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Samsung FlipShot SCH-U900


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All you need in a phone


Apr 4, 2008 by cell guy

Let me first start by saying I have worked in the cell indusrty for 5yrs having sold every major company. I have never posted a review but I use this site religously and think it's about time to give a little back. After having this phone for a couple of months there hasn't been one problem at all. After researching the phone spite some negative feedback I still wanted to try it for myself. I don't have enough space to list all the phone ive owned over the years but ive had all types. Pound for pound its the best phone ive owned. The camera is amazing and the problem with taking a few seconds to take a pic is because of the auto focus. I experimented with it on and off and the pics were the same and are taken in half the time with it off. It's really only needed when a shot is close up. The ear piece quality is great and so is the speaker. Playing The music is also very clear and robust having dual speakers placed in a good position. The texting is smarter then from what ive read to the contrary. I have spelled many words for it that weren't in the phone and it remembers them in the future. Battery life for me easily last's 2 days with decent usage. And one of the biggest sellers for was the a2dp blue tooth. Which allows me to play music through a wirless head set. All in all the phone feels solid and is responsive and give's what is needed in a flip. The only cons are the directional key pad, which can be touchy for bigger fingers, but i got used to it. Also when scrolling through pics it does take a little bit for them to load. And even though the loaded ring tones are not many to chose from using a site like myxtertones.com will allow you to send tons of songs to be used for ring tones or text tones. Sorry for such a long review but I wanted to difuse some negativity surrounding the phone. I hope this helps you in your decision making and will atleast give it try.

Love this phone


Apr 23, 2008 by willot0722

I am 20 years old and had to get a new phone. I used the camera on my old phone every day and this had, by far, the best camera features. I really love this phone. I don't have anything negative to say about it. The speakerphone is so clear, you can even twist the top and close the phone and still talk on speaker. The exterior does not scratch easily which is the only thing i was worried about. Overall this is by far the best phone verizon has to offer, that doesn't require you to pay extra a month for internet use.

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My 2 Cents...


Dec 8, 2007 by yrusse1

I have had my sexy red Flipshot for almost a week now...my last phone was the LG V or as I called it 'The Brick'. I'm a 20 something who only uses my phone for the basics...calls and texts (I can't comment on Bluetooth or the music player because I don't use them).

*Coming from a big bulky phone this thing is LIGHT!
*Pictures come out amazing for a camera phone (some neat editing features)
*Keypad is flat, but has ridges separating each key
*The flash can actually be used as a flashlight when the phone is closed
*Speaker phone is loud and clear...people have told me they can't tell that I have them on speaker
*Clear calls
*Speaker works when the phone closed
*Rings very loud
*Can set sounds as ringtones as long as you text them to yourself
*Battery life has been pretty good (really haven't seen how long it can go without charging)
*Has Voice entry for texts
*Living Wallpaper is a cool idea, though I am not a fan of the actual camera theme on the phone.
*Navigation keys can be customized
*Cute/Quirky dial fonts and keypad sounds
*My old phone would only store 50 messages in the inbox and the sent folder...I don't know if there is a limit on this phone, but I'm around 80 messages for both the inbox and the sent folder

*I have small hands...it's a little awkward to hold for me, but I'm getting used to it.
*Can't learn/add words to the dictionary
*You have to hold one of the buttons on the side to see the time when the flip is closed
*Vibrate could be a bit stronger
*Can't set different text sounds for different contacts
*Can't set volume settings from any of the side keys when the flip is closed

All in all I am more than happy with this phone. This may not be the phone for someone who wants their phone to serve as a mini computer, but it does everything and a little bit more for the basic phone user.

Samsung FlipShot...is hott, but


Dec 2, 2007 by Zorin

I got this phone last week. Going to lay out the +/- on this phone. I hope it helps.

Strong, sturdy build to the phone.

Love the lit keys, and their width is great for txting.

Screen clarity is top notch.

Battery life has been very good. On the phonescoop.com it says 4hrs, but on verizon.com it says 3 hours, so we shall see.

Backup protection was quick to install and it's just like a sim card and free if you have your account online. Backup protection is by far one of the best (free) features Verizon has done in years, of course, when it is available for to your phone.

Even though the camera is 3 mega-pixel, it is slow to the punch. If your taking a pic of a non-moving object, you're okay. If you're taking a pic of your pals you will have to tell them not to move for 2-3. If your taking a picture of your kid or pet, just hope you get the shot off b4 they move.

If you hold the button too long to capture a photo, it switches to the camcorder feature, which you will then have to delete the footage you recorded, start over and capture another memory with the camera option.

You know how you tap a side key and you can get the time. This phone you have hold the button on the side down for 2 seconds. I know, seems lame, but when u want the time and you have to hold a small button down, it can get annoying, so you can open each time you want the time. On the flipside, the good thing about this, when the screen is dark, the music functions can't be accessed. Again, I get what they wanted for this part, just wish you could see the time quicker.

Ringers are crap and they include 8, (3 of which are bells). I know this is typical from Verizon, but my wife got the LG5400 and it actually has some phat ring tones.

Doesn't offer a variety of long and short pulses for vibrate, just a straight, short buzz.

Bottom line...just wish the functionality of the 3MP camera was faster. The delays in this are a huge problem and might lead me to a return.

Great phone


Dec 1, 2007 by aungstypoo

I got this phone yesterday to replace my LG VX8300 (which was an amazing phone in my opinion), and I've gotta say, Sam-sung build yet another great product.


The sound quality is quite clear and I get good reception almost everywhere, including through out the entire hotel that i work in, even in engineering room, where most of my co-workers have no signal.

Its lightweight, feels surprisingly sturdy for have the swivel screen, and feels comfortable on your cheek when talking on it.

The camera functionality is what blows me away, the 3 mega-pixel makes for amazing (phone) pictures (I never owned an A990, so I cant give you a comparison). Feels like I'm actually using a digital camera not a phone, which makes for great ease-of-use.


The software lags a little bit, but still does what you tell is, so its not too annoying. The only real problem I have with the phone is when texting, sometimes keys don't get struck when i start txting fast, because of the lagging software i assume. It may be partly due to the fact I'm use to bubbled out buttons, and not the new flat ones that this phone has.

All and all, I love this phone, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a great quality camera on their phone.

Nice Phone


Dec 13, 2007 by harrisongibb

In all, this is a great phone. It's a little boxy and bulky for me, but it's worth it for what you get...which is a great camera. This thing is wonderful. Takes wonderful pictures with plenty of resolution and effect options.
Of course, if you are looking for a phone mostly for playing mp3s or playing games, there are more appropriate phones out there. It isn't even the best text messaging phone, either. But you can do all these things on the Flipshot, and still take better pics than other camera phone.
It is perfect for me...someone who was looking for a phone to talk occasionally, text from time to time, but take plenty of pictures.
My biggest gripe so far has to be Verizon's accessory support for this phone. It's difficult to get any VZW store to cooperate because they don't carry it yet, and even the folks at central customer service are clueless when it comes to certain options.
But when it comes down to it, this phone is definitely worth the money.



Nov 27, 2007 by kayjay


Samsung FlipShot SCH-U900


Dec 15, 2007 by tmcb82

I've had this phone for about two weeks not and here is what i think:

- Sleek design and form factor
- Well built
- Great internal display (2.1")
- Picture look very good for a camera
- Sound quality is decent, not as good as my old Moto E815 but i would be shocked if anything was a good.
-battery life is actually quite good.

- The external display is a little dim.
- The back cover is a little flimsy, so I wouldn't take it off too much.
- The predictive text on the text messaging not that smart. (this one is the worst for me.)

Overall though this is a quaility phone and would reccomend it ti anyone.



Dec 5, 2007 by kebict

Pros: Price, looks, build, lighted keypad, good function and features with a phone and a camera, awesome quality pictures (if they don't move), ear piece volume is good, internal screen is nice and bright and clear.

Cons: speakers are right where you hold the phone, if you use speaker phone and you close the flip you don't end the call, you must press end when using the speaker phone, the phone is VERY VERY VERY slow, the menus are slow the keypad is slow, everything is slow, the camera has a 3-4 sec. delay once you press (take) to when it does actually take a picture. The rings are terrible and there's only about 8 of them... the vibe is "so-so".

I wanted this phone for good phone features, and thought it'd make a nice camera since I'm always forgetting my digital camera at home, and a camera with a flash....BUT, do to the fact everything about this phone is slow slow slow it's being returned today. I like all the features and concepts, build, etc, but I can't STAND the slowness. Hi hopes were crushed... I'll be looking at a LG VX8700 or the Moto Max.

Areas that need improvement


Jan 30, 2010 by daveseventeen

I am posting this in hopes of providing some constructive feedback toward the future design improvements of future versions of this model.

On the plus side, I must say that this phone has longevity. I purchased it new over two years ago. I still use it today. It has a good memory potential to store plenty of photos and videos. The batter seems to have excellent life.

Areas that need improvement are these:

1) Incredibly there is no time display available during a phone call in progress. I have numerous times had to hang up and check the time or ask the person on the line to tell me the time. This is very annoying.

2) Shutter lag. There is an incredible delay between pressing the shutter button on the camera, and the phone taking time to focus, and focus, and then snapping the photo. I have missed so many moving shots due to this. This has been a big disappointment.

3) There have been numerous occasions where an incoming call has gone straight to voice mail without ringing. Perhaps this is a common problem or something due to the carrier. However I never had this occur with previous phones with the same carrier in the same area.

4) In a weak signal area such as within the concrete building I work, the phone tends to shut off unbeknownst to me. Perhaps this is a modern feature to save on power. It did not happen in the same building with my old phone. It would be nice to have it give a signal before shutting down such as vibrate. There have been many times I was expecting a call only to find that my phone had already shut off on its own hours ago.

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