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LG Wave AX-380 / UX-380


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Very Good Phone!


Dec 6, 2007 by cujo09

This phone is the phone to get if yer looking for a phone that has a great camera which is better than my pm 225,this phone also has video camera which you can even make a video and then put it as your wallpaper and when you flip it open your wallpaper is that video its pretty sweet. The design of the phone is overall pretty sweet its kinda light so the first time you will pick it up it feels a little cheap but you get used to that.Phone has a bright screen very good call reception better than anyphone iv had. The keypad is kinda flat so its kinda hard to txt but i guess i will get used to that but this phone is the best.
Pros-Very Good Camera
-Very Good Mp3 Player
-Sleek Design of the Phone
-Good Bright Screen
-Good Reception
Some cons were that the phones very hard to get open with one hand but you might beable to do it ezer than i can,the battery life is a little on the bad side I charged it one night till it was full and the next day i did some txting and listened to my mp3 player and it was on two bars but that could of been just from the txting. and the last con i have it its kinda hard to put in the memory card but overall you should really get this phone because its a very nice one and everyone will aw at u

LG Wave is fantastic


Sep 22, 2007 by maltaxy

The LG wave is a fantastic phone in my opinion. It's simply loaded with tons of features. The display is very nice and clear. The MP3 player works great. Camera takes good pictures. It's light and very design.

Very cool phone


Sep 22, 2007 by oprunty

This phone rocks! I especially love the MP3 player. Sound quality is excellent and it's very easy to use. Thanks LG!!

Great so Far


Aug 19, 2007 by USARFL422

PROS= I bought this phone due to the style. It is not a teen phone or a female phone, it could be if it was pink or very slim,but its not. This phone fits a MANS hand and face very well. It appears to be well built. I really like the features. I like the keypad, its nothing like the razors, It has a real button feel. The music player works very well and is very easy to operate and put songs on it from my laptop. You do get alot of bang for the buck. Camera works great. The color of the phone looks good.

Cons= -It is hard to open the flip with one hand without hitting buttons.
-The charging port cover is not very easy to get open unless you are someone with long finger nails.(I use my pocket knife to open the cover.)
-Belt clip not included.
For the above reasons is why I only gave it a 4.5 other than that it is a nice phone.

I am a Firefighter and I will give this phone a good work out. This phone is perfect for anyone but I would highly recommend it for a man. I think Alltel has a winner with this phone.

Central Florida Alltel user.

Fantastic Phone


Aug 17, 2007 by jlt82bone

Bought the phone a couple days ago and I am loving it. You get alot of bang for the buck.(mp3,video,camera,ect)


Reception is good as I can make calls from places I couldn't have before. Even if the reception has only 1 bar I can still make a good call.

Calls are very clear, and the ringtones are loud.

Keypad is excellent for texting and dialing. The phone is very sturdy as most phones have a cheap feeling to them.

Back to the fun part. Most phones make it difficult to transfer files, making mp3's your ringtones, using video as back ground but with this phone it's a peice of cake!!!!

Cons= None

LG Wave is a Winner


Aug 10, 2007 by All4Him78

Reception & Call Quality: So far, it’s excellent. I haven’t traveled with this phone yet, but for the city I live in (Conway, AR) – I have had great reception everywhere I’ve been. No dropped calls and good call clarity. Volume gets as loud as you need it.

Speakerphone: The speakerphone works adequately, but still has the “cell phone speakerphone” sound to it. Get more than 4 or 5 feet away from the phone, and the person you’re talking to has a hard time understanding you.

Music: This is where the Wave really shines. It has external MP3 controls, it can play mp3 files as well as wma files, it has an equalizer, and you can transfer play lists over. I simply put my SD Card in my PC, dragged & dropped the songs I wanted over, and then listened to my songs on the phone once I plugged the SD Card back in. Very easy.

Video: The display on this phone is actually rather incredible (much better than the Razr’s), and the video playback feature works surprisingly well for a cell phone (it uses MPEG4 format, which you can find free video converters online to put video files to this format). You can even switch the view on the screen from vertical to horizontal. Watching it is not hard on the eyes at all like I thought it could be.

Camera-recorded video is OK, but not great. It’s a little choppy and has low resolution, but you really can’t expect much from a phone. With the SD Card in, you can record up to 1 hour if you want. Without the card and just using the phone memory, it’s up to 15 seconds.

Camera: Camera functionality works fine, and gives you the ability to store on the SD Card so that you can take your pics and easily view/save them on your PC for storage. The picture quality is acceptable/above average for a camera phone, but I won’t be putting my Kodak 5 MP camera away any time soon.

Accessories: It appears that all the same accessories that go with the LG AX8600 will also work with this phone according to www.shopalltel.com.

Damn good phone


Sep 3, 2009 by Schmid2494

um where to start? all over its a great phone, i have had it for two years now and it works pretty good, one bad thing is that after to years it has started to break down, but of course it over two years, if you are looking to get this phone, do it

great phone, so far


Feb 27, 2009 by willowtavis2007

pros: easy to use, clear sound, good pics, and can record music for ringers.

con: i got mine from ntelos, so limited ringtones from them and hard to receive ringtones from other sites. still looking.

Awesome Phone


Nov 8, 2008 by phoneuser1221

I have been using this phone for about a week now, and I think it's the best phone I've ever had. My main criteria for a phone is it's funcionality as a clear, consistent land line replacement, and this one fits the bill. I love the feel of it. Relative to my older phones, it's lightweight and compact, and battery life seems good. Clarity with Bluetooth is awesome. Reception and call quality are top notch, including very good results when using outside... even with wind.

Call clarity
Excellent bluetooth functionality
Very good battery life
Screen quality
Overall quality (although it is early)


Older Version is the Best


Aug 6, 2008 by Drunk

If you have the older version of the software it's a great phone. Make sure you don't update it. If you do you will lose your ability to use mp3's as ring tones. That's the best part of this phone. Most unlocked GSM phones will let you use your own music to make a ringtone. Well in CDMA land we can't. It's about money with them... not the customer. So this phone was the little rebel that made me stick with CDMA for a little while longer. I love it.
use mp3 for ring tone
tough phone, durrable
music function is great
read text without opening up the phone
camera is great

service providers quest for total control of phone ringtones and hunger for money and inconsideration of customers
the update for it
it's been discontinued
only 50 inbox and 50 sent text memory
can't change the direction pad short cut keys
celltop and other junk is preloaded and can't get rid of it.

When this phone dies, I will move on to GSM

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