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LG Wave AX-380 / UX-380


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Gets it done


Jul 18, 2008 by trobbins43

For what it is, I'm pretty satisfied for how it performs. Its fairly durable, loud as can be, and it looks attractive.

Very loud
Picture quality
Decent camera
Attractive (for what it is)
Video capability (sub par quality)
Battery Life
Music Player capability
Blue tooth

Limited features
Slow Internet
Weak Vibration
Pretty basic

*I'm all about the stacked phones in BBPearl or the iPhone, this has been just holding me over and it does well.

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Best cell phone I've ever had


May 28, 2008 by paulboy

I used this forum as a guide to finding the best phone, and it was right on in guiding me to the LG AX380.

Since Alltel had recently discontinued this phone, I bought a new one off of ebay and activated it with no problems, despite dire warnings from Alltel about buying a phone this way. I did have to pay about $125. for the phone (there are also used ones for less), but felt it was worth it. The reception is fantastic...my last phone would drop calls or not complete them even with 2-3 bars and I could not make calls from my rural home. Now I can so I'm contemplating getting rid of my landline.

Slim, fits in my pocket easily. I don't like to use a holster.
Battery life seems to be at least a couple days, maybe longer, between charges.
It gets good reception in areas where my previous phone (LG AX5000) would not. I can now make calls from my rural home/office, where I couldn't before. Even when it shows just 1 bar, I can make a call.
I didn't buy it for the MP3 player, but found it easy to use, just copy songs over to a microSD card, pop it in the phone, and it found them and plays them. No software, no special connectors, no problems.
It has an external antenna jack (hidden under a rubber plug you pull out, below the battery, visible when you take off the back cover). I use an external antenna in my car, I'm in a rural area.
It has a standard headset plug, which I also like.

Stupid programming by Alltel of main keys, such as Celltop, Axcess Aps, etc., which are of no value whatsoever to me. Unfortunately you cannot reprogram these keys but you don't have to use them.

After spending about a week researching phones, it never ceases to amaze me how some phones work very poorly while others perform very well, even from the same manufacturer. I'm grateful for this website which lets consumers compare factual information since Alltel and others information cannot be relied upon.

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I love this phone


May 21, 2008 by BeckyOnly

Its simple and has great features and its very attractive. It has good sound quality, good speaker quality and picks up good signal. I have the Lgax8600 and I really dont like it, I hate the color and design. My mom has the Lg wave and I have been looking to buy one like hers. Its so cute and pretty.

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Very Reliable Phone


Feb 2, 2008 by Vengefulharpie

This phone is the one of the best phones I've ever had. The first LG I had was the 5550 and I don't think they made a crappier phone with regard to reception EVER! My main concern about any phone is its reception as I live in a rural area that has low reception. I was concerned at first because this phone is only dual-mode, rather than tri-mode which I thought would influence the phone's ability to remain connected when in use, but my fears were unwarranted. The reception is excellent, even when there is only one bar (which is commonly the case for me at home).

I love the look of this phone. It's very seek and sexy, especially as it fades from red to black.

The camera is decent quality and I like that you can zoom in and out and change the brightness before you take the picture, although a flash would certainly enhance the overall quality of picture.

Although I have yet to use the music player on this phone(waiting for my next paycheck to buy the micro SD card), it was one of the major reasons that I was interested in the phone in the first place. It can take up to a 4gb micro SD card, enabling the phone to store up to 1000 songs. Another good aspect about the phone in music mode is that it has a 2.5mm stereo headphone jack, which can easily be adapted to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, making it inexpensive to listen to your music.

I'm very happy with this phone and have yet to come across any limitations that I feel are worth decreasing my 5 star rating. The battery life with only talking and texting is excellent. I'll just have to wait and see how using the music function will influence the battery life.

If you are looking for a phone with great reception, decent camera, and music capabilities, I highly recommend the LG UX380. It has changed my experience with LG from bad to good! Glad I gave it a shot.

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Jan 28, 2008 by nlittleadmin

In my opinion, this is the first time LG has made a phone that makes sense... It has loads of great features, looks nice, a little bulky, but nice. Has a great camera and MP3 player, is very durable and is reasonably priced.
I find it like an early version of the 8600, but much more durable.

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Jan 12, 2008 by MaryAnn4

I am the farthest thing from a techy and I love this phone but it does have draw backs for us technically challenged. I have had a blue tooth on other phones for a couple years with this phone it makes me say an extra step before it dials, which is frustrating. Plus some how I ended up with a couple icons that I can find no info on or how to remove them. I also somehow managed to turn off the ringer (duh) and haven't figured out how to turn that back on. I love the color, the size, graphics, but it is more complicated then the razr I had or whatever I had prior. I haven't decided if I want to keep working on this or return and go back to a razr.

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almost perfect phone


Dec 9, 2007 by ommpah_lummpah

i have been with alltel almost 2 years. I have had phones ranging from v710 e815 LG ax5000 v60 v280 and a couple more.
i had bought the phone the first week it was out from the hype so i gave it a try.
I was leary about buying this phone because all the LG's i ever had were kinda crap. This phone changed it all its really great

-great battery life (i can play Mp3-s at work and watch some video's via the mini sd and the battery keeps going, if i dont use that stuff i usualy charge it every 3-4 days .. and usualy use the phone about 1-2 hours a day)
-mini sd slot (great for storage and recording 1 HR of video lol)
-key's lock on the outside so you don't press them in your pocket
-screen is beautiful inside and out (outside its hard to see the front display some times but not a bother considering most phones you can't
-reception is friggen great i can be at work with bars and its really clear .. get the static and break up every once in a while but dang bars .. its really great
-camera is really nice .. amazed me took a really nice photo
-last of all ITS PRETTY nice slim look kinda hard to open up but i have a leather case and that makes it easy

- buttons are kinda small for me find my self pressing other keys by accident
-charging port .. if you are like me and have short short finger nails .. you'll beat your self every time u charge your phone but i got use to it (still don't know why i don't rip it off :))
-the 4 way home key is a big beef to me because i am a moto man and i don't like that you cannot program that for what you use .. instead it keeps internet celltop and access app's and phone book .. and cant do any thing about it lol

gave this phone a 5 because its so great and the pro's and reliability of this phone out weigh the cons by far.. so far best phone i have had and wouldn't hesitate to get another

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Great Phone


Nov 18, 2007 by CitizenInsane

This phone is simply a pleasure to have and to use. Right from the start it looks great, feels solid and is easy to use. If you are looking for a great phone loaded with features but don't want to have to sell a kidney, this would be worth looking at. The Celltop feature that Alltel offers comes in handy and it is great that it already comes installed with many cells that prove to be useful. Sure it uses airtime minutes, but It's never anymore than your average call for information that is great to have at the touch of a button.


Nice battery life.
Great camera
Fast response time for everything
Nice keypad for texting
Texting learns!
Looks great
Excellent reception
Great options that make it easy to customize
A good size
Screen is very nice


There really isn't anything I don't like. If I had to throw out something it would be the distortion the speaker has when the volume is at max. But it's a cell phone, what do people expect?!

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There is a voice command key!!


Nov 2, 2007 by NEgadgetguy

It is very easy to access the voice command on this phone. Just press and hold the speakerphone button and it will come up. You can also turn on the speakerphone then press and hold the key to use the voice commands in speakerphone mode. This is an excellent phone. Great signal, great sound quality and nice screens. I only have two dislikes and they are that you can't customize the d-pad keys, and the battery life is pretty bad and they don't make an extended battery. Otherwise, this is an awesome phone.

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I'd buy it again


Oct 22, 2007 by oregonroger

Despite my forum name, I've now moved to Kansas, so changed from US Cellular to Alltel, and switched phones from my Nokia to this LG Wave.

PROS: Alltel hasn't neutered the phone like US Cellular did the Nokia...mp3's that I put in CAN be used as ringtones, alarms, etc.

It's sturdy. It's been dropped a few times, and looks none the worse for wear.

Signal strength is reasonable.

Nice displays, particularly the inside display.

Good sound quality, both incoming and outgoing.

CONS: Wish they could have raised the "OK" button up juuuuuust a little. With my big paws, I sometimes miss the mark. If you have normal-sized hands, this probably won't be a problem.

The side openings to the charge area and the memory card area are a little difficult to access (again, my finger/hand size is not going to make this any easier!), and feel a little cheap.

Overall, a good phone that I am pleased with!

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