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Oct 25, 2008 by davidgoe


I mostly conjurer with the previously stated PROs and CONs, so will simply add some CONs not previously stated:

1) The phone does not support Bluetooth OBEX for picture/video files. To be more precise, the phone supports it, but Verizon has disabled it to force you to use their silly upload service. You can also buy a USB cable or remove the microSD card to get photos off, but this is lame and in direct contradiction to what the salesman told me.

2) The caller ID line is in very small text on the relatively large display, with no way to use a larger font. As a result it's very hard to see who's calling without holding the phone to your face.

3) A very simple sliding mechanical lens cover would have been nice. I'm always terrified of having keys in my pocket at the same time and scratching the lens.

4) The web browser is sub-par. Specifically, when rendering pictures, it insists on rescaling pictures to the size of the screen, with no option to display it at 100% and just pan around the picture. This is annoying as the traffic map is so reduced it's useless.

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Sep 19, 2008 by zartman

Started with VZ in 1990 with a Radio Shack 'bag phone' and have had many VZ phones since then. The Flipshot is first of all an excellent phone and that's priority #1. The camera is really good but it is slow...BFD. Overall this is a sweet device and something different and appealing.
Highly recommended.

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Nice Phone


Aug 31, 2008 by allboutvzw

Overall this was a nice addition to the Verizon lineup. The phone has never given me any problems, nice screen, call quality is amazing, and speakerphone is nice. The size of the phone is ok. Bluetooth works just fine, I love the living wallpaper. It’s a nice addition from Samsung, but I wish you had some other designs of the living wallpaper. I kind of got tired of the Film Strip. Durability is nice; it’s not a fragile phone. Application works nice on it and the V-cast is awesome.

Camera and Video Camera is pretty nice (especially if you have a memory card in the phone), supports up to 4GB.
Living Wallpaper
Outside touch MP3 controls
IM Services work great on the phone

Camera has no Zoom feature, only the Camcorder
Can’t change the design of the living wallpaper
No Mobile TV still

Overall it’s a nice phone for its price, more of a Camera but that is why it’s called the FlipShot.

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Great Phone


Jun 7, 2008 by sanchezkk

I have had this phone (Black) since April 16 and I love it! The only issue is that it does have a delay when taking vids and pics but other than that, it's one of the best phones I've had. Actually the battery could last a little longer... Thanks, and I hope this helps.

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Best Phone I've Owned


May 22, 2008 by raerae

I've had several phones in my life, but this one wins the battle.

Pros: Camera resolution is amazing. I have a memory card that I store my pictures on and print them out at Walmart. Can't even tell its from a phone and not a digital camera.
Offers an option to edit your pictures after you have taken them: B$W, sepia, green, blue, sketch, Emboss, Creamy etc. as well as frames, clip art, brightness, saturation of color, and so on and so on!
Sound quality is good. The touch MP3 buttons on the front can be locked. Speech to Text capability works well in quiet surroundings. Word function during text has "learned" the new words I have put in. Inbox holds in upwards of 150 messages (started out holding 50). Have gotten the phone wet twice in 2 months and still no problems with it.
Has a TV-out option to hook phone up to TV to view pictures and videos.

Cons: Delay in dialing numbers and taking pictures.

All in all this phone is everything I need and want and it's worth taking 3 more seconds to dial a number not in the phone book.

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Just ok


May 18, 2008 by drp2502

I am pleased with this phone. However I have had this phone for two months and find that the camera and video on this phone are difficult to operate. Another con is when I goto answer the phone and pull it out of my case it hangs up on whoever is calling me. I've tried everything I know to fix this problem. I now must wear a bluetooth to answer calls so I don't have to take out of my case. My pictures are no where near as good as on my lg voyager I had before this one. On the voyager its only problem was you can't hear the ring tones or ringers as loud as you can on the flip shot. I gave up on the voyager to get the flip-shot so I could get a better camera, and hear my ring tones better. I feel I can hear my ring tones better but the camera is not as good.

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Phone is great, but has a few problems


Apr 15, 2008 by AlMccray

I have had this phone for about three weeks.

This is probably the best cell phone/ Camera I have ever owned. I am live on my phone about 4-6K minutes per month. I wish the video portion could record longer than 10 minutes at a time.

But I am on only going to comment of the bad things. I had to return my first phone when all the keys would not activate when I pressed them down to dial a number. Whether I was gentle or firm, some of the keys at different times would not work. It was not the same keys that malfunctioned, but many would. I kept the phone for two weeks to make sure that it was not me. Its a hassle going back and exchanging phones.

At the Verizon store, the rep asked me if I had a magnets case for my phone, of I carried magnets in my pockets. I said no. Why I asked? The rep said some thing about an advisory they received about the powerful camera systems and magnets. He said it affected keys some key functions.

So far the new camera's keys seem to be OK. But there still every now a then a key or two not activating when I press down.

I wish it was easier to dial a second or third number of the same person in your phone book without starting all over?

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improvements and faults


Jan 29, 2008 by martysienna

Finally the flat razor style keypad has improved. This is a little wider. But still very difficult to text compared to individual buttons. Especially for serious and 1 handed texters. PS, the 1st version of the 3 megapix 990 did have individual buttons. Bigger texting problem is the flip and the juke learn punctuation. Which sounds like a plus. But actually you never know what punctuation you're going to get. Impossible to predict. And living wall paper on this phone is barely alive. Way better on the lg 8700 for example. And agree with most that the pause is too long when taking a pic.

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It's A Keeper


Jan 10, 2008 by marisphen

I got tired of my Motorola Z6tv and gave this one a shot. Overall I like it. I went to Best Buy and got the red one so the color is great. I have access to pretty much everything I need like email, ESPN MVP and the web. I am a little unsure about why this phone is so expensive but that is another issue. The call quality seems to be good and loud. Samsung allows you to change the themes of the phone something my Motorola did not do. Overall, I like it. If you want a kinda basic phone with access to some higher end features try it out. In addition, I know the major draw of this phone is the camera which is cool but I don't really use it. It's nice to have a high quality camera on phone though.

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Issues may cause me to return phone


Feb 4, 2008 by gsa625

Most of the pictures I transferred from my razr will only display grainy patterns of dots, unless I go into mypix on the phone and view each picture individually ... the ones I associates with a contact don't display when that person calls.

Other users have mentioned issues with texting, and I concur. There is a delay or sync issue or something - I have never had to deal with so many apparent typos or skipped letters.

Taking pictures is a pain. Once in a great while I can flip the phone and actually take a picture. Normally nothing happens. If I open the phone, so it looks like a 'V', and aim it right and press OK, I can take a picture every time.

I have yet to find a set of instructions for the settings panel on the screen of the phone.

Shouldn't this stuff be at least a little bit intuitive???

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