanium grey and it looks so much better than the original.I also noticed the the 8310 seemed to be a bit quicker than the 8300, and I don't know if its me, but I swear the display is a bit better also. The included GPS is a great bonus also.

-Great New Color
-Built-In GPS
-Quicker Processor
-Better screen resolution (in my opinion)
-Easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard
-3.5 mm headphone jack (standard)

-No 3G
-I had to buy JiveTalk to use AIM on my phone, which i highly recommend.
-No WiFi
-Battery life is pretty bad, I have to charge it mid-wasy threw the day for it to survive all day.

Overall its an amazing phone with everything one can use in a small compact package.



Oct 18, 2007 by ariemcd

Just Got My 8310 today.

As a device, I give it 5 stars because from an Objective point of view, It is great!

Subjectively, there are a few things I didn't particularly like.

What I think So Far:


:Love the size.
:Can't believe it's smaller than my BlackJack
:Sound Quality
:Display Quality
:Track Ball


:No 3G
:No WiFi
:Keys probably a bit small for most men
:Never have liked the Blackberry Software Suite.

3 Days In - This is the Sweet Spot


Oct 29, 2007 by robsw

I've been alternating between an 8700 on weekdays when I'm away from the the office and need all the functionality and a Rizr Z3 other times, when I don't want to carry something huge and just need a phone. I wanted to find the happy median. I considered waiting for the Pearl 2, but since nobody I know who has a Pearl would consider another one, I bought the 8310.

I think this is the sweet spot. It has all of the functionality of the 8700 and more and is small enough to fit in my pants pocket comfortably.

I reiterate what others have said - don't complain about what functions it's missing. It's not the perfect device - there isn't one. If you want a different feature set, make a different choice. I chose size, full keyboard, stability, cost and blackberry email over the other options.


QWERTY keyboard
Trackball is fabulous
Good sound quality
Blackberry email and platform
GPS is a fun toy


Battery life seems a bit short

In the end, for me, it has the right balance of size vs. features.

Love Blackberry!


Oct 30, 2007 by liquidicexp

So I ditched my iPhone, believe it or not, for this. I had an iPhone every since it came out and I DID like it. But I found myself obsessing over Blackberry still. So I broke down and sold the iPhone and got this little piece of joy, I previously had the 8800, so this is a nice "little" update. Overall, this phone is perfect, its for different users than say an iPod user, its more professional, which I need in my line of work.

Status Light
Very Tactile Keyboard (LOVE IT OVER the iPhone touchscreen)
Call Quality is better than the iPhone.
GREAT Speakerphone
Professional, yet Styling & Sheek

Battery Life could be better.
Doesn't come with a lot of dedicated Memory

Thats all, I really do love this phone! If your considering it, I strongly urge you to at least try it out, I realized how much I missed my Blackberry when I was without it. I'll stick with my iPod being my iPod and my phone being a phone.

...just when you thought it couldn't get better...


Jan 5, 2008 by dustinqsp

In the past decade I have used numerous devices, always changing/upgrading month after month, year after year. That was until I was introduced to the Blackberry world in 2005, with the arrival of the 8700.

From that moment, my entire wireless world was reborn, and my eyes (and thumbs) were open to new life.

And just when I thought I would never need another phone, the 8310 was hatched.

There are 2 types of people in this world: those with Crackberries, and everybody else.

* 2MP camera/mini SD slot
* multimedia capabilities
* sleek and slim
* GPS (if you can afford a bb you can afford a measly $10/month for telenav) A damn Frappuccino costs more :)
* same functionality as the 8700
* Biggest PRO: hello? it's a Blackberry!

* frequent "rub downs" due to glossy finish
* need to break the thumb-wheel addiction
* would have liked an easier miniSD slot, so you do not have to remove the battery and cover.

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Oct 29, 2007 by mwo2616

I have had this phone for 4 days now! Everybody wants to put cons on this phone, like no wifi, no 3g, i dont like the blackberry software, phone turns black when not in use, gps is not free.......so on and so forth! Did you guys not know this before you bought the phone? And if you want premium GPS on this phone (which I did), then you have to pay for it! No where did AT&T state that GPS was Free!!!!! Hey Greybeard, if you don't want to pay the extra 10 dollars a month, then go back to your outdated and piece of $@$#@#$ Nokia E61, which by the way had no WIFI nor GPS!!!! This phone is the best phone that I have EVER Had.... PERIOD! My battery life with the phone connected to by bluetooth has been wonderful!!!! Maybe you guys have a defective phone or battery? Yeah, the keys are a little on the small side, but we will get past that.....They arent any smaller than the keys on the Nokia E61, the Treo 750, or the Motorola Q! Bottom line is this, If you dont like the phone, then send it back!!!!!



Apr 9, 2008 by BuyatSamsClub

8310 is terrific!
Price is terrific!
Especially at Sam's Club = $49.87!!!

8310 curve


Mar 8, 2008 by boneraq101

I would give it a five but do not believe in perfection. My first Blackberry absolutley love it.
Pros: Excellent battery life, awesome external and ear speaker volume, lots of neat stuff on it, easy to use have yet to use the manual, if you are tech savy easy and fast learn curve, texting is awesome and easy and fast, good camera-wish it had 3.0 megapix but 2 is good, size and feel, buttons well placed

Cons: when texting need to push a button to get to put one in, want 3 megapix camera, should come with 2 gig card in it and careful when putting it in it slide in metal holster then press down to lock it in, almost too much stuff, whish it came with windows 6.0, tracking ball is sensative but adjustable

Overall love it first one was hard to leave flip type phones just loved how they held in hand and against ear. Transition very easy and won't go back,

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