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Why did it have to stop being good?


Nov 12, 2009 by 7182009

I bought this phone because I text allot and this was just the solution to get it done faster and easier.
The phone was great at first. I loved it and recommended it.
But, now it has gone crazy, it keeps on turning off especially when I slide it from the side it will just turn off.
It has also a problem that the lock button unlocks itself, I had it more than 1 time that it just pressed the recent call list and dialed without me realizing...
I would NOT recommend this phone to my friends.

Awful phone


Oct 21, 2009 by KittyMama22

Slide option is great for texting.

(1) within 3 months of buying the phone, it starting shutting off randomly. It shuts off while I was texting, while I was talking and if it is sitting idle. Nothing triggers it, the phone just stinks.

(2) ALSO, it battery life is awful. It was never great to start with (would last about 1 - 1.5 hours of talk/text time). Time progressively got shorter and shorter. Now, after owning the phone for 11 months, the battery only last 7 minutes of talk time before dying. Yes, 7 minutes.
I have to carry a charger around with me and keep it plugged in to talk.

LG warranty says I can replace the phone for up to one year...but I have to live without a phone for 2 weeks. (WHAT?!)

I took it into my Sprint store and they "cleaned" the battery - it's still not working correctly. I have the insurance, but apparently, it doesn't cover this problem? What's the point of paying $80+ a year if issues aren't covered.

My point? I will not buy this phone again. I know 3 other people who have similar issues. HAS TO be a Rumor or LG problem.

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LG Rumor


Sep 21, 2009 by cheesepuffs23

Hello everyone! The LG Rumor is a good phone. Heres some pros and some cons.
Here are the pros:
1. keyboard slides-out smoothly
2. opens automatically to texting when opened
3. BIGGER and more comfortable buttons than other qwerty texting phones
4. camera & video
5. has auto-lock that is adjustable

Here are some cons:
1. 1.3 megapixle camera/video
2. screen scratches easily
3. "ok/select" button hard to push
4. speaker phone isn't very loud
5. buttons make noise

Please take some of these pros and cons into consideration when deciding on weather or not to buy the LG Rumor.

LG rumor


Aug 7, 2009 by katie2008

I had this phone for 18 months, and I personally thought it was the worst purchase I have ever made.
CONS: The signal and sound quality sucks. I live in a suburb of Madison, WI and I would randomly lose signal. Also if you hit the back button twice your whole message will delete. The QWERTY keyboard keys, on my phone anyways, kept sticking. And finally my charger stopped working after 15 months.

PROS: Good battery life. T-9 worked wonderfully. Durable (I dropped mine a lot.) Has a few decent faceplates.

Those are all the pros I could think of. I liked this phone for about a month before I hated it. I would highly recommend not getting this phone.



Jul 26, 2009 by Erics7

This phone was not good from the beginning. First off the letters on the slide out keyboard would just stop working, second its screen would go dar, constant going off without reason, terrible camera etc.. the only thing that was good about this phone is that it had keys on it.

Not Impressed


Jul 21, 2009 by Wafflebob

I got this phone when I switched from Helio to US Cellular. I picked it up due to the qwerty keyboard as I text a lot.

It worked well as a phone, but all of the extra stuff, and the things it was apparently built for failed in dissappointing ways.

1 Phone is relatively sturdy and of good quality.
2 Has lots of extra features and options.
3 Qwerty keyboard works well.
4 Long Battery life

Where to start...
1 Being a music phone you would think it would play music well. Unfortunately almost every song I placed on this caused the thing to buzz and sound blown out. I had to be very careful about what music to put on it.

2 Being a texting phone you would think it would text well. However it would frequently lock up while texting, it would start to ignore the press of a button, or worse it would register 1 button press 2 or 3 times. When you would try to delete these extra letters, it would delete the entire message.

3 Camera is nearly useless without a flash. Almost all the pictures I tried to take with the thing were too dim to use. There is a reason cameras have a flash.

4 Ringer too quiet. The volume on the phone as ok, but if there was any kind of ambient noise I would often miss it. The speaker being on the back the way it is often resulted in the sound being muffled as well. If you were going to lay it with the back down half the time the vigrating was louder than the ring was anyway.

its well... OK


Jul 19, 2009 by foneblogger99

well the phone is really nice and i love it but it seems that everytime i use it, it turns off and well if i was in a hurry i wouldn't have time to keep turning on my phone and its really not an old phone ive only had since February 2009 and its July 2009



Jul 18, 2009 by SuicideWedding

Pros: Great keyboard, IM, fast texting, loud speakerphone, loud ringtones, durable (I drop my phones alot), thin for a slider, great reception, more to add, can't think of them

Cons: Slow internet, Alltel blocks attatchments like ringtones, Always seem to end up with some glitches after a few months (Maybe I'm just bad luck)

All over a great phone for teens

Not a fan...


Jul 11, 2009 by Lindsay231

I've had this phone for about a year now. I've had to get a new one once in that time span. I just don't care for the fact that it would shut off by itself and I wouldn't know it so I would be missing important calls...the key pad is loud when you use it...also the web browser is slow..also the coating on my phone is peeling off...and i've only had this phone for about two weeks. The camera on this phone isn't that great either.

What I do like about this phone is how durable it is...The battery life is pretty decent on this phone too.

Do not get this phone.


Jul 11, 2009 by sultrypickle

I got this phone for both lines on my plan and I absolutely hate it. I don't even call it by name anymore. People ask what phone I carry and I tell them it is a POS.

This phone has never acted right and I have been through 5 different phones using my warranty. The charge doesn't always take properly, it randomly turns itself off even during use, the messaging system completely freezes up and sometimes it just decides to delete a message I have types out for no reason.

Both phones on the plan have had the same issues. I have had problems with the screen going out and not working and then they had the problem with the software update. I can say that my phone still didn't work any better after that.

The only good thing I can say is that it has a keyboard which I like.

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