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LG Rumor


Jun 30, 2008 by iluvcellphones96

I got this phone in late May. I really recommend this phone for people of my age group! (teens) I originally bought this phone because I thought it looked cool. You know, because it has a slide out keyboard. Then I realized, with how much time I spend on the computer blogging, it's a lot more convenient to have the keyboard. One thing that I don't like about this phone though, is that it doesn't take very good pictures. But that's not really a big deal if you're like me and have a digital camera. I believe the reason it doesn't take very good pictures is because it only has a 1.3 mega pixel camera. Also, the internet browser isn't as complicated as some that I've had in other phones. Another good thing is that this phone is so easy to operate that I didn't even need to read the manual. The phone works excellent with a blue tooth. The phone also receives and send messages at a very pleasing speed. And I think I can safely say that since I am always texting. If you have any questions please ask.
Also, it plays ring tones very clearly, but if you receive a picture message with sound, it doesn't sound good at all!!!

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Rumor OK for 50 Bucks


Jun 27, 2008 by RICHSTER

FIRST lets agree the Rumor it’s a pain to have to hold that “BACK” button to unlock the main screen everytime you want to use it I found it is less stressfull to just open the keyboard than hold that small button down. And that you need to have a SD card in to use the media player Other than that it is very easy to use with the Qwerty keyboard to type
Contacts, emails, info fast I don’t like how the alarm volume has to be the same as the ringer volume so at night if the phone rings it will wake me up. The phone feels good
The munu ok button is small and ofter hard to push the media player is ok but not as good as my Samsung A920 the Rumor did not come with a SD card or head phones but for $50 I think I got what I paid although my sprint network is weak and I often get a message from Verizon call can not be completed as dialed and can’t get no sprint account info.also every time I turn it on it reads ERROR W302 unable to retrieve licience info phone will try later. Most of my complaints are with the Sprint network also online Sprint
Account is terror able also

WARNING 2 times this LG Rumor has erased my SD card and created a new DCIM
With empty 100LGDF folder so back up all your pictures
“MAYBE” it is the ERROR W302 on start up Does some one know this ERROR

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Rumor is great for texting


Jun 24, 2008 by Poetryjess03

I work for RadioShack and I have not experienced too many problems with the rumor so far.

I Own the green/silver Rumor on the Sprint Network.

My biggest problem is every other day I have to turn my phone off then back on because my ringtones quit playing. I will miss a few calls because it only vibrates then I'll turn it off turn it back on and the ringers work again. I keep getting a error message that says the phone cannot play the chip.

~the full Keyboard
~Email notification
~The ability to assign a personal ringer to text messages (so you know who its from)
~t9 text option
~the ability to lock the phone
~the ability to create folders for text messaging if you wanted to sort them by keyword or by phone number
~Facebook link under the messaging menu
~ability to put pictures together for a slide show background

~Not power vision capable
~issues with the ringers
~Some reception issues (every once in a while)
~Not very many games available

Over all if you are looking for a phone that is great for texting this is the phone for you. I sen around 3,000 texts a month and only talk about 30 mins so this is perfect for me.

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I love it. I hate it.


Jun 18, 2008 by bubblegumxaddict

I've had this phone for a week now, and of course it takes time for me to actually get used to something. Well...its taking too long. And I really dislike this phone, Im sorry.
You cant make your own ringers for this phone. It frustrates me because of the lag. I am a very picky person when it comes to phones, and seriously, this just doesnt really do much for me?

I give this phone 3/5 points. Heres the Pros and Cons for this:

-I record vid clips from youtube with the phone and I can set it as a ringer.
-Texting is mediocre. Easy/Hard.
-The way the phone slides up to use the QWERTY keypad is cute.
-Media Player is cool. Music is kinda loud. Which is good.
-Speakerphone is okay on my end. Dont know about the other person's end though...

-Why do I have to hold on the "back" button to get out of phone lock?
-The camera delays.
-Sometimes my phone randomly displays things I dont even know how it got there...its like my phone is possessed?
-you CANT. you CAN NOT set mp3 as ringtones. Which sucks.

I think this is a phone for kids.
Its just not for me. And Im only 17 going on 18 in a few months! Sucks...

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so you know


Apr 5, 2008 by jwinch04

this phone is a great phone if u want enchanced txt capability's, sleek look and cool sliding face, Internet, and did i say txt? but there is a issue with a small amount of these phones. some of these phones have a issue with compleatly not working all of a sudden, and it erases all stored pics, contacts, everything. Luckily if ur rumor does do this u can get it replaced for free. if this does happen to your rumor, contact your service provider for store locations to get the phone replaced.

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LG Rumor...


Apr 4, 2008 by VkiiSue

I really like this phone...a lot. I text constantly, it's how I keep in touch with everyone, so this phone was perfect...except for one glitch. Every so often when I try to text, it just won't work. Everything else does, except for the texting screen. In order to get it to work I have to turn the phone off and then back on. I've already replaced the phone once and it's doing it again.

Other than that one problem, I think this phone is amazing, the web browser is nice since I don't get online on my phone much, and the sound quality for music is very nice. The problem with the texting feature though, is a big one.

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The LG Scoop/Rumor/UX-260


Apr 4, 2008 by cellphoneexpert

This Phone so Far for over two weeks has been excellent for my use. Here are some pros and cons of the phone

NICE qwerty texting keyboard
Awesome camera
Mp3s couldn't sound any clearer through the speaker
Bluetooth Works very well

If you are charging the phone while trying to text the charger gets in the way of your hand on the left side.

Thats about all I have to say about this cool texting phone.

If i were a person looking for a new phone with a BUNCH of features I would get this phone.

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a little less than great


Mar 24, 2008 by radioslacker

i have sold a bunch of these (sprint) phones since feb. when they arrived at my store. another employee bought one for himself.

good sound quality
loud speaker volume
solid construction (time will tell if the slide mechanism will hold up)
good signal (West Texas)

the weight - at over 4 oz. it's no RAZR
screen size - for the weight, you'd think the screen would be larger

i havn't used the qwerty enough to comment on it.

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Thr rumor


Mar 17, 2008 by dmm365

Hey i love this phone i just got it last weekdnd and i love the keybord and the sound of the phone, but i do have one question about this phone i have an micro sd card from my old phone, it works on the rumor but i cannot get the the ringtones off the card onto the phone, anybody have any suggestions for me thanks.

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*Sprint Rumor*


Mar 11, 2008 by x3luhvzpinkx3

Ok, so I just got the LG rumor today after going through the LG FUSIC, THE LG MUZIQ, AND THE PALM CENTRO, So i guess you could say ive had almost EVERY NICE Phone sprint has had out, lol...I loved the fusic, and then I had to get the MUZIQ bc it was pink, and I loved that phone also, but then i decided i needed something with text messaging, so then i got the palm centro, and it just had more adult stuff like microsoft word, shit that i really don't need, and you can barely customize the damn thing besides changing the background colors thats it, so then i wanted to try the LG RUMOR bc its simple and it has a Keyboard, and the caller id pictures are better n I didn't wanna flip phone anymore. So ABout the LG RUMOR....

I love texting on, its really actually easy to get use to, i didn't think it would be, but it was SIMPLE!...The text tonesz, the sliding keyboard and when you slide it open how you can search for contacts and such, email alerts, the ringtones are LOUD and the SPEAKER PHONE iS loud AND CLEAR, THe palm centro speaker phone wasn't clear. The camera could be alot better, the centros camera is better and its the same 1.3MP, pictures are OKAY!....I hate that there is no FLASH, the best sprint phone that has the best Camera is the samsung a800, That CAMERA IS CRISPPY, the PICTURES ARE EXCELLENT, They need to make more phones with that kind of camera. You have to have a micro sd card in order to access the media player(LAME)....and the phone only comes with a charger, thats (LAME)....it should come with a headset and a card and USB CABLE for the price they sell it for, but i got mine for 150 without a contract BRAND NEW. The colors it comes in, white, black and green, EWWW, so Ill keep it simple with the PEARL WHITE...Green is just ugly, they could have made a pink one.

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