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Well LG ya'll screwed me AGAIN!


Jan 31, 2010 by KennKenn


Worst. Phone. Ever.


Jan 4, 2010 by YayitsChristine92

When I first got this phone, I absolutely loved it. I loved the pretty purple color and the overall layout of the phone. I also loved the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which I thought would make texting easy and convenient.

Not long after I got this phone, the keyboard would start to freeze up in the middle of a text. I would end up having to text with ABC keybaord with the phone closed, which I thought I would never have to do again. Not only that, when using the QWERTY keyboard, if I made one tiny typo, hitting the "back" button would erase my entire text. Talk about annoying.

Then, my phone started randomly restarting itself, or turning off completely without turning back on. What kind of phone turns itself off randomly? The LG Scoop does, apparently. This also would most frequenty happen while I was in the middle of a text...this phone was supposed to be a good texting phone, but most of the problems occurred while I was texting. Weird.

These next problems aren't very big, but I think I should mention them. The camera is horrible. The shots were delayed, so I would have to hold my phone still for 5 seconds after taking the picture. Also, the picture quality was just...ugh. You had to have bright sunshine just to get a clear picture.
Oh, and the sound quality is also horrible. There was no point in having any music on this phone, because listening to it was almost as bad as listening to full-blast white noise. Also, forget speaker phone...unless you didn't want to be able to understand the other person, and didn't want them to be able to understand you.

Pretty purple color
Cool pre-set wallpapers...I guess

Everything else

My final point is, it's a good thing this phone is discontinued. It was horrible.

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LG Rumor... Rumor is, its a good phone!


Dec 25, 2009 by rrh1979

I have now had this phone for almost a year now. I was pleased with it at first, but am now just getting frustrated with it. At first it was a good phone, worked well, it had a neat 'qwerty' keypad. I have had a few problems with it now, I have been unable to use the blue-tooth feature, it is unable to find a blue-tooth device. The phone turns off from time to time, or freezes up when you are in the middle of a text. The phone will hang up on someone when I am calling them.


-Very good 'qwerty' keypad, making texting a breeze
-Has 3 alarms
-Speaker phone is good for when you are checking voice mail


-Turns off for no reason
-Freezes up and you have to remove battery to get it back to normal
-Speaker phone is only good for receiving voice mail
-Does not come with anything i.e. head set, memory card, etc...
-Unable to get games because my network doesn't support this cell when it comes to downloads... even though they sell it.
-Camera sucks, 1.3 Mega-pixel... looks like a cluster of squares when taking pictures
-Web browser is very limited, unable to look up any info if you needed.
-When talking on the phone it will seem to go threw a black-out zone, and the call will seem muted.
-Unable to connect with my blue-tooth device, also unable to connect to other cells even when they are next to each other.
-When talking on cell, it is very hard to hear the other person on the other end.

...the verdict is, I would only recommend this phone to someone who can not hear, because this phone is just good for texting. I will never buy this make let alone an LG phone again, I would get a Nokia cell they seem to have always been there for me, never had a problem with them... at least not like this piece of poop.

Even though my contract isn't up for 2 more years I will be getting a new phone come the new year. It is just a shame they make such poor quality phones, when you have a 3 year contract... just a cash grab for the cell phone company!!

Problems problems problems


Aug 19, 2009 by samantharj99

I bought one of these phones and I absolutely loved it once I first got it. I bought it in green. That was my first mistake.

The problems keep coming. Typically, I have found that the white and black version of this phone do not have as many problems as the green one for whatever reason. The phone:

Randomly turns off, typically in the middle of texting someone

Decides to freeze up (the whole screen turns white) so you have to take the back out and put it back in, then turn it back on.

If you're using the keyboard side, and slide it back, it sometimes freezes up, but the screen won't turn white.

It has horrible absolutely horrible picture quality. The lighting has to be absolutely flawless just to get a clear picture. It doesn't have flash, so you can forget night pictures. And without a memory card (which comes separately) you can only take up to about 30 pictures/videos.

The speakers aren't very clear at all, so talking on speaker-phone is a misery.

Your inbox/outbox/sent/draft can only hold up to 100 messages each so you're constantly deleting messages.

What is good about this phone is:

The keyboard is set up just like a computer keyboard so it's easy to use for fast texters.

It has an automatic lock when the phone is on standby.

You can lock certain texts.

The keys are pretty big, so slower texters can use it.

But overall, I'd have to say that this phone is good for texting.. if that's all you plan to do. If you plan on doing anything other than that, do not buy this phone. Especially the green one.

Rumored Excelence


Nov 10, 2008 by ajlineman

I bought the Rumor Dec. 12th, 2007 so I'm going on a year with it and I've had the same one the whole time. I'm 20 and use it like a teenage (yeah I said it), texting close to 3000 each month. I agree with a previous post that states the qwerty keyboard is a nice addition but not faster then T9 due to it being so wide and still only using 2 fingers rather then the 10 that the qwerty was designed for. So here's my list

-Long battary life (I charge mine every night but it could go 3 days without a charge, thats good in my book, especially for my usage)
-MyWords dictionary for T9 (encorperates commonly used words that aren't already in the phones dictionary)
-Durable. I don't drop it alot but last a year is a good thing
-I like the rubber-like coating
-auto-key lock
-IM capable
-Doesn't feel as bulky as I suspected
-Awesome call quality, loud and clear speaker

-Does seem to have a program/software glitch causing it power off every now and then
-Mic for speakerphone not very sensative.
-Web browser EXTREMELY slow
-buttons become less and less sensetive over time
-Doesn't look like the most advanced phone, is often mistaken for an old Nokia brick type phone.

Overall a good phone, but is definatly user specific.
Hope this helps a bit



Jul 23, 2008 by trebled rose

This phone is horrible. Last February, I bought 2 Rumors, one for me, one for my brother.

Within a week, I noticed that it started turning off all by itself. No 'powering down now' notice, just a screen gone black.

Within three weeks, my brother's phone was erased of all its memory. We went to Sprint and they said that it is encoded in the software, that if you punch in a certain code within 8 seconds of pressing the power button to turn it on, it destroys the phone from the inside out. No service, no contacts, no pictures, etc.

Sprint replaced it. Within about 2 months, my screen started freezing up. Around that time, my brother's new phone's screen went white. Just white. No detail. Just white. Sprint refused to replace it. They said go to LG and talk with them.

So now my brother has no phone. And that was almost four months ago. Today I told them I've had it with mine turning off, along with all of its other faults, like terrible sound, and slow internet.

They refused to replace it.

Here are some pros.
-QWERTY keyboard
-3 Alarms
-Casual size and aimed for a teenage audience

And the cons.
-Phone can and probably will fall apart
-Letters/Numbers on keyboard/numberpad smear off within a few months
-Randomly turning off
-Wipes memory
-Instant messaging is slow and mostly shows only YOUR submissions
-Slow and limited browsing of internet
-Hard to navigate on Facebook
-No place for phone charms
-No memory card or headset/headphones
-MP3 player stops and skips for no reason

Anyway. I hope I've stopped good people from getting a terrible phone.

Wonderful phone!


Apr 18, 2008 by lewisladyrebs11

This phone is an excellent phone and an excellent buy. Some people have complained about it turning off by itself and that is because you need to delete your text messages about everday and it will not turn off. I have had this phone for a month and have had no problems. I have it through sprint and even though some people complain about the sprint/rumor combo, I have had no problems.

Tip Calculator
also has t9
nice features
nice included ringtones and pictures
has notepad word processor
has email, im, text, voice sms, facebook, picture mail

the buttons are sort of loud when you push
the screen picks up finger prints easily
camera lens picks up finger prints

Just a warning, the white rumors scratch more easily than the black!!

Firmware fix available as of Jan 19!


Jan 25, 2008 by lapptopp24

Regarding the issue of pressing any other key while pressing the END button that self-destructs and wipes itself clean from the phone’s onboard memory - requiring nothing short of a trip to the factory for repairs/reflashing.

Firmware fix is available now. Simply do the following:
Update Firmware
Follow prompts to download and install the software. This process took about 10 minutes or so for my phone, so be patient.

I would have given a lower rating had I not been able to download the fix. Otherwise, I absolutely love my phone.

I won't go into all the specs since there is no need to be redundant (read all the reviews here at Phonescoop). Obviously the Rumor is tailored towards power-texters and the QWERTY keboard is great for setting up contacts list as well. It is also fun for email. Text is very small for email.

I had a Razr and absolutely hated it. I had to replace it since it was stolen (why does someone want a phone that has been reported stolen and had the ESD locked?) I used to drop the Razr all the time due to the slick cover. I love the Rumor's rubberized cover. The Rumor doesn't have a cheap feel to it. I love all the raised keys. The menus are intuitive. The resolution could be better (the only thing I liked about the Razr was the display). It feels good in my hands. The reception has proven to be good for having this phone for a week now.

The only reason I don't give a perfect review is the speaker. It is somewhat distorted and is located on the back of the phone; so speakerphone quality is mediocre.

As far as the issue with the sliding keyboard issues: I personally like it because it is easier to slide it a bit when pulling it out of my purse to light up the phone. I rarely carry it in a pocket so this issue is not going to affect me as much as others. The pre-loaded screensavers are nice (I like the fish pond the best).

Some cool extras: EZ Tip calculator and Unit Converter.

Excellent phone!


Nov 19, 2007 by tp2005

- Great feeling in the hands...and without that lacquer material that leaves finger prints!
- Screen is pretty clear and decent size for the phone
- Speaker (regular speaker and speakerphone) is VERY clear. Even at the lowest level, I've had no problems hearing people on speakerphone, which was always a problem on past phones.
- Buttons are nice firm whether you're typing with the keyboard or the number keys.
- The video phone allows you record videos up to 10 minutes...I wanted to point this out because I've NEVER had a phone that allowed me to even go past 30 seconds! You just have to have a memory card in order to transfer the video anywhere.
- Nothing too complicated...menu/navigation is straight to the point and won't need to refer to the manual too much.
- The QWERTY keyboard itself is a major pro! Like others said, there is a bit of a learning curve for it. I also love how the screen goes into (and stays in) landscape mode when the keyboard is slid out, no matter what your doing. Pretty convenient if you'd rather just use the keyboard at all times.

- No flash for the camera/video...so you have to be under GOOD light to get those good pictures. :(
- MP3 player is good and clear, but can't get quite loud enough for my tastes.
- If you're used to power vision and need it, pass up this phone. Simple as that. Thankfully, that doesn't apply to me.
- The ringer could be MUCH louder. Even on the max setting, I've missed a couple of calls just because of the ringer being too soft.

NOTE: With the mp3 player, a SanDisk memory card is ESSENTIAL to use it. But you'll find that the memory card is quite useful for more than just the mp3 player. You can use it to transfer videos, pictures and mp3s from the phone to your computer! Saves time, and possibly money, as if you don't need the internet, you won't need the PCS vision on your plan for transferring your pics and videos.

The pros, for me, definitely outweigh the cons and I'm VERY happy with my purchase!

Sweeeeeeeeet :)


Nov 26, 2007 by krrober

Love it! I've had a Samsung A920 for the last 2 years, and it finally petered out on me. I'd been very reluctant to switch telephones because I love the A920 so much, but when no one could hear me talking I had to switch. I sell phones for Sprint, and I had placed my eye on the Rumor for when my phone finally bit the dust. I was skeptical at first because as a rule I strongly dislike LG phones. They tend to be somewhat flimsy, have horrid reception (ESPECIALLY their CDMA models), are prone to bugs, and be an overall disappointment. Not to mention I'm spoiled to Samsung-they make fabulous products. I haven't had a single problem with reception, have thus far located no bugs, and this phone is sturdy! Aside from the phone not being tri-band or Power Vision, I love it :) On a note having more to do with Sprint and not the phone, they have very few games available for download at the moment and this makes me sad :(

-Simplistic menu syles
-Beautiful screen resolution and large size
-Easy QWERTY (hit the alt button twice to stay on alternate mode)
-T9 available and has the option to save words
-Sturdy build
-Speakerphone shortcut button
-Loud ringers
-Easy alarm options
-MP3 player
-MicroSD slot
-1.3 MPG camera
-Easy to lock and unlock (press and hold back)
-Easy to read time on idle/lock screen
-Idealistic backlighting for using in the dark
-Easy to operate bluetooth
-Pre-loaded with Sprint Navigation and Email
-Crystal clear call clarity
-Overall very user friendly

-Not tri-band
-Not Power Vision and therefore not Sprint Music Store capable
-No flash (makes ideal picture-taking awkward)
-Lack of games available for download (Sprint's issue, not phone)
-No place to hook a carry strap

I strongly recommend the Rumor. On another note, I wish PhoneScoop would remove that idiot LGHATER's review. It's obviously bogus and is preventing people looking at exclusively the score and not reviews a very inaccurate result!

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